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Swe-Pak pharmaceuticals.

SWE-PAK Pharmaceuticals (a project of Shaheen Foundation) PAF

During 1985, Shaheen Foundation (PAF) conceived the idea of establishing an Intravenous Solution factory at Hub, Balochistan. This was basically envisaged due to inadequacy of sanctioned capacity of IVS vis-a-vis the rising demand and sizeable amount of imports of infusion giving bottles to meet the local demand. After conceiving this idea three proposals were obtained, i.e. one each from Sweden, Germany and the United States of America. The proposals from Germany and the USA were based on conventional system whereas the Swedish proposal consisted of a modern concept of modular system. Thus the Swedish proposal was accepted by Shaheen Foundation (PAF). Hence SF (PAF) joined hands with Swedish partners and set up a plant known as SWE-PAK Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. at Hub. The Government of Pakistan sanctioned the Project in April 1987 and the Certificate of Commencement of Business was issued in June 1987.

The plant and machinery comprising the reverse Osmosis, Water Filtration System, the Solution Preparation Tanks, the Bottle Pack Machine, the Autoclaves, Leak Test, Labelling Machine, the Pyrogen Laboratory Equipment, along with a sophisticated and well equipped Laboratory were assembled in Modules and tested in Sweden. These Modules do ensure GMP to achieve absolute quality control.

It may also be added that the factory is established at Hub Industrial Estate on lease from Lasbella Industrial Estate Development Authority, Hub, on a 4-acre land. Presently, one acre of the land has been occupied effectively for the factory and the remaining land can be utilised for future expansion and diversification in Pharmaceutical field. The utilities like Boiler, Standby DC Generator and Water Supply System along with storage and Administrative areas, Canteen and Animal House has been provided by SWE-PAK Shaheen Foundation (PAF). A Supply and Technical Assistance Agreement has been signed by Shaheen Foundation (PAF) with M/s. Pharmadule (AB), Sweden on the above lines.

The installed capacity of the plant is four million bottles of IVS in 1000 million bottles during 300 days per year in two shifts. This capacity may however be increased to eight million bottles per year at a little extra cost because of the presence of infrastructures like warehouse, airconditioning etc. The organisation of SWE-PAK is as under: a) The Managing Director/Chief Executive belongs to the PAF and is also the MD of Shaheen Foundation (PAF). b) The General Manager of SWE-PAK is looking after all the activities of the factory on behalf of the MD/CE. He is also a PAF Officer with 41 years of varied experience. c) The Deputy General Manager is a Doctor in Pharmacology with an experience of 25 years in Pharmaceutical field. He is mainly responsible for Production, Quality and Marketing of the Product whereas Administration, Finance and Maintenance shall be directly under the General Manager. The DGM shall have the functional control on the Managers as well. d) The Manager Project (Technical), is a Swedish gentleman, who is likely to stay with SWE-PAK as long as his services are considered essential. It is also added that all the Managers, although suitably qualified and experienced in their own fields, have been trained in Sweden. Further, the inspection of the Ministry of Health, Sweden, has already inspected our equipment in Sweden and he is required to inspect and validate the equipment every year in Pakistan. This has been done to ensure the veracity of the product as SWE-PAK, in no way, can compromise the quality of the product which is a Life-Saving Drug.

The financial year of the factory is from 1st January to 31st December every year. The Project cost is expected to be Rs. 187,436 million. This is to be met by bank loan, equity between Shaheen Foundation and Swedish partners in the ratio of 60:40 and public floatation. It is expected that the factory shall be self-sufficient in five to seven year's time.

PHOTO : A view of the Swe-Pak Plant
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Title Annotation:Swe-Pak plant, project of Shaheen Foundation
Author:Ahmad, M.M.
Publication:Economic Review
Date:Sep 1, 1991
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