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Swedish Pig Production Threatened by Welfare Standards.

September 20 2010 -- Swedish pig production is in crisis due to national standards and regulations, according to the British Pig Executive (BPEX).

A spokesman for BPEX told Feedinfo News Service that strict animal welfare requirements are threatening Swedish pig production. He said: "The only private pig vet in Sweden, Erik Lindahl of Lundens Djurhalsa, says that pig production in Sweden is in a tremendous crisis. Pig production in Sweden must be in accordance not just with a lot of regulations and rules from the EU."

BPEX said that according to the vet there are also many national standards and regulations to be observed, which means a loss of competitive power in comparison with other countries. The spokesman added said: "Pig production in Sweden has decreased steadily year by year ever since 1995 where Sweden joined the EU. The Swedish regulations which result in considerable additional costs are a requirement of loose sows in all stable departments, including the farrowing department. All categories of pigs must have access to straw or bedding, tail docking is not permitted, and the animals must have more space per animal unit."

PRRS Surveillance Project

Meanwhile, a BPEX-funded study, being carried out by Martina Velasova at the Royal Veterinary College, aims to provide a basis for the development of an adequate PRRS surveillance strategy.

A BPEX spokesman said: "Given the huge economic impact of PRRS, surveillance and control measures need to be targeted and cost-effective. Better understanding of the current situation and the epidemiology of PRRS are needed in order to design appropriate surveillance systems. The outcome of this project will contribute to the improvement of the overall pig health and therefore will have a positive impact on the competitiveness of British pork."
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Publication:Feedinfo News Service
Date:Sep 20, 2010
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