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Symplex Outperforms STAC Compression.

ANN ARBOR, Mich.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 13, 1999--

Symplex Communications Corporation (VSE:SYC.U.), a worldwide provider of custom Internet solutions, confirmed what many compression customers already know; Symplex's proprietary compression technology outperforms the industry standard STAC.

Testing Symplex's proprietary software on a Unix workstation, utilizing industry standard test files, demonstrated a compression improvement of 53% over STAC. More importantly, this improvement in compression ratios was accomplished with less CPU consumption by a magnitude of 478%.

"Outperforming STAC in excess of 50% in compression ratios and accomplishing this in less than one-fifth the amount of time is significant," states Don Holland, Symplex's Director of Engineering. Don Holland further stated, "Of the eleven tests conducted, Symplex outperformed STAC in nine of the tests. In the two cases where STAC compression ratios were greater than Symplex's, the system time for STAC was more than eight times greater than that of Symplex."

Symplex's proprietary software compression technology is available on Symplex's Direct Route RO-2 and Datamizer family of products.

About DirectRoute RO-2

The RO-2 is a high performance router ideal for accessing corporate networks and the Internet. Designed to maximize throughput over Internet connections, it provides the speed of ISDN plus Symplex's proprietary compression technology. RO-2 was developed with a flexible set of features that are capable of protecting network resources, as well as securing information transmitted through the Internet. RO-2 is equipped with a 10BaseT LAN port, one BRI port and two optional POTS ports.

About Datamizers

Symplex currently offers Datamizer 6, Datamizer V and Datamizer IV. Datamizer 6 is equipped with four serial ports to support multiple host devices and/or multiple WAN connections and Link Maintenance to detect network outages. Datamizer V is equipped with two serial ports including a host port that can accept a clocking up to 8 Mbps and a trunk port for leased line, frame relay or satellite link at up to T1/E1 speeds. Datamizer V is also available with 2 or 4 ISDN BRI ports or one PRI port (both optional) for Link Maintenance and additional Throughput on Demand over ISDN. Datamizer IV has six flex ports for statistical or inverse multiplexing, Throughput on Demand, and Link Maintenance.

About Symplex Communications

Symplex, headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, manufactures network enhancement devices that provide cost savings, improved throughput performance, and increased reliability for enterprise networks. Symplex is best known for the Datamizer line of data compressors that optimize leased lines, satellite links, and frame relay circuits. In addition to Datamizers, Symplex also manufactures the DirectRoute line of switching access systems designed specifically for cost-effective high-speed Internet and intranet access. Founded in 1981, Symplex is the most long-standing internetworking solutions provider with a 17-year record of technological innovation. Symplex is a publicly held company, traded on the Vancouver Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol SYC.U.

For more information, call 734/995-1555 or visit Symplex's World Wide Web site at

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Gary R. Brock President and CEO

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Date:May 13, 1999
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