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Swiffer is taking on the wood care category with the launch of a new line of products endorsed by the National Wood Flooring Association.

* Swiffer is taking on the wood care category with the launch of a new line of products endorsed by the National Wood Flooring Association. In addition, P&G says Swifter is first in the category to be available in scents beyond traditional citrus. Swifter Dust & Shine--which sprays in a light, even mist to thoroughly remove the visible layer of dust, fingerprints and smudges from treasured wood furniture while conditioning the wood--is available in lavender vanilla, citrus zest and tropical breeze scents. Swifter 360[degrees] Dusters have thousands of thick, fluffy dust-locking fibers to trap and lock up twice as much dust and dirt than a feather duster. Swifter WetJet Wood Floor Cleaner is an all-in-one cleaning system that cleans tough, stuck-on messes better than a mop and bucket.


"We have learned from consumers that many people have an emotional attachment to their wooden surfaces and treasures," said Jay Benton, external relations manager for North America Home Care. "We understand that wood floors and other wood surfaces are what make a house into a home, so we created a line of products to help consumers maintain and restore all of their favorite wood surfaces." The Swifter Wood Care product line is available at major mass-market grocery and drug store retailers nationwide. More info:


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Date:Sep 1, 2008
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