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Switch up your style! 'How to wear a suit' by Mide Clothings.

Every man should own a beautifully cut suit .there is no exception. Quite a number of suits today are slim fit with skinny lapels,a and the worst of all is the suit that cut your butt in half from the back. Its better to be gently held in with generous lapels and stronger shoulder. A suit should make you feel younger and trimmer.

Here is my personal thought on how a suit should fit;

Your suit collar should lie on the back of your shirt collar,t here should be no gaps in between them. your suit collar should not cover your shirt collar

Shoulder. The suit shoulder seam should end where your shoulder end. And there should not be any wrinkling on the shoulder, it should not be too large or too small

Sleeve. The sleeve should not be big or too tight that you don't have room to move. The sleeve length should leave 1 inch allowance for your shirt sleeve to show.

The chest. The jacket should be just right,not a size bigger or a size smaller

The body . The body of your suit should give you room to move, if it's tight you will notice some creases around your mid section.

The jacket length. The jacket length should end where your butt end .

The trousers -

The waist . The waist of your suit trouser should fit that you don't need a belt to hold it up (you can use a belt or a suspender if you wish to do so).the seat should also nicely hug your body.

The thigh. When checking out the trouser always take a pinch of the trouser to check it it's tight of big. After that the the back for excess fabric

The trouser length. The length should sit on top of your shoe and not to cover it. It should have a slight break so it can nicely lay on your shoe.

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Publication:Nigerian Tribune (Oyo State, Nigeria)
Date:Jun 8, 2018
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