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Sycamore Networks Delivers New Software Capabilities for Ring and Mesh-Based Intelligent Optical Networks.

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CHELMSFORD, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 4, 2003

Sycamore Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCMR), a leader in intelligent optical networking, today announced several new software features and management tools for its complete line of Intelligent Optical Switches. The new features and enhancements deliver flexible protection options across all network topologies, and advanced capabilities for ring and mesh-based inter-working--enabling service providers to make a business-driven transition to an Intelligent Optical Network. The new management tools make it possible for service providers to manage concurrently ring, mesh, and hybrid networks without disruption to the present mode of operations.

Available now, the new features and tools for Sycamore's Intelligent Optical Switches include:
-- Additional integrated ring functionality, such as 2-fiber and 4-fiber Bi-directional Line Switched Ring (BLSR) and Multiplex Section Shared Protection Ring (MS-SPRing); and the unique ability to interoperate with dynamic protection schemes such as mesh restoral within the same network

-- Increased Broadband Digital Cross-connect System (BB-DCS) and Add/Drop Multiplexer (ADM) functionality with the addition of features such as Integrated Test Access, Good Signal Trigger, and Hierarchical Synchronization Status Messaging

-- New network management tools to expand design, configuration, and management capabilities for ring, mesh, and hybrid network topologies including Silvx Network Modeling Application, Silvx Switch Configurator, and enhanced circuit management capabilities within SILVX(R) Network Management System (SILVX NMS)

By deploying Sycamore's SN 3000 and SN 16000 Intelligent Optical Switches to scale and expand their networks, service providers can recognize capital expense savings of up to 70 percent and ongoing operational reductions of up to 60 percent in comparison to traditional BB-DCS and ADM build-outs. Additionally, Sycamore's optical switches can seamlessly integrate with existing Operations Support Systems (OSS) and back-office systems, providing complete operational transparency.

"The addition of 2F/4F BLSR and MS-SPRing standards-based protection schemes and strengthened support for familiar DCS and ADM network operations functions will enhance the competitive position of Sycamore's SN series with incumbent carriers," said Dave Dunphy, Principal Analyst, Optical Infrastructure at Current Analysis, a leading research firm. "Sycamore's addition of the ring-based protection schemes better positions the company with current carrier needs, and has the advantage of also offering carriers a migration strategy toward more dynamic intelligent meshed architectures for the future."

Sycamore optical switches now deliver one of the industry's broadest ranges of protection schemes, including 2-fiber and 4-fiber BLSR/MS-SPRing, Unidirectional Path Switched Ring (UPSR)/Sub-Network Connection Protection (SNCP)--as well as a variety of mesh protection schemes. The optical switches also support asymmetric rings, and provide the unique capability to interoperate 2 and 4-fiber BLSR rings with more dynamic protection schemes--such as the flexible mesh restoration schemes in Sycamore's BroadLeaf(TM) Networking Software. Additionally, Sycamore delivers a full edge to core portfolio of completely integrated optical switches that seamlessly interoperate with one another in all topologies and with all protection schemes.

The new BB-DCS and ADM functions announced today further simplify the management and maintenance of Sycamore's Intelligent Optical Switches in a ring network, and extend these capabilities to mesh-based networks. Sycamore's optical switches now support circuit level Good Signal Trigger to reduce and suppress unwanted alarm conditions during the configuration and provisioning process--extending BB-DCS features to an Intelligent Optical Network. With support for Integrated Test Access, the SN 3000 and SN 16000 enable service providers to verify and test that circuits are functioning properly before provisioning live traffic. Sycamore's implementation of Hierarchical Synchronization Status Messaging interoperates with both ring and mesh-based networks to improve operational efficiency with respect to network synchronization.

Sycamore's new network management tools simplify the design, configuration and management of ring and mesh-based networks, without disruption to the existing OSS or present mode of operations. The new tools enable service providers to concurrently manage ring and mesh networks, so they can gain the benefits of mesh networks in targeted areas, while maximizing their existing ring-based network assets.

The Silvx Network Modeling Application and Silvx Switch Configurator are new additions to the tightly integrated SILVX InSight(R) family of network design and planning tools. These tools feature an open architecture, simplifying customization and enabling use by diverse business units--such as corporate executives, sales, and finance groups. Service providers can now leverage InSight tools to develop comprehensive, integrated network modeling systems. The Silvx Network Modeling Application gives service providers the ability to model and simulate both ring and mesh network protection schemes and conduct failure analysis. The Silvx Switch Configurator analyzes existing BB-DCS configurations, and then uses a built-in rules expert to determine the best way to grow a network by adding capacity.

Enhanced circuit management capability within SILVX NMS greatly simplifies the operations, configuration, management, and provisioning of ring and mesh-based networks. Sycamore's application allows for both automatic and manual provisioning of all topologies.

"In the current market, service providers need technologies and products that lower CapEx and OpEx, and interoperate seamlessly with their existing networks--while still building a foundation for more service-oriented optical networks," said Jim Mooney, vice president of product management at Sycamore. "Our optical switches have always been leaders in software intelligence, scalability, and advanced features, and now Sycamore has taken another step to simplify integration and the migration to an intelligent optical network."

About Sycamore Networks

Sycamore Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCMR) develops and markets intelligent optical networking products for the telecommunications industry. An ISO 9001:2000 registered company, Sycamore's optical switching products are forming the network foundation for some of the world's most respected and innovative service providers. The software intelligence common to all Sycamore products empowers rapid deployment and delivery of services, from the edge to the core of the network. Contact Sycamore Networks at

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Except for the historical information contained herein, we wish to caution you that certain matters discussed in this news release constitute forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. Actual results or events could differ materially from those stated or implied in forward-looking statements due to a number of factors, including but not limited to the rate of product purchases by current and prospective customers; the commercial success of the Company's line of intelligent optical networking products; the Company's reliance on a limited number of customers; new product introductions and enhancements by the Company and its competitors; the length and variability of the sales cycles for the Company's products; competition; manufacturing and sourcing risks; variations in the Company's quarterly results; general economic conditions including stock market volatility and capital market conditions as well as conditions specific to the telecommunications, Internet and related industries; and the other factors discussed in the Company's most recently filed Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q and the other reports filed by the Company from time to time with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Company disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future results or otherwise.
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