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The DEA Swift is regarded as the benchmark by which other coordinate measuring machines (CMM) are judged.

When developed, it proved to be a totally new concept in CMMs setting the standard for ergonomic design, price/performance ratio and accuracy, yet being very simple to use.

Record Swift is a three axis bench top CNC machine with a measuring volume up to 695 mm X by 495 mm Y by 315 mm Z. Produced using a mainly aluminium structure, it carries DEA into the 1990's. Swift is also cost effective to produce, having only 112 parts, while the machine it replaces had more than 400.

It has a B89 volumetric measuring performance of .00036 twice as accurate as comparable competitive machines. Because Swift is simple to use, it can be installed in almost any manufacturing area.

Indeed, market research by DEA has shown many production shops, especially those using CNC machine tools, have already shortened lead times by dispensing with jig and fixture needs, are still delaying production through checking fixture and gage requirements. And, once the production process starts, considerable expense and production delays are being incurred waiting for "first off" requirements by inspection.

This is the prime area where the installation of Swift will benefit the shopfloor. With very little training, inspectors, jot setters and machine operators will be able to very dimensions and certain geometrical characteristics of a component.

Being a low-cost machine, Swift will cost less than many gages and fixtures it can replace and is available as a ready-to-run package with reference sphere, color printer, full measuring software and training.

Both the X and Y axis DC drive motors are located at the rear and power the two axes through course pitch ball-screws. However, the vertical Z axis design utilizes a cog-belt drive from the motor to couple with the normal manual Swift version motion generator to position the ram. This is housed under the same sleek hinged cover which was a feature of the Swift design.

Swift follows tradition only in having a main base produced from granite. Resting on the guideways are pre-loaded air bearings which support the cast aliminium shoulders and extruded aluminium bridge structure which carries the vertical Z axis and horizontal Y axis movements.

The bridge structure is a special aluminium extrusion of dovetail section with internal ribbing. It was designed and stressed using finite element analysis for a maximum rigidity to weight ratio. Resting on the bridge structure is the Y axis carriage supported by four air bearings.

On the underside of each bearing surface, a mechanical preload is applied to ensure frictionless movement of all axes. The Z axis aluminium ran has been designed to eliminate any torsion or rotation when moving up and down. This has been achieved by spacing the support bearings almost equivalent to the stroke of the Z axis.

Each axis has optical linear scales to provide Swift with a resolution of one micron.
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Date:Sep 1, 1992
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