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Switch products for military, test and communications applications.

TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc. has introduced a round of products designed to meet the needs of point-to-point radio/satellite communications and DoD electronic warfare, communications and radar subcontractor manufacturers. The TGA2509, an ultra wideband power amplifier (PA) with adjustable gain control (AGC), offers desirable electrical performance and increased environmental robustness, making it suitable for defense and commercial amplifier applications including electronic warfare, electronic counter measures, radar and digital radio. It provides >1W of saturated power in the 2 GHz to 16 GHz band. It also provides 17 dB of small signal gain and 25 dB of gain control over the 2 GHz to 22 GHz band. It is manufactured using the company's GaAs power pHEMT device technology and three metal-layer interconnect (3MI) design technology for desirable, robust performance in a compact footprint (7.5 [mm.sup.2]. The TGA2512 wideband LNA is appropriate for applications where high gain is required and self-bias is desired. Offering high gain of 27 dB from 5 GHz to 15 GHz, this LNA provides desirable noise performance with typical mid-band NF <1.4 dB, while the balanced topology offers good return loss typically below -17 dB. Its large input FET can handle up to 21 dBm of input power reliably, while the built-in gain control provides 15 dB (typical) control range. The part may be assembled in self-biased mode, using a single +5V supply connection to either side of the chip, or in gate-biased mode allowing the user to control the current for a particular application. In self-biased mode, the TGA2512 offers 6 dBm typical P1dB, while in gate-biased mode, the typical P1dB is over 13 dBm. Its size of 2.46 [mm.sup.2] allows ease of use in multi-chip modules. The TGA2513 wideband LNA is an AGC amplifier for electronic warfare, electronic counter measures and radar receiver or driver amplifier applications. Offering 17 dB of gain from 2 GHz to 23 GHz, the TGA2513 also provides exceptional noise performance with typical mid-band NJ <2 dB. The cascade pHEMT design allows over 30 dB of adjustable gain control range. It also provides over 17 dBm power at P1dB and over 18 dBm Psat. Its size of 2.1 mm X 1.35 mm allows ease of use in compact multi-chip modules. The TGA4022 high power amplifier (HPA) for point-to-point radio and sat-com applications offers high gain of 26 dB from 18 GHz to 23 GHz and exceptional power performance with typical P1db of 32.5 dBm and typical OIP3 >39 dBm. The balanced topology offers desirable input/output return loss, typically below -15 dB. The TGA4517 high power amplifier is suitable for military, radar, communications and digital radio applications. It offers high output power of >35 dBm at Psat from 31 GHz to 37 GHz and typical gain of 15 dB. Its input return loss is typically below -12 dB. TriQuint Semiconductor


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Title Annotation:Microwave & RF Components
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Date:Jul 1, 2004
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