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Susan loves to be beside the seaside.

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Much as I have been enjoying Susan Calman's Grand Week By The Sea, I reckon that title could do with work.

If my recent UK summer holiday searches are anything to go by, it should be two grand week by the sea - three if you want a superior lodge.

Still, if you are splashing out on a staycation, Susan has been coming up with some great ideas during this week-long trip around the English coast, which ends tonight in Blackpool. (Hopefully, next time Channel 5 might remember to include Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) Susan started off in Great

Yarmouth, where she enjoyed a visit to the Hippodrome, which is apparently one of the Seven Wonders Of The English Seaside.

Susan didn't name the other six wonders, but I'm guessing, "I wonder if it's going to rain again" is up there near the top.

NB. A word of warning if you're planning a visit to the rock shop in Great Yarmouth...

Those plates of fish and chips and bacon and eggs are not really fish and chips and bacon and eggs.

I guess what I'm saying is: Don't be fooled by the rocks that they've got.

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Author:ian hyland's tv DIARY He wriHtees wabroituets taeblloyu...t wteelelyk..l.y... weekly
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
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Date:Jul 2, 2021
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