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Swarm sets town abuzz.

SHOPPERS on a busy Valleys high street were brought to a standstill when a swarm of bees filled the road and then gathered on a car. The hive congregated on a parked vehicle in Treorchy High Street, Rhondda, yesterday at around midday and, according to witnesses, they were still there around five hours later.

Alison Young, 33, from Treorchy, said she couldn't believe what she saw when she drove past.

She said: "It was about midday when we drove through Treorchy and it was just unbelievable.

The swarm of bees in "They were first by a Stagecoach bus, then they covered a bus sign, and eventually they gathered on this car.

"They were just everywhere - we went past a second time to have a look.

"We went past for a third time, too, because we were going somewhere later on, and they were still there. That was about 5pm.

"The bee keeper has just told my husband that they were following a queen bee.

"He's managed to catch the queen bee in a cardboard box, and now the swarm is all on the box!" Matthew Simmons, 36, was driving with his three sons when he came across the bees.

He said: "There was some commotion in the High Street and the next thing I could see was a big swarm of bees. "We put the windows up to drive through but on the way back we saw them on a car.

Treorchy High Street "I thought it was really random. I made a joke and said it was the apocalypse coming."


The swarm of bees in Treorchy High Street

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Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jun 5, 2016
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