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Symbol Mobile Gateway Plus Supported by Cotelligent JASware.

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 13 /PRNewswire/ --

Cotelligent Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: CGZT) announces the availability of JASware(TM) middleware for the Symbol Mobile Gateway Plus (MG-Plus). MG-Plus is the latest operating system fully supported by JASware, providing centralized management, software distribution, data collection and data synchronization to mobile devices.

Equipped with a Symbol Mobile Gateway Plus, a vehicle becomes an office on wheels. This industrialized, open systems PC-based host computer quickly and easily installs in truck cabs and cars, creating a wireless online extension of an enterprise-wide network. Using JASware(TM) middleware, the MG-Plus provides in-vehicle connectivity and communications capabilities for gathering, preparing, sending and receiving data anywhere, anytime. "For motor freight, parcel delivery or private fleet operations, the MG-Plus is both durable and portable, and can increase the effectiveness of personnel by cutting paperwork and providing a platform for in-vehicle systems," said John Muller, director, business development, Symbol Technologies. "Combined with Cotelligent's JASware middleware for mobile management of wireless devices, this complete onboard solution provides utmost flexibility without compromising control."

JASware(TM) allows the Symbol device to communicate seamlessly over Internet, Intranet or WAN connections with corporate enterprise systems via the JASware Host Server. Information can be sent to and from the MG-Plus computer between corporate and the mobile device using a store-and-forward method or immediate wireless transmission. Server administrators manage the connected Symbol device and the onboard MG-Plus from a central JASware Server. From this JASware Server, administrators can deliver and update applications and support information, reconfigure device settings, collect data, and provide the gateway to communicate information to and from backend host systems.

"We are pleased to announce that JASware(TM) provides the same management for the MG-Plus client that it currently supplies to tens of thousands of laptop, handheld, PDA and digital phone devices," said Jim Lavelle, CEO, Cotelligent. "This MG-Plus support is another in a string of advancements to the JASware product since its first release in 1992."

Cotelligent will be exhibiting at the Frontline Solutions Expo, co-located with Symobile, at the McCormick Center, Chicago, November 13-15th, 2001. Come visit Cotelligent at Booth #671 and experience the capabilities of JASware(TM) in a live demonstration.

About Cotelligent, Inc.

Cotelligent, Inc. ( delivers mobile business solutions, services and wireless hosting to keep its clients productive and competitive. Harnessing its expertise in developing and implementing complex technology applications and eBusiness solutions, Cotelligent extends information technology beyond the desktop to the mobile enterprise. Cotelligent applies its "ConduIT" consulting methodology to help clients make confident business and technological decisions. This methodology, in conjunction with its Pervasive System Data Center and JASware(TM) mobility solutions create the comprehensive, scalable framework that ensures the integrity and continuity of information across all enterprise systems and mobile applications.

Cotelligent's JASware(TM) is software that provides management of mobile environments. Currently, JASware supports Windows 3.1, 9x, NT, 2000 and Pocket PC, along with PalmOS and Windows CE. Users can work offline and when necessary communicate with the Servers over wireless connections, Internet, Intranets, RAS, LAN and private dialup. Data streams provide data collection and routing, advanced document / Web portal and software distribution, connectivity to back office systems, profile management and session reporting and monitoring.

About Symbol Technologies, Inc.

Symbol Technologies, Inc., winner of the National Medal of Technology, is a global leader in mobile data transaction systems, providing innovative customer solutions based on wireless local area networking for data and voice, application-specific mobile computing and bar code data capture. Symbol's wireless information appliances connect the physical world of people on the move, packages, paper and shipping pallets, to information systems and the Internet.

Today, some 10 million Symbol bar code scanners, mobile computers and wireless LANs are utilized worldwide in markets ranging from retailing to transportation and distribution logistics, manufacturing, parcel and postal delivery, government, healthcare and education. Symbol's systems and products are used to increase productivity from the factory floor to the retail store, to the enterprise and out to the home. Information about Symbol is available at and 1-800-722-6234.

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Date:Nov 13, 2001
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