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Suspended THA trials are on again.

Suspended THA trials are on again

Enthusiasm over the potential of tetrahydroaminoacridine (THA) as a treatment for Alzheimer's disease waned last fall, amid questions about the original research and the suspension of a large clinical trial because of serious side effects (SN: 11/7/87, p.292). But now that study is being resurrected, with federal approval. Warner-Lambert Co. of Morris Plains, N.J. -- which manufactures the drug for other purposes -- had started its own clinical trial last year after scientists began questioning earlier research suggesting THA slows memory loss in Alzheimer's patients. But after eight patients in the Warner-Lambert study developed high levels of liver enzymes, the company discontinued the trial, which at the time included about 50 patients. Now the Food and Drug Administration says that, because the patients' enzyme levels returned to normal after drug use stopped, it will allow resumption of the THA trials under different guidelines and at reduced doses.
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Title Annotation:use of tertahydroaminoacridine for Alzheimer's disease
Publication:Science News
Date:Apr 30, 1988
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