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Sutton Church wins Matthew Loo award.

A SMALL CHURCH WAS HONOURED in March for the community meal it has served for the last 10 years. St. Andrew's, Sutton, Ont., was presented with the Matthew Loo award at Celebration Church in Markham, Ont., on March 6, along with a cheque to help ensure the outreach continues.


"Sutton PC was chosen because of their inspiring and outstanding example of what it means to love and care for others in Jesus' name," Rev. Alan Goh, minister at Celebration, told the Record.

St. Andrew's, a congregation of about 20 people, serves a weekly dinner that regularly attracts 70 people from the community who often have too little to eat and too little support. For many of them, the Tuesday dinner is church.

"We were certainly honoured by this presentation," said Gayle Clarke, an elder and meal committee member at St. Andrew's.

The award is named for Matthew Loo, a youth leader at Celebration who died in 2011 following routine oral surgery.

"Matthew Loo was one of our brightest youth leaders," said Goh. "He was a vocal believer, leader in the youth group, shared his faith, and was popular among his peers. He was athletic, loved music, and was a big personality."

The congregation started the fund four years ago to remember Loo's place in the congregation.--AM

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