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Sybron International Completes Acquisition of Robbins Scientific.

Milwaukee, WI 10/7/99-Sybron International announced the completion of its acquisition of Robbins Scientific, a manufacturer of biomedical products for high-throughput screening, chemical synthesis, molecular biology and tissue typing. Sales revenues for Robbins Scientific are approximately $27 million for this year. Sybron International expressed particular interest in Robbins Scientific's high-throughput screening products because of the growing market for them. Sybron also hopes the acquisition will complement products from the company's Molecular BioProducts, Nunc and Matrix Technologies subsidiaries. Sybron acquired Matrix Technologies earlier this year (see IBO 9/15/99).

This acquisition is part of Sybron's expansion into the high-throughput screening and drug discovery market. Sybron already has a presence in this marketplace with products from its Molecular BioProducts and Nunc subsidiaries, which primarily offer aftermarket items such as mircroplates and pipet tips. The acquisitions of Robbins Scientific and Matrix allow Sybron to offer a full range of liquid handling aftermarket items. These acquisitions also signal Sybron's entrance into the initial systems market. At the present time, Martrix offers the PlateMate automated pipetting systems and Speedmation single- and multi-channel manual and electronic pipettors. Robbins Scientific offers the Hydra automated dispensing machines and hybridization incubators.
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Comment:Sybron International Completes Acquisition of Robbins Scientific.
Publication:Instrument Business Outlook
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Date:Oct 31, 1999
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