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THIS was the scene outside a Liverpool restaurant after thousands of bees converged.

The colony of honeybees swarmed on Hope Street, outside the Pizza Express restaurant and the Philharmonic Hall, this afternoon.

A beekeeper was contacted to deal with the invasion - and bravely worked away without any protection.

Honeybee colonies, containing up to around 50,000 bees, will produce new queen bees. Just before these queens are about to hatch, the old queen leaves the hive and takes around 60% of the colony with her to find a new home.

Paul Finnegan, Education Team Leader at the Bug House, World Museum, told the ECHO that people often mistake honeybees for wasps due to their size and appearance when compared with the more recognisable bumblebee.

Speaking to the ECHO, Paul said: "Wasps don't swarm. Honeybees look a bit like wasps, so people often mistake them."

The swarm was a normal occurrence for this time of year as the honeybees reproduce.

People should not be concerned if they see a similar swarm of honeybees in their area, as they are in least danger of being stung when honeybees in stinging anyone." Liverpool council were contacted by Pizza Express and referred the matter to the British Beekeepers Association.

They took away the queen bee - prompting all the other bees to dissipate or follow the queen.

Only last month, a "plague" of thousands of honeybees "blackened the sky" over a Fazakerley street.

Adam Bretherton, 28, told the ECHO at the time: "I was sat out in the garden in the sun and heard this buzzing noise which turned into a drone and, literally, the sky had gone black with thousands of them.

"Loads of families had kids out in their gardens and, the next minute, you heard the screams."

'I'll keep them and protect the population' THIS beekeeper saved Hope Street from a swarm of honeybees.

Barry Chang, from Toxteth, managed to coax thousands of bees which had gathered on the window of the new Hope Street Pizza Express, into a cardboard box with nothing more to protect him than a T-shirt and a woolly hat.

Mr Chang was alerted to the swarm by his friend Freddy Tonkmore at about 1.30pm and arrived at the scene swiftly after with a ladder, a bee smoker and 20 years of experience.

After relaxing the bees with the smoker, he managed to attract the swarm into a cardboard box.

Honey farmer Mr Chang said: "Unfortunately, bees are becoming extinct so I am here to protect the population of the bees."

When asked what he is going to do with his box of bees, he said: "I am going to take them home and make sure they stay together."

As well as a box of fresh bees he was rewarded with some ice cold drinks from the relieved Pizza Express manager.


are swarming. Paul said: "They are only interested in finding a new home. "They've all got a belly full of honey to take with them, so they're not interested

Barry Chang comes to the rescue and removes the swarm from Pizza Express, Hope Street JASON ROBERTS

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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jul 20, 2016
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