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Symbols to look for when choosing your eggs.

THERE are four grades of UK-produced egg and the clue is stamped on the shell.

The symbols are: 0 - organic; 1 - free range; 2 - barn; 3 - enriched cages.

The British Lion symbol means eggs are vaccinated against salmonella.

Organic hens have less-crowded living conditions indoors - up to six per square metre in flocks of no more than 3,000. Routine beak trimming is not permitted.

Free range hens are housed in barns furnished with bedding and perches, with nine allowed per square metre. No limit to flock size. Beak trimming is common.

Hens producing barn eggs have platforms to perch on to escape pecking and nest boxes for laying eggs. But most stay inside with up to nine per square metre and beak trimming is routine.

Cramped battery cages were banned in 2012, but "enriched" cages are not a great deal better. They house 13-14 hens per square metre, natural behaviour is restricted and beak trimming is routine.


LION UK eggs symbol

CRACK IT UK egg range

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Date:Mar 27, 2016
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