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Swedish Government to propose bill allowing creation of cloned human embryos.

The Swedish government announced on March 26 it will propose a bill to allow the creation of cloned human embryos strictly for use in research, LifeSite Daily News reported. Sweden, a world leader in stem cell research, has one of the world's largest collection of cultivated embryonic stem cell lines. Gothenburg University, in its collaboration with the Sahlgrenska Hospital, currently has 19 active stem cell lines.

The legislation, which is expected to pass, will prohibit the implantation of cloned human embryos, which requires that they be killed before being allowed to be born if gestated artificially. Many ethicists believe this is a preferable compromise to allowing children to be cloned.

However, more traditional ethicists, including the Catholic Church, oppose the compromise arguing it means cloned human beings will be created for the express purpose of killing them for their organs thus turning them into "mere organ sources," LifeSite Daily News reported.
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Date:Apr 16, 2004
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