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Suspect stayed at Setagaya home half day after murders.

TOKYO, June 29 Kyodo


The perpetrator of a year-end multiple murder in Tokyo's Setagaya Ward likely stayed at the victims' home nearly half a day after committing the crime, police said Friday, one day before the half-year anniversary of the alleged killings.

Records on a personal computer in the home of Mikio Miyazawa show that someone accessed the Web site of a Tokyo theatrical group around 10:30 a.m. on New Year's Eve, the police said, adding the suspect is believed to have killed Miyazawa and his three family members around 11:30 p.m. on Dec. 30.

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) thinks the suspect, believed to be a young man measuring 175 centimeters in height with blood type A, remained in the house after the killings and used the computer.

Miyazawa, then 44, his wife Yasuko, 41, and their 8-year-old daughter Niina and 6-year-old son Rei were found stabbed to death at their home on New Year's Eve.

The police said four paper ice-cream cups were found ripped apart and scattered on the second floor, suggesting the suspect bit into the ice cream while squeezing the cups very hard.

A senior MPD official said he finds it difficult to imagine what kind of person the suspect is. ''When I saw the crime scene, it made me wonder how (the suspect) was brought up,'' he said.

However, the MPD said it has so far made little progress in their investigation and have been unable to determine a suspect in the case.

The police said they have mobilized a total of 21,000 officers to probe into the case since the alleged murders and have received information regarding the case from 2,700 parties. There are currently 150 police officers working on the case.

They have cross-checked the suspect's fingerprint with those of suspects in various other crimes committed in Japan, MPD officials said, adding they have asked residents to present their fingerprints as part of cooperation in the investigation.

The officials now think the suspect may have entered Miyazawa's home through a second-floor bathroom window.

Initially, the police believed that the suspect had entered the home through the front door.

The police believe Mikio was working on his computer on the first floor of the house when he was attacked, leading them to presume the suspect did not enter through the front door, the officials said.

It was reported that the front door of the house was locked when the bodies were discovered, but police said the suspect could have fled after locking the door using a key found in the home.

The police have yet to determine whether the suspect fled through the front door or through a window.
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Publication:Japan Policy & Politics
Date:Jul 2, 2001
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