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Moose calf detection probabilities: quantification and evaluation of a ground-based survey technique. Bergman, Eric J.; Hayes, Forest P.; Lukacs, Paul M.; Bishop, Chad J. Jun 1, 2020 5998
The Results Are In for the U.P.'s Moose Populations. Jul 1, 2019 172
DEMOGRAPHIC STATUS OF MOOSE POPULATIONS IN THE BOREAL PLAIN ECOZONE OF CANADA. Arsenault, A. Alan; Rodgers, Arthur R.; Whaley, Kent Survey Jan 1, 2019 7074
AN ASSESSMENT OF MOOSE AND ELK TRAIN COLLISIONS IN ONTARIO, CANADA. Hamr, Joe; Hall, Mike; Popp, Jesse N. Report Jan 1, 2019 4663
STATUS AND MANAGEMENT OF MOOSE IN THE PARKLAND AND GRASSLAND NATURAL REGIONS OF ALBERTA. Bjorge, Ronald R.; Anderson, Delaney; Herdman, Emily; Stevens, Scott Report Jan 1, 2018 6054
STATUS AND TRENDS OF MOOSE POPULATIONS AND HUNTING OPPORTUNITY IN THE WESTERN UNITED STATES. Nadeau, M. Steven; DeCesare, Nicholas J.; Brimeyer, Douglas G.; Bergman, Eric J.; Harris, Richard B. Report Jan 1, 2017 5555
Habitat selection and their interspecific interactions for mammal assemblage in the Greater Khingan Mountains, northeastern China. Guo, Kai; Liu, Hui; Bao, Heng; Hu, Jingui; Wang, Shoubo; Zhang, Weihua; Zhao, Yuzhuo; Jiang, Guangsh Report Jan 1, 2017 6487
THE STATUS AND MANAGEMENT OF MOOSE IN NORTH AMERICA -- CIRCA 2015. Timmermann, H.R.; Rodgers, Arthur R. Report Jan 1, 2017 10056
Using aerial survey observations to identify winter habitat use of moose in northern Maine. Andreozzi, Haley A.; Pekins, Peter J.; Kantar, Lee E. Report Jan 1, 2016 6006
Hunter and tourist outfitter preferences for regulating moose hunting in northeastern Ontario. Hunt, Len M.; Davis, Peter Report Jan 1, 2016 5962
Effects of variable fire severity on forage production and foraging behavior of moose in winter. Lord, Rachel; Kielland, Knut Jan 1, 2015 5621
Estimating moose abundance and trends in northeastern Washington state: index counts, sightability models, and reducing uncertainty. Harris, Richard B.; Atamian, Michael; Ferguson, Howard; Keren, Ilai Jan 1, 2015 5864
A novel method of performing moose browse surveys. Portinga, Rachel L.W.; Moen, Ron A. Statistical table Jan 1, 2015 7963
Estimating moose abundance in linear subarctic habitats in low snow conditions with distance sampling and a Kernel estimator. Wald, Eric J.; Nielson, Ryan M. Statistical data Jan 1, 2014 12745
Evaluating the usefulness of three indices for assessing winter tick abundance in Northern New Hampshire. Bergeron, Daniel H.; Pekins, Peter J. Jan 1, 2014 7094
Winter distribution of moose at landscape scale in northeastern Vermont: a GIS analysis. Millette, Thomas L.; Marcano, Eugenio; Laflower, Danelle Jan 1, 2014 3851
Echinococcus granulosus genotype G8 in Maine moose (Alces alces). Lichtenwalner, Anne; Adhikari, Nirajan; Kantar, Lee; Jenkins, Emily; Schurer, Janna Jan 1, 2014 2790
Moose status and management in Montana. DeCesare, Nicholas J.; Smucker, Ty.D.; Garrott, Robert A.; Gude, Justin A. Jan 1, 2014 7143
Impact of moose browsing on forest regeneration in Northeast Vermont. Andreozzi, Haley A.; Pekins, Peter J.; Langlais, Matt L. Jan 1, 2014 5126
Body temperature of captive moose infested with winter ticks. Addison, Edward M.; McLaughlin, Robert F.; Addison, Peter A. Jan 1, 2014 2737
Shivering by captive moose infested with winter ticks. Addison, Edward M.; McLaughlin, Robert F. Statistical table Jan 1, 2014 2963
Pre-parturition movement patterns and birth site characteristics of moose in Northeast Minnesota. McGraw, Amanda M.; Terry, Juliann; Moen, Ron Statistical data Jan 1, 2014 4466
Fine-scale temperature patterns in the southern boreal forest: implications for the cold-adapted moose. Olson, Bryce; Windels, Steve K.; Fulton, Mark; Moen, Ron Statistical table Jan 1, 2014 6476
Diversity and abundance of terrestrial gastropods in voyageurs national park, MN: implications for the risk of moose becoming infected with Parelaphostrongylus tenuis. Cyr, Tim; Windels, Steve K.; Moen, Ron; Warmbold, Jerry W. Statistical table Jan 1, 2014 5027
Using a double-count aerial survey to estimate moose abundance in Maine. Kantar, Lee E.; Cumberland, Rod E. Jan 1, 2013 4170
Opinions about moose and moose management at the Southern extent of moose range in Connecticut. LaBonte, Andrew M.; Kilpatrick, Howard J.; Barclay, John S. Survey Jan 1, 2013 8046
Potvin double-count aerial surveys in New Brunswick: are results reliable for moose? Cumberland, Roderick E. Abstract Jan 1, 2012 5361
Comparing stratification schemes for aerial moose surveys. Fieberg, John R.; Lenarz, Mark S. Abstract Jan 1, 2012 4002
Survey method choice for wildlife management: the case of moose Alces alces in Sweden. Mansson, Johan; Hauser, Cindy E.; Andren, Henrik; Possingham, Hugh P. Report Jun 1, 2011 8797
Optimal harvesting of moose in Alberta. Xu, Cailin; Boyce, Mark S. Jan 1, 2010 9429
A history of moose management in Utah. Wolfe, Michael L.; Hersey, Kent R.; Stoner, David C. Jan 1, 2010 8116

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