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Sylvie Blocher. (Preview).


Despite a highly articulate thirteen-year crusade on behalf of the ethical responsibility of the artist, Sylvie Blocher has yet to gain much recognition outside Belgium and her native France. Perhaps this will change as the Casino Luxembourg's Enrico Lunghi mounts the first survey of the video artist's incisive oeuvre, including her best-known series, "Living Pictures," 1995-, in which actors, artists, and others are subjected to personal questions by an imaginary interlocutor, then captured on camera as they offer intimate responses. With longtime supporter Thierry de Duve among the catalogue contributors, the odds are good that this show will make the case for the artist's erudite approach to the representation of otherness. Dec. 14- Mar. 16.
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Author:Schneider, Caroline
Publication:Artforum International
Date:Sep 1, 2002
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