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Sweetgrass asks: as an Aboriginal person, do you believe it's important to vote?

Mandy Thomas, 30 Enoch

Yes, I believe all Native issues are important. Mainly education and healthcare are the most important.


Conrad Sharphead, 32 Enoch

Yes, I hope they'll better our status as Aboriginals. I hope to get the right person in there.


Ian Brule, 19 Enoch

Yes, Jack Layton, I'll vote for him because he'll get rid of the oil fields, save the wildlife, and help the environment.


Tina Cardinal, 29 Alexis First Nation

I'm thinking about it. If I had some kind of idea it would create change, I would.


Sherry Saulteaux, 27 O'Chiese First Nation

Yes, as a Canadian citizen we have the right to vote. If I don't vote it feels like I don't have a voice for the next four years.


Linda Anderson, 56 Slave Lake

Absolutely, As Natives, politics are important. It's important to participate in the issues.

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Title Annotation:YOU SAY
Publication:Alberta Sweetgrass
Date:Oct 1, 2008
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