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Susan M. Sanzi-Schaedel, RDH, MPH.


Susan H. Sanzi-Schaedel, RDH, MPH, recently received Susan M. Sanzi-Schaedel, RDH, MPH, recently received the Myron Allukian Jr. Outstanding Achievements in Community Dental Programs in 2009 from the American Association for Community Dental Programs (AACDP). The award was presented to her at the AACDP's pre-conference symposium at the National Oral Health Conference in Portland, Ore.

"I am truly humbled by this AACDP Lifetime Achievement Award, as I know there are many who are deserving," she said. "My career in dental public health started in Boston in 1969, and it has for 40 years given me opportunities and challenges which have made my passions for improving health as strong today as when I started."

Sanzi-Schaedel is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science in dental hygiene and a Master of Public Health in dental public health and health education. She also attended Western Michigan University. She began her career in Boston at the Children's Hospital and the Martha May Eliot Health Center in Jamaica Plain, Mass.

From 1973 to 1975, she was faculty in the Boston University Goldman School of Graduate Dentistry and is presently an adjunct assistant professor with the Oregon Health Sciences University School of Dentistry. She has received previous honors from the Multnomah Dental Society, Oregon Public Health Association, American Dental Hygienists' Association and the Community Health Partnerships.

Sanzi-Schaedel was the director of School and Community Dental Health Programs from 1978 to 2006 with the Multnomah County Health Department in Portland, Ore. Additionally she served as a Head Start consultant to the Indian Health Service from 1991 to 1993, as well as on various committees in the state and local area. She was the 1986-1987 president of the Oregon Dental Hygienists' Association and a member of the American Dental Hygienists' Association Council on Public Health from 1999 to 2001. She has also been active in the Oregon and American Public Health Associations and the Oregon Oral Health Coalition. She retired from the Multnomah County Health Department in 2006.

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