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Sweetcorn runs early. (Fresh Produce--Canned Foods--Milk--Butter--Cheese--Eggs).

English sweetcorn sales have been given a boost this year by ideal growing conditions.

"The season is two and half weeks ahead of last year," said Nathan Dellicott, farm director for Barfoots of Botley, the largest multiple supplier in the UK. It grows 60% of the English crop on early sites on the Isle of Wight, and in West Sussex and Hampshire.

While crop quality is excellent, consumption has also been boosted by the development of virtually ready-to-eat presentations.

"Removing the husk and the silk has made sweetcorn far more attractive," said Dellicott.

A new trimmed portion kebab pack is prepared in a new packhouse which opened last year at Sefton Farm, Pagham, West Sussex. This is already working at full capacity.

Sales have also been boosted by a new generation of hybrids which taste sweeter and have a longer shelf life.
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Title Annotation:sales boost
Comment:Sweetcorn runs early. (Fresh Produce--Canned Foods--Milk--Butter--Cheese--Eggs).(sales boost)
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Date:Aug 2, 2003
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