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Sweaty palms; LIFESTYLE; TOP 10 Architectural plants; Gardening.

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GIVE the garden a hot, exotic feel with evergreen spiky-leaved cabbage palms. Also known as Cordyline australis, it's a good choice for patio containers and can be used as a temporary pot plant in summer bedding displays.

Find it a sunny, sheltered spot with moist, well-draining soil.

It will eventually produce trusses in summer that are made up of thousands of small, highly scented flowers.

After flowering, plants produce branches at the top and become tree-like.

Prevent winter damage by tying up the foliage to stop water collecting in the crown.

For it to thrive, find it a sheltered, lightly shaded spot and acid or neutral, humus-rich soil.

Often described as a shrub, this slow-growing plant will make a charming tree with bushy habit within 20 years.

Its ultimate height in 20 to 50 years is four to eight metres.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Jun 19, 2016
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