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Sweet, crunchy winter carrots.

For sweet, crisp carrots all winter, we always left them in the ground under a thick layer of leaves or straw to keep them from freezing. But going out in midwinter to dig carrots was not my idea of fun.

I wanted a better way to store the carrots, so I made a miniature root cellar right in the garden. First, I cut the bottom from a 5-gallon bucket. Then I dug a hole in the ground just big enough to hold the bucket with the top of it flush with the ground. I filled the bucket with just-dug carrots, placed the lid on the bucket and plopped a bale of straw on top for insulation.

The carrots stay sweet and crisp all winter--just as they did in the ground.

Chriss Stutzman

Navarre, Ohio

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Title Annotation:COUNTRY LORE: Readers Tips to Live By
Author:Stutzman, Chriss
Publication:Mother Earth News
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Date:Oct 1, 2010
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