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Sweatshirts of seasonal sparkle and style.

Clothes that let you wear your glad tidings on your sleeve

FESTIVE SWEATSHIRTS, decorated with stenciled messages or hand-drawn necklaces, make great cold-weather projects and holiday gifts. You start with a plain crew-neck and add colors with glittery, metallic, or solid-color fabric paint, all of which are sold in 1-ounce squeeze bottles (about $2) at many craft and hobby stores.


For a bold holiday look, outfit your entire family in red or white sweatshirts stenciled with big ho-ho-ho's. You'll need oversize letter stencils (from a stationery store), red or white fabric paint, and a stencil brush.

Prewash and dry each sweatshirt, then slip a sheet of foil-wrapped cardboard inside the shirt. Position the H and O at an angle on the front and tape them in place. Instead of squeezing the paint directly onto the fabric, pour it onto a paper plate, then blot it onto the fabric with the stencil brush. Remove the stencils and let the paint dry.


For a dressier look, adorn a black sweatshirt with a glittery necklace of gold, silver, brass, and copper paint. Choose paint with metallic sparkles mixed in. Invent your own beaded necklace or layers of necklaces. First, draw them freehand with chalk, then squeeze the paint from the bottle. Don't forget to continue the necklaces onto the back, where you can draw a clasp. For dimension, we sewed a strand of real ribbon to the front of the necklace.
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Author:Whiteley, Peter O.
Date:Dec 1, 1992
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