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Symplex Outperforms Cisco in Compression Tests.

ANN ARBOR, Mich.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 6, 1998--Symplex Communications Corporation (VSE:SYC.U.), a worldwide provider of internetworking solutions, released the results of performance testing comparing Symplex's proprietary compression to Cisco's (CSCO) STAC compression. These tests provide conclusive evidence that adding the Symplex Datamizer V, with Symplex's proprietary compression, to the Cisco router link substantially improves performance.

Performance tests were conducted using standard test files recommended by Cisco. A pair of Cisco 1600 routers with STAC compression were compared to adding a pair of Symplex Datamizer V data compressors to the same routers with the Cisco STAC compression turned off. When comparing the overall throughput performance of the two test scenarios, an average gain of 500% was achieved adding the Datamizer V versus using the Cisco 1600 with STAC compression.

"This should not be a surprise to Cisco," reported Don Holland, Symplex Director of Engineering. "Cisco's own web site has cautioned users against using their router's software based compression, which is CPU intensive, at speeds above 128 Kbps. Cisco warns that for higher speed lines, turning on compression in the router can actually cause performance degradation and this is exactly what this testing shows," added Holland.

When Cisco's STAC compression was used, the Cisco routers averaged 400 Kbps of throughput over a 1 Mbps line, demonstrating a performance degradation. Symplex's software based proprietary compression technology achieved an average of 2 Mbps, and sometimes 3 Mbps, of throughput over the same 1 Mbps line utilizing the same Cisco 1600 routers.

Another interesting result of the testing was that if STAC compression was used in the Datamizer V, instead of Symplex's proprietary compression, then the average throughput again fell to around 400 Kbps. "This makes sense," commented Holland, "since the Cisco router and the Datamizer are both running a 32 bit CPU at 33 Mhz. We have always known that our proprietary software based compression was about 5 times less CPU intensive than STAC."

About Symplex

Symplex, headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, manufactures network enhancement devices that provide cost savings, improved throughput performance, and increased reliability for enterprise networks. Symplex is best known for the Datamizer line of data compressors that optimize leased lines, satellite links, and frame relay circuits. In addition to Datamizers, Symplex also manufactures the DirectRoute line of switching access systems designed specifically for cost effective high-speed Internet and intranet access. Founded in 1981, Symplex is the most long-standing internetworking solutions provider with a 17 year record of technological innovation. Symplex is a publicly held company, traded on the Vancouver Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol SYC.U.

For more information, call 734/995-1555 or visit Symplex's World Wide Web site at

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Gary R. Brock President and CEO Symplex Communications Corporation

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Date:Nov 6, 1998
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