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Sybase introduces PowerBuilder 12.

Worldwide Computer Products News-21 April 2010-Sybase introduces PowerBuilder 12(C)1995-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS

Enterprise and mobile software company Sybase Inc (NYSE:SY) announced on Tuesday the availability of Sybase PowerBuilder 12.

According to the company, the new PowerBuilder 12 architecture works with Microsoft's Visual Studio infrastructure to assist a high level of application development productivity for PowerBuilder developers on the .NET Framework.

The new release requires about five lines of code to access business logic using its DataWindow technology. With the DataWindow now re-written in C#, PowerBuilder 12 also produces managed code and natively supports Microsoft WPF. In addition, it allows customers to leverage their existing Win32 code and migrate to the .NET Framework, saving the complexities of re-writing.

Sybase ships PowerBuilder with two self-contained IDEs. The first is designed for Windows 32-based development to build and maintain Win32 applications and migrate existing code to Windows Forms and WebForms. The second is a new IDE for migration of existing code to Windows Presentation Foundation applications, building new Windows Presentation Foundation-based applications and deploying managed code on top of the Microsoft Visual Studio shell.

Other new features include: enhanced autoscripting with Intellisense; open and heterogeneous database support; enhanced debugging features such as tracepoints and the ability to run to a specified function on the call stack, as well as popup windows to enable easy display of variables and property values of PowerBuilder and .NET objects.

No pricing details were disclosed.

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Publication:Worldwide Computer Products News
Date:Apr 21, 2010
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