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Sync short haul modem from Telebyte.

Sync Short Haul Modem from Telebyte

A new synchronous short haul modem, the Model 93, designed to function point-to-point or in a multi-drop polled network, has been introduced by Telebyte Technology Inc.

Multi-dropped operation is achieved by the Model 93 using a daisy-chained approach to system wiring in which each Model 93 regenerates the signal before passing it on to the next modem on the link. This process of incorporating signal repeaters results in extremely high data reliability, especially at long distances. At 19,200 baud the Model 93 will support link distances of one mile.

The opto-isolation feature assures that devices connected to the Model 93 are electrically isolated from each other, thereby eliminating problems associated with potential differences between grounds.

The Model 93 provides full duplex synchronous serial data communication from 150 to 19,200 baud using a Manchester Encoded self-clocking signal. Transmission of a self-clocking signal on a balanced opto-isolated current-loop allows transfer of clocking information as well as data. The clocking options available in the 93 allow for any scenario that a user may desire. The Model 93 can also be linked to establish a full-duplex bus network between a host and a number of remote terminals. Internal jumpers also allow the 93 to be used in asynchronous applications.

Six front panel indicators, including Power On, DTR/RTS, DCD, CTS, TD and RD, provide a real-time status report. Operator controls include eight baud rate selection switches (from 150 to 19.2K), CTS delay selection switches, a loop-back/normal switch, synchronous/asynchronous jumpers and internal/external clock jumpers. All switches are accessible without the need to remove any covers.

The Model 93 accommodates the host device via a 25-pin, RS-232 C, DB-25 type female connector. Attachments to the communications link is via screw terminals for either one set or two sets of four-wire lines. Power is supplied by a wall-mounted, low-voltage transformer.

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Title Annotation:Telebyte Technology Inc.
Publication:Information Today
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Date:Mar 1, 1990
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