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Organizations are Never the Same After Being Hit by Ransomware- Sophos Global Survey Reveals. Nov 3, 2020 799
FIGHTING RISING LABOR COSTS: Creative benefits and bonuses, technology and outsourcing are helping companies offset soaring workforce expenses. Bousquin, Joe Nov 1, 2020 2170
Smart Sourcing: Transforming the Supply Chain Into a Value Network. Matlis, Daniel R.; Rodriguez, Sandra K. Sep 1, 2020 946
2020 Contract Manufacturing Survey: Now in its third year, our audience poll offers insights on why brands outsource manufacturing and what they look for. Moloughney, Sean Mar 1, 2020 1015
Pharmacovigilance Market Dynamics and Service Provider Benchmarking Report, 2019. Jan 23, 2020 946
Businesses turning to HR outsourcing in light of compliance complexity, survey reveals. Dec 5, 2019 578
Practice Management Blogs. Anders, Susan B. Dec 1, 2019 1344
Global Procurement Outsourcing Industry Analysis 2019, Market Growth, Trends, Opportunities Forecast To 2024. Nov 18, 2019 986
Flex Your Outsourcing Model to Maximize Drug Development: How to choose--and optimize--combinations of service models to fit your needs. King, Timothy Sep 1, 2019 1581
An empirical Study Investigation of Task Allocation Process Barriers in the Context of Offshore Software Development Outsourcing: An Organization Size Based Analysis. Akbar, Muhammad Azeem; Shafiq, Muhammad; Kamal, Tahir; Riaz, Muhammad Tanveer; Shad, Muhammad Kashif Jul 1, 2019 5276
The Commodification of Digital Labor in the Gig Economy: Online Outsourcing, Insecure Employment, and Platform-based Rating and Ranking Systems. Durlauf, Maria Report May 1, 2019 1755
Manila reclaims spot. Oct 20, 2018 952
Biopharmaceuticals Outsourcing Slows: Manufacturers are shifting focus. Langer, Eric S. Sep 1, 2018 2061
2018 OUTSOURCING SURVEY. May 1, 2018 737
AI Seen as Greater Job Threat Than Immigration, Offshoring. Reinhart, RJ Survey Mar 9, 2018 674
Leaders mull outsourcing work to EU post-Brexit. Nov 16, 2017 246
Parascript Announces Survey Results of Top BPOs. Sep 21, 2017 398
The results are in! The growing need for analytical testing and clinical trials services are driving outsourcing demand. Wright, Tim May 1, 2017 388
2017 Outsourcing survey. Cover story May 1, 2017 931
Firm size, industry type and internal audit outsourcing in Nigeria: Evidence from SMEs. Okpara, Enyinna; Ezirim, Chinedu B.; Mohammed, Umaru Report Mar 22, 2017 9345
The role of stakeholders in municipal contracting out. Schafer, Josephine; Zhang, Zhiwei Report Dec 22, 2016 6232
FM market in UAE to expand 8.5% annually, says survey. Dec 12, 2016 447
FM market in UAE to expand 8.5% annually, says survey. Dec 12, 2016 447
Continued growth of outsourcing IT services, especially cloud IT services. Aug 1, 2016 454
Brandon Hall Group Releases New Report on eLearning Outsourcing. Jul 9, 2016 412
Survey Reveals 32% of Manufacturers Still Rely on Fax to Communicate Production Status in Outsourced Supply Networks. Jul 2, 2016 740
Contract manufacturing budget trends: study shows where the money is, and isn't, flowing. Langer, Eric S. Jul 1, 2016 1839
China vaults to the top of U.S. biomanufacturers' off-shoring prospects: a look at top destinations for future offshoring. Langer, Eric S. Jun 1, 2016 1998
2016 outsourcing survey: herein are the results of our 2016 Annual Outsourcing Survey, where we call on you, the readers, to help us benchmark the state of the pharmaceutical outsourcing industry. Wright, Tim May 1, 2016 1765
Customer service responsiveness in logistics outsourcing contracts: the influence of job autonomy and role clarity among on-site representatives. Bolumole, Yemisi A.; Grawe, Scott J.; Daugherty, Patricia J. Mar 22, 2016 8848
Taking stock of biopharma's outsourcing markets: outsourcing of testing services on the rise. Langer, Eric S. Mar 1, 2016 2026
The decision-making matrix of propensity to outsourcing hospital services in Bandar Abbas, Iran. Dec 31, 2015 3787
2015 in review: 6 key trends affecting CMOs: a look at major CMO trends ranging from budgets to growth opportunities. Langer, Eric S. Nov 1, 2015 2208
Getting to yes: the critical attributes CMOs need to demonstrate to win business. Langer, Eric S. Jul 1, 2015 1856
2015 outsourcing survey: herein are the results of our 2015 Annual Outsourcing Survey, where we call on you, the readers, to help us benchmark the state of the pharmaceutical outsourcing industry. Wright, Tim May 1, 2015 1788
Trust between partners in services outsourcing. Faghihi, Abolhassan; Chenari, Vahid Report Apr 1, 2015 2883
Outsourcing budgets continue to shine: preliminary study data indicates continued spending on outsourcing. Langer, Eric S. Mar 1, 2015 2057
And the survey says: pharmaceutical Processing's annual CMO/CSO survey reveals some interesting industry trends. Auerbach, Mike Nov 1, 2014 570
Security: the next frontier for outsourcing? Jul 1, 2014 376
IT Survey aimed at outsourcing. May 23, 2014 317
IT Survey aimed at outsourcing. May 23, 2014 308
IT Survey aimed at outsourcing. May 23, 2014 317
2014 outsourcing survey Moving toward strategic partnerships: as use of outsourcing increases, more companies see it as strategic, and relationships with service providers as partnerships. However, basic communications, vendor oversight and information transfer remain challenges. Shanley, Agness May 1, 2014 2352
The road to contract manufacturing success. Van den Bossche, Patrick; Prabhakar, Rajeev; Phillippi, Kevin; Blount, Joe Company overview May 1, 2014 1303
CMOs most critical to success factors: what clients want most from their CMOs'. Langer, Eric May 1, 2014 1634
Key outsourcing trends to watch this year. Langer, Eric S. Jan 1, 2014 1535
Annual outsourcing survey. Survey May 1, 2013 2451
Demand for Asian Experience as Japan Continues Offshoring in 2013 - Robert Walters. Mar 5, 2013 494
The outsourcing relationship: CMOs say clients not communicating effectively--unrealistic timeframes also a common complaint. Langer, Eric Nov 1, 2012 1477
Artezio is Selected to the Global Services 100 World Best Outsourcing Providers. Sep 20, 2012 522
Insourcing outsourced jobs: cost-conscious hospitals look to reduce reliance on contract staff. Carpenter, Dave Sep 1, 2012 313
How shippers view their 3PLs' performance: APQC survey reveals that shippers are generally satisfied with the performance of their 3PLs and 4PLs. But there is still plenty of room for improvement. Partida, Becky Sep 1, 2012 1411
Testing & services show gains: biopharma outsourcing budgets to rise by nearly 10%. Langer, Eric S. Sep 1, 2012 1309
Survey: 42% of OEMs expect outsourcing ramp. Drysdale, Chelsey Sep 1, 2012 156
13th Annual Salary Survey: for pharmaceutical & biopharmaceutical contract services & outsourcing. Jun 1, 2012 1107
Annual outsourcing survey. Survey May 1, 2012 400
2012 Outsourcing survey. May 1, 2012 746
Bio-growth slowing? A new report details bio-outsourcing trends in 2012. Langer, Eric Survey May 1, 2012 2139
Taking a look at custom manufacturing. Bray, Kelly May 1, 2012 847
Process optimization: innovation's role: innovation is key in the success of companies that provide optimization services. Bray, Kelly Apr 1, 2012 911
Outsourcing clinical research: established vs. emerging markets. Bray, Kelly Mar 1, 2012 738
Imdaad 'expects rise in 2012 FM services'. Feb 5, 2012 322
Americans' Economic Worries: Jobs, Debt, and Politicians; Few Americans say their economic worries focus on international issues or inequality. Newport, Frank Survey Jan 12, 2012 1062
Global life sciences companies turn to 3PLs: flexibility, expertise and financial benefits can accrue. Cubbler, Scott Nov 1, 2011 1531
Information systems outsourcing in Nigerian business organizations: trends, perceptions and effectiveness. Akinola, Olalekan; Longe, Olumide Report Oct 1, 2011 3510
Organic growth top priority for IT outsourcing providers: Gartner. Sep 6, 2011 652
Nagarro Makes 2011 "Global Services 100" List. Aug 19, 2011 644
Contract laboratory partnerships: how to make a partnership work with a contract pharmaceutical testing laboratory. Singer, Donald; Edkins, Thomas J. Jun 1, 2011 1953
Globalization and the widening inequality in developed countries. Xiaojing, M.A. "Joanne"; Qiang, P.A.N. Jun 1, 2011 3568
Challenges Facing UK Outsourcing and Non-Outsourcing Companies in 1Q 2011. May 21, 2011 382
UK IT Outsourcing Trends of 1Q 2011. May 19, 2011 443
Annual outsourcing survey. Survey May 1, 2011 1760
The stability of offshore outsourcing relationships: the role of relation specificity and client control. Manning, Stephan; Lewin, Arie Y.; Schuerch, Marc May 1, 2011 11681
Swedish IT Outsourcing Intelligence Report 2011: Pre-Release Highlights. Apr 2, 2011 407
Americans' Top Job-Creation Idea: Stop Sending Work Overseas; Republicans and Democrats agree on top suggestion, but differ on others. Newport, Frank Survey Mar 31, 2011 791
Outsourcing in higher education: a survey of institutions in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. Quigley, Behnaz Z.; Pereira, Lizelle R. Survey Mar 22, 2011 5058
Challenges Facing Dutch IT Outsourcers in 2011 Revealed. Mar 16, 2011 355
New Research Reveals the 2011 Trends in the Dutch IT Outsourcing. Mar 12, 2011 500
Outsourcing to focus on cloud computing -- survey. Mar 2, 2011 240
Offshoring jobs a lessening trend. Survey Mar 1, 2011 378
MindTree Recognized Among Top 10 Outsourcing Providers in Consumer Goods Technology Readers' Choice Survey. Feb 17, 2011 347
NIIT Technologies ranked No. 3 globally among all IT outsourcers. Feb 7, 2011 274
European IT Outsourcing Survey 2011 Launched. Feb 2, 2011 247
European Software Development Outsourcing Challenges 2010 Revealed. Nov 27, 2010 486
Austrian Software Development Outsourcing Trends 2010 Revealed. Nov 12, 2010 504
Issues and Challenges of Scandinavian Software Development Outsourcing in 2010. Nov 4, 2010 513
2010 Trends in Scandinavian IT Outsourcing Revealed. Nov 3, 2010 388
How to choose a contract manufacturing organization: our readership survey reveals the factors you most want in a CMO. Auerbach, Mike Nov 1, 2010 925
IT Sourcing Europe Highlights Norway's Software Development Outsourcing Trends 2010. Oct 30, 2010 485
Factors That Will Drive Future IT Outsourcing Decisions in the Netherlands Revealed. Survey Oct 16, 2010 276
Outsourcing Clients Speak: Prefer Smaller Vendors, Legal Outsourcing / LPO / KPO Providers -- SDD Global Ranks as Number One Outsourcing Company in India, UK. Oct 15, 2010 390
Survey Finds What Challenges Are Facing Dutch IT Outsourcers in 2010. Oct 13, 2010 315
Recent Survey Finds Why Many Swiss Companies Still Refuse to Outsource. Sep 18, 2010 275
Major Trends and Challenges Among Swiss Outsourcers. Sep 15, 2010 377
Exigen Services Named in Global Services 100 List Three Years in a Row. Sep 8, 2010 547
Most of German IT Outsourcers Are Dissatisfied with Their Offshore Providers. Sep 3, 2010 342
Trends in the US hardwood lumber distribution industry: changing products, customers, and services. Buehlmann, Urs; Espinoza, Omar; Bumgardner, Matthew; Smith, Bob Sep 1, 2010 5849
Outsourcing as seen from the perspective of knowledge management. Bustinza, Oscar F.; Molina, Luis M.; Gutierrez-Gutierrez, Leopoldo J. Jul 1, 2010 10334
New Research Explains Why Some UK Companies Try to Stay Away from the Outsourced Development. Jun 26, 2010 310
New Research Highlights Current Trends and Challenges Among the U Kk Outsourcing Companies. Jun 25, 2010 381
Changing elasticities of labor demand in U.S. manufacturing. Rich, Daniel P. Jun 1, 2010 5007
Best practices in business process outsourcing: outsourcing is gaining center stage in the strategic agenda of the CFO. But as companies go down the path of adopting outsourcing--either transactional or core business processes--they have to be mindful of a few tenents to ensure success of their program. Vora, Manish Survey Jun 1, 2010 1002
European IT Outsourcing Survey 2010 Launched. May 13, 2010 373
Annual Outsourcing Survey. Survey May 1, 2010 368
Outsourcing's growth in the utility industry. Perdue, J. Christopher May 1, 2010 773
Biopharma outsourcing trends: client-contractor relationships grow more complex. Langer, Eric S. Apr 1, 2010 3222
The future of bio-outsourcing: a new report explores bio-manufacturing trends. Langer, Eric S. Company overview Jan 1, 2010 2069
Logistics outsourcing in the food processing industry; a study in the Netherlands and Taiwan. Book review Dec 1, 2009 201
IT managers fear security risks of outsourcing IT. Dec 1, 2009 223
Outsourcing. Nov 1, 2009 637
Offshoring Reaches the C-Suite, Report R-1445-09-RR. Survey Nov 1, 2009 405
Over half of GCC companies outsource part of their IT or business process. Oct 19, 2009 617
Bio-manufacturing outsourcing trends: a funding crunch in biotech creates an outsourcing dilemma. Langer, Eric S. Sep 1, 2009 2616
Annual Outsourcing Survey. May 1, 2009 353
Keeping core competencies close to home: popularity of sending some workers' comp claims processing functions offshore drops, survey finds. Tuohy, Cyril Jan 1, 2009 615
A model business: why outsourcing is vital for the growth of the world's newest call centers. Fleischer, Joe Jan 1, 2009 781
Outsourcing. Nov 1, 2008 589
Warming to an offshore breeze: are workers' compensation professionals more willing to outsource or offshore claims management? They are, a survey of compensation and disability claims specialists shows. Bowling, Maddy; Huth, David Nov 1, 2008 1462
A model of logistics outsourcing strategy. Mello, John E.; Stank, Theodore P.; Esper, Terry L. Sep 22, 2008 11931
Survey shows price is bigger factor in outsourcing negotiations. May 1, 2008 102
Swift trust and distrust in strategic partnering relationships: key considerations of team-based designs. Adler, Terry R. Case study Sep 22, 2007 6748
Offshoring call centers for emerging markets: findings from Brazil. Giao, Paulo Roberto; Junior, Moacir de Miranda Oliveira Jul 1, 2007 7551
R&D outsourcing becomes more strategic: R&D organizations are slowly increasing the amount of R&D they outsource, even as the work increases in complexity and political issues mount. Studt, Tim Survey Jun 1, 2007 2128
Two studies differ on F & A practices. Heffes, Ellen M. Jun 1, 2006 313
Global sourcing for global markets. Sinnett, William M. Apr 1, 2006 1938
Relationships everything in outsourcing: study. Apr 1, 2006 354
International outsourcing in information technology. Serapio, Manuel G. Column Jul 1, 2005 1339
HR out the door. Halm, Karen Brief Article Jul 1, 2005 177
Compass reveals that desktop self-support costs are increasing. Brief Article Jun 27, 2005 184
Outsourcing: middle market top source of growth. Heffes, Ellen M. Apr 1, 2005 438
CIO enthusiasm for offshoring grows. Brief Article Feb 10, 2005 139
Out of sight, out of mind. Piazza, Peter Brief Article Jan 1, 2005 223
Industry leaders likely to outsource. Jan 1, 2005 360
Swedish companies plan to outsource IT operations to low-wage countries - report. Brief Article Aug 4, 2004 156
Is IT outsourcing right for you? For one government, the common decision about whether or not to outsource information technology services led to uncommon improvements in IT operations. Kavanagh, Shayne Aug 1, 2004 1009
Is offshore outsourcing a threat? Williams, Kathy Jul 1, 2004 913
Executives say outsourcing is likely to increase. Brief Article Apr 1, 2004 215
Nokia sees operations outsourcing market increasing. Brief Article Feb 20, 2004 111
Procurement directors warm to outsourcing. Heffes, Ellen M. Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 207
Together forever. Apr 28, 2003 2052
Firms outsourcing RE functions. Goodman, Susan Feb 5, 2003 481
Gartner: procurement outsourcing may be an alternative to e-procurement. Industry Overview Dec 9, 2002 431
Outsourcing in times of change. (Reader Survey). Dec 1, 2002 712
Outsourcing gets new respect. (Bulletin). Brief Article May 1, 2002 193
Facility management outsourcing is in. (News Extra). Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 122
3PLs on the rise. (Outsourcing). Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 359
OUTSOURCING THE INTERNAL AUDIT FUNCTION. Martin, Charles L.; Lavine, Michael K. Feb 1, 2000 1593
PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS. Bustos, Sergio R. Brief Article Sep 1, 1999 90
The lateral leap. Useem, Michael Jul 1, 1998 993
Information systems outsourcing: a study of Florida cities. Thai, Khi V.; Kim, Yong Mi Jun 1, 1998 2153
Privatization of Illinois municipalities. Johnson, Robin A.; Walzer, Norman Dec 1, 1997 1483
Link between outsourcing and business success demonstrated by Outsourcing Index; U.S. companies expected to increase outsourcing expenditures by 26 percent in 1997. Oct 1, 1997 745
Outsourcing internal audit isn't only the big firms' game. Petravick, Simon May 1, 1997 1264
Outsourcing and the bottom line. Duncan, Douglas G.; Rowan, Tiffany Groves Cover Story Feb 1, 1997 4170

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