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Symbiot Contributes Award-Winning Technologies to OpenSIMS; First Freely-Available Suite of Security Management Tools Now Boasts an Innovative Flash Interface and Updated Attack Reports.

AUSTIN, Texas -- Symbiot, a leading provider of intelligent security infrastructure management systems (iSIMS) and risk metrics technology, today announced a significant technical contribution to OpenSIMS, an open source security infrastructure management and collaborative risk metric exchange. The contribution includes Symbiot's award-winning(1) Flash user interface, updated reporting on top attackers, new platform and framework features, installer packages for multiple platforms and the addition of user forums and help manuals to the official project website,

Launched in August of 2004, the primary goal of the OpenSIMS project is to create and maintain a common set of freely available solutions for improving information security management. OpenSIMS, which is based on Java and XML, allows networks to collaborate on attacker profiling and remediation through risk metrics technology, which communicates the significance and impact of specific security threats. OpenSIMS' latest features are intended to facilitate ease-of-use and to accelerate adoption in the development community.

"It's hard to think of any other application area where the benefits of open-source development are both as desperately needed and as little recognized as in computer security and threat monitoring." said Eric Raymond, President Emeritus and co-founder of the Open Source Initiative. "OpenSIMS is a huge step forward, and points the way towards an open-source ecology in which security defenses will finally be able to evolve and adapt as rapidly as the threats they face. Bravo to Symbiot for sponsoring this work!"

The new features and functionality of the OpenSIMS project also represent Symbiot's commitment to its Forced Innovation Software Model (FISM), in which key features of the company's proprietary products are contributed to the open source community on a pre-determined schedule. FISM guarantees a rapid development cycle and stable technology roadmap for OpenSIMS, extends the useful life of Symbiot's products and accelerates innovation across Symbiot's suite of proprietary offerings.

"Symbiot's early support for OpenSIMS is intended to spur collaboration and innovation in a technology area that has typically been underrepresented in the open source community," said William W. Hurley II, CEO of Symbiot. "We look forward to making core SIMS and risk metrics technologies more accessible to a broader base of enterprise developers. As users look to adopt more advanced features, Symbiot will be there to provide a seamless migration path."

New features of OpenSIMS include:

Award-Winning User Interface -- The OpenSIMS Flash interface is the same code found in Symbiot's "Rich Application Interface" that won an Apple Design Award in 2004 for its ability to visualize live network attack traffic in real time and allow the user to interact with the data.

Added Security Reports -- OpenSIMS now includes many of the same reports found in Symbiot's commercial product, including Top Attackers, Top Attacks and Network Model. Users now also have the capability of creating their own reports in API code.

RSS News Feed -- Breaking security news and events are now automatically published via RSS directly to the OpenSIMS interface. Developers can also create alternative RSS feeds to be displayed to users.

Platform and Framework Features -- Enhancing platform stability, the Java framework now includes code from the Symbiot 5600. With developer notes and Javadocs, users now have a solid platform and all needed tools to build on top of it.

About OpenSIMS

OpenSIMS ( ties together the open source tools used for security management into a common infrastructure. The framework emphasizes a highly extensible, platform-independent approach for integrating existing systems, based on Java code, XML data source, and Flash visualizations. It also provides the means for networks to make use of collaborative risk metrics.

OpenSIMS is currently available for download at, and supports multiple operating systems including Gentoo, RedHat, Fedora, Debian, Apple Computer's Mac OS X, and FreeBSD, with a port for Microsoft's Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2005 Release Candidate currently under development. OpenSIMS has been made available by Symbiot under the terms and conditions of the Apache Software Foundation's 2.0 license agreement with a planned proposal to migrate the project into the Apache Software Foundation's incubator.

About Symbiot

Symbiot ( is a leading provider of intelligent security infrastructure management systems (iSIMS) and risk metrics technology. As the pioneer in applying risk metrics to adaptive network security, Symbiot utilizes proprietary genetic algorithms to measure, manage and mitigate risk to your networked assets. Through Symbiot.NET, Symbiot's customers benefit from adaptive profiles defined from industry groups, and other Symbiot customers for community centric security; a new approach to mitigating risk. Symbiot provides solutions that unify your existing security infrastructure to proactively respond to business critical issues while communicating security events across your entire organization clearly and effectively. Symbiot is located in Austin, Texas.

(1) The Symbiot 5600 Risk Metrics Appliance won a 2004 Apple Design Award.
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Date:May 2, 2005
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