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Swiss Water decaf: profit potential generates sales.

Retailers, roasters and the foodservice industry recognize that Swiss Water decafs generate sales and offers profitability. In fact, sales of Swiss Water decafs are up 50% from where they were two years ago, according to Don Macdonald, vice president manufacturing for Nabob Foods Ltd and general manager of the Swiss Water Decaf Division. Increased brand recognition for chemical-free Swiss Water decaffeination has translated into added value for roasters and retailers.

For example, The Coffee Beanery, Ltd. of Flint, Michigan offers high-quality origin specific coffees, custom blends, estate-grown coffees and sells only Swiss Water decaffeinated coffees. The chain's upscale clientele pay a premium for the branded decafs. According to Coffee Beanery president, JoAnne Shaw, "Customers will pay for the added assurance of Swiss Water brand decafs. They are a little more expensive but our customers appreciate our concern about health and environmental issues."

Swiss Water sales and marketing manager Terry Taciuk adds, "Since today's specialty coffee enthusiasts are willing to pay up to $2.00 more per pound for the Swiss Water brand, our custom decaffeination provides profit opportunities for the specialty trade."

Specialty food and coffee retailers are accustomed to purchasing many types of coffees, often at premium prices. The foodservice community, on the other hand, has a reputation for being significantly more cost-conscious. Fortunately for coffee aficionados, a new trend is emerging; many restaurateurs are opting to serve better coffee.

As a result, many chefs and general managers have discovered the benefits of Swiss Water chemical-free decafs. According to Sheldon Kail, director of marketing for Continental Coffee Products Co., a subsidiary of The Quaker Oats Company, "Demand for Swiss Water coffees is increasing within the gourmet segment although decaf sales in general are falling." This Chicago-based distributor supplies coffee to restaurants throughout the U.S.

"People are becoming more discerning when dining out. As a result, there is a demand for Swiss Water brand decafs. It is a brand name that commands higher prices and a product that people are willing to pay for," explaind Kail.

Laurence Mindel is an award-winning restaurateur who recognizes the value of serving Swiss Water decafs. The chairman of the San Francisco-based II Fornaio American Corp. began his career in the coffee trade and brought his cupping expertise to the Il Fornaio restaurants and bakeries. Through the years, his patrons have learned to expect exceptionally good coffee, espresso and cappuccino along with his innovative Italian cuisine, freshly baked breads and refined Italian-style pastries.

Il Fornaio's decaffeinated blends are processed using patented Swiss Water technology. Mindel explains his decision, "It is important to us that all Il Fornaio customers enjoy the same coffee experience, regardless of whether they are drinking regular or decaffeinated coffee. In addition to the health benefits of the Swiss Water decaffeination process, we selected Swiss Water because it does not alter the taste of our coffee."

Il Fornaio bakeries and restaurants feature two blends, both of which are available in Swiss Water decaffeinated form. They are "Italian Dark Roast" and "Caffe Americano." Increasing sales of Il Fornaio's original blends and Swiss Water decafs have prompted the company to test market two new blends, "Mocha Java" and "Venetian Blend," in both regular coffee and Swiss Water decaffeinated varieties. According to Il Fornaio's director of marketing, Loretta Wood, "We plan to start by offering the new coffees in two stores and expand from there."

In addition to offering profit potential, Swiss Water's success also results from the manufacturer's ongoing commitment to providing marketing support to roasters, retailers and distributors. Taciuk reveals, "We view our relationships with roasters, retailers and restaurateurs as partnerships in profitablity."
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