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Swarovski rangefinder laser guide 8X30.

One of the most valuable tools added to a hunter's kit in recent years has been the laser rangefinder. When you think about it, the technology is almost mind boggling because this little handheld gadget is actually measuring the time it takes laser light to go to an object and be reflected back to the rangefinder. The math is simple: D=R/T. We know how fast light goes--186,000 miles per second and can measure the time it takes with an electronic clock. All we have to do is use Finagle's constant to get the units to come out the way we want them and voila--yon deer is 300 yards away.

The latest goodie from Swarovski brings the best of both worlds to raugefinders, by combining an 8x30 monocular with one of the most efficient rangefinders I've used into a single, convenient package. Everyone already knows how good Swarovski binoculars are, so there is much appeal to the idea of being able to combine two functions in a single piece of gear.

On a hunting trip in Montana I switched back and forth between the Laser Guide and a pair of conventional glasses and while binoculars may be better for glassing over long periods of time, there is a real appeal to a quick scan while obtaining range data for specific landmarks where game might appear. I was also able to range specific antelope out to 600 yards with ease and major landmarks--bright rocks--out to twice that far. The view is every bit as sharp as with their binoculars and the colors are bright and true.

Swarovski Optik North America

2 Slater Road

Cranston. RI 02920

(800) 426-3089
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Author:Petty, Charles E.
Publication:Guns Magazine
Date:Mar 1, 2006
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