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Sweet things and house cut fries latest rollouts from Lamb Weston.

Increasing consumer demand for sweet potatoes is further fueling the development of new products at Eagle, Idaho, USA-headquartered ConAgra Foods Lamb Weston. The latest innovation is Sweet Things Seasoned RibCut Sweet Potato Fries. The wide 3/4 inch profile fries are specially cut with evenly spaced ridges and are designed for operators to serve as a second fry offering, signature fry, appetizer or specialty snack.


According to the USDA Economic Research Service and recent market data gathered by Lamb Weston, consumption of sweet potatoes in the United States has grown more than 50% since 2000, and 74% of consumers say they either like or love sweet potatoes. Correspondingly, restaurants report a 73% increase in sweet potato servings since 2008.

Additional findings discovered that parents and guardians are influenced by the nutritional value of sweet potatoes. Three-fourths of parents say they are better for their children than other potatoes, and 70% say that if sweet potatoes are available on menus, they would order them for their kids.

Sweet Things Seasoned RibCut Sweet Potato Fries are coated with a proprietary seasoned batter and may be served up with signature sauces.

Meanwhile, Lamb Weston's Natural House Cut Fries is another new offering available to operators. Sliced from high-quality potatoes with the skin left on, they are made to cook up with the taste, texture and appearance of back-of-house-prepared fries and offer a yield advantage. House Cut Fries eliminates size and quality issues associated with restaurants and foodservice establishments preparing fries from raw potatoes, which can help to mitigate potato price fluctuations that eat into operator costs.

Recent market research has found that nearly two-thirds of consumers say they are "extremely interested" or "interested" in hand cut/fresh cut fries. And, 36% expect a "better-for-you" option to include hand cut/fresh cut fries.


Lamb's Natural House Cut Fries are available in regular, thin and shoestring cuts, and have zero grams of trans fat per serving.
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Publication:Quick Frozen Foods International
Date:Jul 1, 2012
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