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Suspect caught!. (International).

On March 1, U.S. intelligence agents and Pakistani security forces nabbed one of the world's most dangerous terrorists. Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, a leader of the AL Qaeda network, was arrested in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, in an early morning raid.

A top lieutenant of Osama bin Laden and the suspected planner of the September 11, 2001, attacks, Mohammed is now in U.S. custody. His capture, said one Pakistani official, is "a major breakthrough in the , hunt for AL Qaeda fugitives."

Born and raised in Kuwait, Mohammed, 37, is believed to have been involved in several major terrorist attacks, including the October 2002 nightclub bombing in Bali, Indonesia, that killed more than 200 people. He is also thought to have played a role in the 2002 kidnapping and murder of Daniel Pearl, a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, in Pakistan.

U.S. officials hope that his arrest will hobble the AL Qaeda network and lead to the capture of bin Laden and other terrorist leaders.

"[Mohammad's] arrest will hit [AL] Qaeda like a body blow and send shock waves throughout the organization," one U.S. law enforcement agent told The New York Times. "This is not something they will be able to overcome easily."
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Title Annotation:AL Qaeda leader Khalid Shaikh Mohammed
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Date:Mar 28, 2003
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