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Swan, Erin. Bright Star.

Swan, Erin. Bright Star. Tor Teen, August 2019. 384p. $17.99. 978-0765392992.

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When Andra interrupts the Pairing, a ceremony wherein dragons and their Riders are bonded, she finds herself banished to the manor where her mother works. Immediately upon her arrival, the Chief Judge's son, Ledo, punishes Andra for speaking out of turn by sentencing her mother to death. As a result, Andra stops speaking altogether, forced to endure Ledo's consistent and horrifying abuse until rebels descend upon the manor to kill him, sweeping her away as they escape. Andra reluctantly befriends these captors, including the handsome dragon Rider Kael, who she learns is leader of the Freemen, a group attempting to overthrow the corrupt Judges. As Andra joins the rebels in their fight, she comes to see that magic, love, and power may be within her grasp. Perhaps she too is destined to share a special relationship with a dragon and play a pivotal role in a brighter future for the kingdom.

A fast moving story of bravery and romance, Bright Star follows a young woman finding her voice and power with the help of a courageous rebel leader, as the text intertwines their romance with political intrigue and adventure. The story weaves together a range of elements that fantasy lovers will recognize and enjoy-from the rebel's efforts to ally with elves and dwarves to the mind-reading relationships between dragons and Riders. A tale of overcoming the tragedies of the past, Bright Star highlights the importance of love, sacrifice, and those binds that hold people (and dragons) together. --Meghann Meeusen

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Author:Meeusen, Meghann
Publication:Voice of Youth Advocates
Date:Aug 1, 2019
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