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Synchro/resolver simulator is programmable and self-calibrating.

The two-channel 5330A Synchro/Resolver Simulator features a DSP design with programming via an integrated touch-screen, a front-panel USB mouse interface, or a multipurpose increment/setup knob. IEEE 488, Ethernet, USB, and parallel port interfaces extend remote capabilities, and an optional 6-VA internal reference supply supports stand-alone operations.

Two outputs can simultaneously simulate two separate synchro/resolver signals or combine to operate as two-speed outputs. Each channel can be independently programmed for dynamic mode operations including rotation, square, sine, and ramp. The gear ratio for the two-speed mode is programmable from 2:1 to 255:1.


The digital angular inputs can be set for 0 to 360[degrees] or [+ or -] 180[degrees] measurement modes. The rack-mount/benchtop unit generates output voltages from 1 to 90 V and accepts reference voltages of 2 to 115 Vrms from 47 Hz to 10 kHz. North Atlantic Industries,

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Date:Nov 1, 2010
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