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Swazuri exposes land cartels in Nairobi Eastlands.

Chairman of National Land Commission Muhammad Swazuri has exposed key land grabbing cartels operating mainly in the Eastlands and Embakasi region of the city.

In response to a formal letter of investigation from the Buruburu Police, Swazuri named cartels operating as self-help groups and business associations.

'The groups have been circulating fake and fraudulent purposed determinations of the commission,' he said in the report. The cartels identify key undeveloped land and present themselves as squatters that need settlement by the commission, disinheriting genuine owners of the land.

The letter dated February 27 enclosed the internal report of the director investigations at NLC dated February 23, detailing the extent of the illegal activities that suggest the cartels have penetrated key persons within the commission. He said some persons have been helping cartels to issue fake determinations.

'The purported determination is a forgery and cannot be attested to by the commission,' the report reads.

He said that in law, self-help groups have legal capacity to own land. However as per the letter to the chairman of the NLC, police are investigating the illegal activities of the group and their connections at NLC that facilitated the fake rulings and determinations.

Land is an emotive issue in the country but such corrupt practices have greatly eroded the gains made in the land reforms.

NLC Chairman is doing a commendable job as many cases of land fraud increases. Earlier this month one petitioner wanted MPs to investigate how an individual was allegedly paid billions of taxpayers' money by the government for acquisition of pieces of land he did not own.

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Publication:The Star (Nairobi, Kenya)
Date:Apr 28, 2018
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