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Swift $1.55 Bn Saudi Aid To Beirut.

Acting quickly before Iran made such a move, Saudi King Abdullah on July 25 pledged $500m in aid for the Beirut government and $1 bn in deposit with Lebanon's Central Bank to prop up the country's currency. King Abdullah said he was granting the money as "a nucleus for an Arab fund" to reconstruct the country. The kingdom pledged $250m for reconstruction in the Palestinian territories. PM Siniora said the Saudis had also pledged $50m in emergency humanitarian aid for victims of Israeli attacks and displaced people in Lebanon.

Several countries announced more modest aid packages on July 25, the day after the UN relief chief, Jan Egeland, made an urgent appeal for $150m to help 800,000 civilians made homeless by the Israeli raids. Some humanitarian aid got through on July 25, when the US delivered the first shipment under a $30m package for victims of the conflict. US Ambassador to Lebanon Jeffrey Feltman handed over the shipment of medical supplies - enough to cover the basic needs of 20,000 people for a three-month period - to the International Committee of the Red Cross at the American Embassy in Awkar, north of Beirut. The US was to deliver other assistance to the Lebanese.
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Date:Jul 31, 2006
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