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Sustainable development and planning III; proceedings; 2v.


Sustainable development and planning III; proceedings; 2v.

International Conference on Sustainable Development and Planning (3d: 2007: Algarve, Portugal) Ed. by A. Kungolos et al.

WIT Press


490 pages



WIT transactions on ecology and the environment


This two-volume set contains 101 scientific papers from an April 2007 international conference addressing the subjects of sustainable development and regional planning. The editors (of the U. of Thessaly in Greece and the Wessex Institute of Technology in the UK) have organized the papers according to the following topics: regional planning; city planning; rural development; environmental impact assessment; environmental management; environmental legislation and policy; ecosystems analysis, protection, and remediation; social and cultural issues; environmental economics; urban landscapes; transport issues; resources management; waste management; and sustainable tourism. Each of these broad topics receives about equal attention. A few examples of specific topics discussed include urban and regional typologies in relation to self-sufficiency strategies, facilitating land use forecasting in planning agencies, specification of urban planning regulation in a sustainable city, authenticity versus hybridity in rural Greece, assessment of technological structures' environmental impact and risk, priority setting in old pollution abatement, zoning protection models and eco-development areas in Greece, rehabilitation of traditional adobe constructions in Portugal, the potential or cultural and eco-tourism in North East India, sustainable reclamation of industrial areas in urban landscapes, and attempts towards sustainable motorway development in Greece. The US office of WIT Press is Computational Mechanics.

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Date:Sep 1, 2007
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