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U.S. Satisfaction With the Government Remains Low. Dugan, Andrew Survey Feb 28, 2018 920
U.S. Satisfaction With World Standing Hits 13-Year High. Norman, Jim Survey Feb 20, 2018 976
U.S. Satisfaction Jumps to Highest Since Trump Took Office. Saad, Lydia Survey Feb 14, 2018 483
Half of Small-Business Owners Give Administration High Marks. McMurray, Coleen; Newport, Frank Survey Jan 26, 2018 725
A Year After Election, Fewer Satisfied With State of U.S. Jones , Jeffrey M. Survey Nov 6, 2017 779
Dissatisfaction With Government, Direction of U.S. Persists. Brenan, Megan Survey Oct 19, 2017 476
Americans Favor Compromise to Get Things Done in Washington. Newport, Frank Survey Oct 9, 2017 871
Narrow Majority Trust Government to Handle Foreign Problems. Brenan, Megan Survey Sep 20, 2017 805
More in U.S. Say Healthcare Is the Most Important Problem. McCarthy, Justin Survey Jul 14, 2017 734
Healthcare Surges as Top Problem in US. Swift, Art Survey May 12, 2017 616
Americans Name Dissatisfaction With Government as Top Problem. Swift, Art Survey Apr 13, 2017 635
Attack Tests Iraqis' Failing Faith in Leadership. Fakhreddine, Jihad Survey Jul 13, 2016 523
In Busy Election Year, African Leaders Enjoyed High Approval. Rheault, Magali; McCarthy, Justin Survey Jun 13, 2016 819
Clinton's Best Asset, Trump's Biggest Liability: Experience. McCarthy, ustin Survey Jun 3, 2016 1058
Obama Retains Strong Edge Over Congress in Job Approval. Saad, Lydia Survey Apr 25, 2016 868
Obama Job Approval Up to Average 49.5% in 29th Quarter. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Apr 21, 2016 804
Economy, Government Top U.S. Problem List. Auter, Zac Survey Apr 14, 2016 767
Brazilians' Trust in Country's Leadership at Record Low. Rios, Jesus; Ray, Julie Survey Apr 7, 2016 659
In U.S., a Third See Government Problems as Crises. Dugan, Andrew Survey Feb 10, 2016 715
Obama Rated Best in Hawaii in 2015, Worst in West Virginia. Saad, Lydia Survey Feb 3, 2016 777
Iranians, Egyptians Give China's Leadership Higher Marks. Younis, Mohamed Survey Jan 22, 2016 1181
Obama Averages 46.2% Job Approval in Year Seven. Survey Jan 21, 2016 1093
U.S. Split on Whether Obama, GOP Congress Should Set Course. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jan 13, 2016 819
As Obama Delivers SOTU, 23% Satisfied With Direction of U.S. McCarthy, Justin Survey Jan 12, 2016 949
Iraqis' Approval of Prime Minister Drops Sharply. Fakhreddine, Jihad Survey Jan 6, 2016 502
Ukrainians Disillusioned With Leadership. Ray, Julie Survey Dec 23, 2015 794
Filipinos Give China's Leadership Low Approval. Stewart, Chris Survey Nov 25, 2015 584
Iranians See Nuclear Deal as a Turning Point. Fakhreddine, Jihad; Owen, Travis Survey Nov 19, 2015 760
Majority in U.S. Want GOP in Congress to Set Nation's Course. Saad, Lydia Survey Nov 11, 2014 731
In U.S., No Preference for Divided vs. One-Party Government; Thirty percent prefer one-party government, 28% divided government. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Oct 16, 2014 1111
Young Americans to ObamaCare: not interested. Emord, Jonathan W. Feb 1, 2014 775
Ukrainians' Discontent Runs Deep; More approve of EU leadership than their own, but both ratings are weak. Ray, Julie; Esipova, Neli Survey Dec 6, 2013 415
In U.S., Perceived Need for Third Party Reaches New High; Twenty-six percent believe Democratic and Republican parties do adequate job. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Oct 11, 2013 826
Americans' Satisfaction With U.S. Gov't Drops to New Low; Democrats remain most likely to be satisfied, but much less so than in September. Wilke, Joy Survey Oct 10, 2013 660
Americans' Desire for Gov't Leaders to Compromise Increases; By 53% to 25%, say leaders should compromise rather than stick to principles. Newport, Frank Survey Sep 23, 2013 898
Syria Yet to Affect How Americans Rate Obama on Key Issues; Approval of Obama's handling of foreign affairs unchanged from June. Newport, Frank Survey Sep 10, 2013 868
Tunisians Lose Confidence in Government; Seventy-one percent of Tunisians see poor local labor markets. Fakhreddine, Jihad; Pugliese, Anita Survey Aug 13, 2013 715
U.S. Approval Down in Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania; Approval in all three countries decreased from highs seen in 2009-2010. Tortora, Bob; Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Jun 28, 2013 476
Turks Grew Discontent With Leaders, Freedom Before Unrest; Leadership approval among those in Istanbul dropped to 30% in 2012. Wendt, Nathan Survey Jun 14, 2013 760
Special Briefing: Chavez's Legacy and Venezuela's Future; Gallup reviews what Venezuelans thought about the Chavez government. Dugan, Andrew Survey Apr 12, 2013 1326
Algerians Soured on U.S. Leadership Prior to Hostage Crisis; Disapproval of U.S. leadership in Algeria among highest in the world. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Jan 18, 2013 495
Obama Approval at 56%, Highest Since October 2009; Uptick coincides with aftermath of Newtown, Conn., school shootings. Newport, Frank Survey Dec 20, 2012 612
Obama Rated Best for Handling Fiscal Cliff Negotiations; Approval of 48% is roughly twice as high as that for congressional leaders. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Dec 17, 2012 919
More Americans Want Leaders to Compromise on Fiscal Cliff; Obama's approval still higher than GOP leaders' for his handling of the situation. Newport, Frank Survey Dec 10, 2012 768
Improving National Outlook Key to Obama Victory in 2012; U.S. satisfaction, economic confidence, job approval up in recent months. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Nov 8, 2012 979
Obama Averages 47% Job Approval in May; Obama's May average tied with George W. Bush's in 2004 and Gerald Ford's in 1976. Newport, Frank Survey Jun 5, 2012 1107
National Mood a Drag on Obama's Re-Election Prospects; U.S. satisfaction and economic ratings low compared with years incumbents won. Saad, Lydia Survey May 16, 2012 1358
Southeast Asian Leaders Earn Highest Job Approval in Asia; Asians generally more likely to approve than disapprove of their leaders. Standish, Melanie Survey May 11, 2012 781
Gender Gap in Obama Approval Constant Since Term Began; Approval is five to six percentage points higher among women than among men. Crabtree, Steve Survey May 9, 2012 1169
Obama Has Big Likability Edge Over Romney; Nearly twice as many say Obama, rather than Romney, is more likable. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey May 8, 2012 802
Most African Leaders Enjoy Strong Support; Electoral, judicial confidence; local economy key to leader's scorecard. Rheault, Magali; Tortora, Bob Survey Apr 25, 2012 821
Obama Now at 50% Job Approval; Leads Romney, 49% to 42%; Independents' vote preferences have shifted toward Obama. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Apr 24, 2012 885
Obama Approval Averages 45% in February; Forty-seven percent disapproving mirrors the 50% calling his presidency a "failure". Saad, Lydia Survey Mar 7, 2012 908
Catholics' Approval of Obama Little Changed; Down three percentage points amid birth-control controversy. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Feb 14, 2012 961
Obama Approval Above 50% in 10 States and D.C. in 2011; District of Columbia, Hawaii most approving; Utah, Idaho, least. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jan 31, 2012 1093
In U.S., Slightly More Want Obama to Set Course Than GOP; Obama has maintained slight edge since early 2011. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jan 13, 2012 780
Few Iranians Approve of UK, U.S., EU Leadership; More approve of China's and Turkey's leadership, but still more disapprove than approve. Morales, Lymari; Ray, Julie Survey Dec 2, 2011 720
Obama Approval Rallies Six Points to 52% After Bin Laden Death; Increase typical for rally events. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey May 5, 2011 815
Obama Approval Slips Among Blacks, Hispanics in March; Majorities of both groups continue to approve of the job he is doing. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Apr 7, 2011 796
Americans Give Equally Low Ratings to Both Parties in Congress; Thirty-one percent approve of Republicans, 32% approve of Democrats. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Apr 4, 2011 768
Americans Less Likely to View Obama as a Strong Leader; Six in 10 believe he is honest and trustworthy. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Mar 30, 2011 918
In Latin America, Obama's High Job Approval Fading Somewhat; Ratings down in three nations Obama will visit on his five-day tour. Ray, Julie Survey Mar 17, 2011 689
Congressional Approval Back Below 20%; Decline in approval rating in third month of new Congress similar to 1995, 2007. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Mar 11, 2011 669
U.S. Leadership Approval Loses Some Momentum Worldwide; Image takes a hit in the Americas. Ray, Julie Survey Mar 11, 2011 1089
D.C., Hawaii Still Most Approving of Obama; All States Decline; Approval is higher than average in 12 states plus D.C., lower than average in 18 states. Newport, Frank Survey Feb 23, 2011 883
Americans Say Reagan Is the Greatest U.S. President; Lincoln and Clinton next on the list; Washington fifth. Newport, Frank Survey Feb 18, 2011 812
Majority of Americans Say World Leaders Respect Obama; Republicans about half as likely now as they were in 2009 to say leaders respect Obama. Newport, Frank Survey Feb 16, 2011 909
Nameless Republican Ties Obama in 2012 Election Preferences; Young voters less supportive of his re-election than of his election in 2008. Saad, Lydia Survey Feb 16, 2011 881
Obama Averages 46.7% Job Approval in Second Year; Down more than 10 percentage points from first-year average. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jan 21, 2011 942
Americans More Optimistic Than Not About Obama, Economy; Relatively few believe government will function better with enhanced GOP role. Saad, Lydia Survey Jan 20, 2011 871
Boehner Favorability Jumps; Obama Back Above 50%; Ratings for Palin lowest since 2008 GOP convention. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jan 18, 2011 986
No Mandate for Clear U.S. Policy Leader Between Obama, GOP; Slight shift from last year, when Americans tilted toward Republicans. Newport, Frank Survey Jan 17, 2011 709
U.S. Satisfaction Remains Near 12-Month Low; Despite their party's winning House control, Republicans' satisfaction lower than Democrats'. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Jan 14, 2011 681
Very Conservative Americans: Leaders Should Stick to Beliefs; Other groups of Americans tilt more toward compromise. Newport, Frank Survey Jan 12, 2011 787
Congress Job Approval Rebounds to 20%; Republicans more approving than at any time in nearly two years. Saad, Lydia Survey Jan 11, 2011 743
U.S. Approval Stable at 50% in European Union; Ratings differ in "new" and "old" EU. Manchin, Anna Survey Dec 7, 2010 537
U.S. Leadership More Popular in Asia Than China's, India's; Many Asians don't have an opinion about leaders in each country. English, Cynthia Survey Nov 5, 2010 623
Most Approve of Obama Decision to Remove Gen. McChrystal; Those following story closely back Obama by roughly 2 to 1. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jun 28, 2010 788
Obama Weekly Approval Average Dips to New Low of 46%; Obama's average has been in 46% to 50% range since mid-February. Newport, Frank Survey Jun 2, 2010 792
Some Arab Countries Make U-Turn on U.S. Leadership in 2010; Egyptians' approval ratings show the most precipitous drop since 2009. Mogahed, Dalia Survey May 27, 2010 574
Sub-Saharan Africa Leads World in U.S. Approval; Across 110 countries, median approval was 51%. English, Cynthia; Ray, Julie Survey May 25, 2010 640
Country's Leadership Matters to Potential Migrants; Countries attract those who already approve of leadership. Esipova, Neli; Ray, Julie Survey May 21, 2010 542
Obama Approval Continues to Show Party, Age, Race Gaps; Overall ratings remain stable near 50%. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey May 11, 2010 327
Bush Still Gets More Blame for Economy Than Obama; Of the three party groups, only Republicans say Obama bears more blame than Bush. Saad, Lydia Survey Apr 21, 2010 637
Obama Approval Slips Further in Fifth Quarter to 48.8%; Ranks among lowest fifth-quarter averages for elected presidents. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Apr 20, 2010 520
Americans Still Most Confident in Obama on Economy; Obama, business leaders have confidence of majority of Americans. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Apr 19, 2010 565
Obama Job Approval at 51% After Healthcare Vote; Slightly improved compared to his recent ratings. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Mar 25, 2010 433
Obama Fares Best Among Healthcare Political Players; Independents evenly split on the efforts of the president and Republicans in Congress. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Mar 24, 2010 417
Obama's Approval Rating Lowest Yet, Congress' Declines; Slightly more disapprove than approve of Obama. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Mar 18, 2010 491
Obama Not Meeting Americans' Lofty Expectations on Issues; Slight majority still rates him positively for protecting the environment. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Mar 17, 2010 516
Obama Weekly Job Approval Average at 48%, Tied for Lowest; Approval drops to 12% among Republicans. Newport, Frank Survey Mar 15, 2010 776
Obama Approval Rating Continues to Hover Around 50%; Latest weekly average is 49%. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Feb 22, 2010 529
One in Three Cite "American People" as Key U.S. Asset; Poor governance ranks as top perceived national weakness. Saad, Lydia Survey Feb 17, 2010 732
GALLUP DAILY Measures Explained. Survey Jan 22, 2009 1455
Russia Making No Clear Gains With Latin Americans; Only Venezuelans, Colombians more likely to approve. Brown, Ian T. Survey Nov 19, 2008 616
Bolivia's Class Divisions Play Out in Autonomy Push; Upper- and middle-class Bolivians most likely to disapprove of Morales. Crabtree, Steve; Rios, Jesus Survey May 20, 2008 351
Many in Bosnia and Herzegovina Support EU Membership; Nearly one in four think their leaders are not doing enough. English, Cynthia Survey May 15, 2008 252
Japan's Aid to Asia May Not Give Big Edge Over China; Median approval for Japan's leaders only slightly higher than China's. Srinivasan, Rajesh; English, Cynthia Survey May 13, 2008 405
New Russian President to Inherit Low Approval Worldwide; Russia's leadership receives low marks in much of Western world. Esipova, Neli; English, Cynthia Survey May 7, 2008 499
China's Leadership Better Regarded Outside the West; Approval in Asia, Middle East nearly twice as high as in Europe, the Americas. Ray, Julie Survey Apr 29, 2008 728
China's Leadership Unknown to Many; Europe only region where residents more likely to disapprove than approve. Ray, Julie Survey Apr 18, 2008 573
Belarusians Favor Close Ties With Russia Over EU, U.S. Majority approves of Russian leadership and disapproves of U.S. leadership. Esipova, Neli; English, Cynthia Survey Apr 16, 2008 635
Major Nations Don't Reciprocate U.S. Approval; Fifty-one point gap separates Americans', Germans' ratings of each other's leadership. Ray, Julie Survey Apr 11, 2008 646
Malaysian Elections Underscore Ethnic Tension; Ethnic minorities less likely to say government is doing enough to promote harmony. Ray, Julie Survey Feb 29, 2008 680
Indians Amenable to Closer Relations With China; One-third say tighter Sino-Indian partnership would benefit India. Survey Jan 28, 2008 543
Bush Trip Underscores Disapproval of U.S. in Mideast; Opinion of U.S. leadership dismal in five of seven countries visited. Ray, Julie Survey Jan 16, 2008 298
In Mideast, North Africa, Views of Powerful Nations Differ; Approval lowest for U.S. and British leadership. English, Cynthia Survey Nov 13, 2007 734
Rough Recovery Ahead for U.S.-French Relations; French show disdain for U.S. leadership, more warmth toward other countries. English, Cynthia; Ray, Julie Survey Nov 8, 2007 327
Many Russians Unhappy With Their National Government; But more people feel optimistic about their country than in 2006. Guadalupe, Patricia Survey Oct 30, 2007 447
Support for Peace Shifts Among Israelis, Palestinians; Israelis twice as likely as in 2006 to believe in military solutions. Crabtree, Steve Survey Oct 26, 2007 804
Majority of Turks Negative Toward U.S. Leadership; Most think the U.S. is hostile toward their country. Rheault, Magali Survey Oct 24, 2007 288
GALLUP: Hillary Clinton's Favorable Rating Plunges. Staff, E&P Brief article Apr 18, 2007 172
Clinton Eclipses Obama and Edwards on Leadership; Obama enjoys a softer image as likable, a uniter. Survey Jan 31, 2007 1021
Democrats Give Clinton Edge on Most Issues Over Obama, Edwards; Clinton lowest on handling moral values issues, tied with Obama. Carroll, Joseph Survey Jan 31, 2007 910
Israel/Palestine: Support for Potential Peace Brokers; EU, Japan appear more acceptable to both populations. Saad, Lydia; Crabtree, Steve Survey Jan 26, 2007 979
Americans Assess the State of the Nation; Most dissatisfied with immigration, healthcare, and poverty. Jones, Jeffrey M.; Carroll, Joseph Survey Jan 23, 2007 1164
George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton Most Admired Again; Billy Graham finishes in top 10 for 50th time. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Dec 29, 2006 1140
Early Impressions: Africans on U.S., Chinese Leadership (Part 2); U.S. leaders more likely to be viewed favorably, but in both cases many Africans have no opinion. Tortora, Bob Survey Nov 10, 2006 1001
Early Impressions: Africans on U.S., Chinese Leadership; U.S. leaders more likely to be viewed favorably, but in both cases many Africans have no opinion. Tortora, Bob Survey Nov 9, 2006 812
How Do African Populations View the Two "Giants" in Their Midst? Overall, South Africa's leadership viewed more positively than Nigeria's. Tortora, Bob Survey Oct 31, 2006 582

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