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Suturing Techniques.

Healing Passage: A Suturing Manual for Midwives and Suturing Techniques Video

Available from Moonflower Birthing Supply, PO Box 128, Louisville, CO 80027. $69 ppd for both; $27.50 ppd for the manual only.

The newly published fourth edition of Healing Passage by Anne Frye is the definitive manual on suturing for practicing midwives, apprentices and even medical students and doctors.

The book contains clearly written and illustrated material on everything one needs to know, from basic principles and techniques through assessing genital damage and repairing all four degrees of tears. Unusual repairs and other problems are discussed in detail, along with postpartum care for the mother.

The book by itself is a tremendous gift to midwifery education, but the video makes it possible to really understand and practice the techniques involved. The three-dimensional presentation of anatomy clarifies the layers of the pelvic floor musculature in a way that is impossible to achieve with books. All of the various techniques of knot tying, administering anesthetic and repairing tears are clearly demonstrated using foam models. The student is encouraged to stop the tape and master each technique before moving on.

The video would be ideal for study groups to work through--extra copies of the manual can be purchased for use with the same video. The only thing the video lacks is talking about/demonstrating what is involved in working on a real woman and discussion that "repair of the anal sphincter is a serious responsibility....If the repair is done incorrectly or heals poorly, the woman could be partially or completely incontinent of feces for life." However, both of these topics are covered in detail in the book, and the video is not meant to stand alone.

Anne and I were midwifery partners when she first developed her suturing workshop, manual for midwives and lab work book in 1980. It's a pleasure to see both of these works achieve the maturity of an opus magnum. Anne's contributions to midwifery education are of unique value and have an integrity of being women-centered and midwifery-centered which places them on the healing edge of women's consciousness and the midwifery movement. Thanks, Anne!

At $69, the video and manual are a steal. Buy them now in case she heeds our advice and raises the price!

PHOTO : Locked stitches to level of hymenal ring
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