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Switch On; Big wigs blundered.

Regular readers will know that I'm besotted by this drama series.

And I make absolutely no apology for once more devoting this space to it.

This has been the best drama series from BBC Scotland since, maybe, Tutti Frutti and certainly Takin' Over The Asylum.

For my money, it has also been the most complete drama series of the year, featuring an astonishingly good Scottish cast.

Having said all that, I still approached last night's final episode with apprehension.

Well, you know how it is, you've been hooked on a series from the first moment and then the last chapter is a dire disappointment.

Thankfully, that wasn't the case.

The magic that I felt from the first chords of that Philip Glass-style music remained right till the closing credits. The drama that started with a funeral ended with one as Uncle Rory was laid to rest after the family's blackest secret was revealed ...

Fergus was a double killer, taking the lives of his wife and Rory.

There was a satisfaction in knowing that he paid for his evil and deceit when his private plane - the ultimate rich man's toy - took him to a watery grave.

So all the mysteries were resolved. Well, that's not quite true.

The biggest puzzle remains.

We still don't know why the Beeb's London big-wigs shunted this wonderful series to the limbo land of BBC2.

That blunder should be remedied, by scheduling a run on BBC1, where a mass audience could discover what they've been missing.

Soldier, Soldier

It's battle stations on several fronts for Captain Jeremy Forsythe (Ben Nealon) tonight.

He's to prepare for war when the King's Own Fusiliers are ordered to quell a rebellion in the South Atlantic.

And on the home front, Jeremy battles with his conscience after starting an affair with the commanding officer's wife. Alison Skilbeck - who plays unfaithful wife Sarah Eastwood - reckons that her behaviour might outrage some viewers.

She said: "I'm expecting people to write saying that I should keep my hands off that nice boy.

"But it is really striking a blow for the older woman. Sarah has fallen for Jeremy because he sees her as a woman.

"With her husband the army always comes first.

"When she discovers the King's Own are going to war she has to say goodbye to both of them ... which is terrible for her."

Network First

How should parents tackle the problem of a young child who is out of control?

That's the focus of tonight's documentary, which reveals that kids as young as three have been excluded from playgroups because of their bad behaviour.

And the fact is the timing of this programme could not be better.

It shows how parents of unruly offspring can be helped as the cameras follow eight pre- school youngsters through a ten-day course which has previously proved to be very successful.

The programme also features concerned parents who are desperate for some sort of solution to their problem.

Programme maker Roger Graef said: "At a time when society simply punishes or excludes the most difficult children, this programme offers a message of hope.

"I believe that the lessons here could be highly influential in changing attitudes towards difficult children."

Pick of the box


Holiday: Carol Smillie, right, draws the short straw with a trip along the Caledonian Canal.

Her mates enjoy a trek to Turkey, a beach resort in Mexico and a sunny resort in Israel. Where would you rather be?

BBC1, 7.00pm


FRONTLINE SCOTLAND: Jane Franchi discovers why people get stressed out and what they can do to relieve it.

BBC1, 9.40pm


EASTENDERS: Sorry, but I'm afraid that I'm finding the breakdown of Joe Wicks (Paul Nicholls) just a touch wearing. Tonight Lorraine (Jacqueline Leonard) is growing more concerned about the youngster.

BBC1, 7.30pm


JIMI HENDRIX PLAYS THE ISLE OF WIGHT: The greatest rock guitarist of them all struts his stuff in this classic concert appearance. Tragically, it was one of the last shows he played before his death. Look out for a blistering All Along The Watchtower.

Channel 4, 2.05am


NEVER MIND THE BUZZCOCKS: I know you'd prefer to see Chrissie Hynde from The Pretenders, but you're getting Martin Chambers instead. On this quiz we don't expect to see premier league pop stars.

BBC2, 10.00pm
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Date:Nov 26, 1996
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