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Survival tip 7.

Spreading goodwill around the world

To spread harmony and goodwill when travelling, always carry powdered yeast. This might seem like an odd necessity but when chatting to ageing herdsmen, chieftains or villagers talk will frequently turn to women. "Ah," your friend may say with a sad wag of his head. "These days, my wives are not happy, they say I am getting old."

At this point, having ensured that your companion is not a Muslim, pour out a glass of beer and sprinkle powdered yeast on top of the liquid. Immediately the brew will froth and bubble. When your friend has quaffed a glass or two encourage him to wipe the froth from his lips and return to his dissatisfied family.

Next morning the reaction will invariably be the same. He will grin cheerfully and say something like "Your medicine is very powerful. All the family are happy now." I can't stress how many friendships I have cemented over a tin of powdered yeast.

Finally, last year a herdsman's dog disappeared with half my trousers and a slice of my shin. Later that night, I was anxiously treating the wound when his wife Miriam appeared clutching a small paper package. She unwrapped it and handed me a mass of dog's hair. "Put it on the wound and you won't get rabies," she urged.

`The hair of the dog that bit you' could mean much more than just alleviating the effects of a heavy night out.

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Author:Hare, John
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Date:Jul 1, 2000
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