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UK set for double-dip recession as latest lockdown follows bleak ak end to 2020, warns BCC. Jan 6, 2021 381
The consistency of economic recoveries over the 1949-2019 period. Yoe, Jonathan Jul 1, 2020 653
World may face double-dip recession: survey. Jun 7, 2020 572
RECESSION READINESS 2020: Did we learn anything? The laws of gravity still apply: What goes up will come down. Yet time and again, a strong business cycle and fading memories convince us the good times will go on forever. We surveyed 100 manufacturing firms to find out if businesses are ready to fight through the next recession. Arntzen, Nima Kazemi And Bruce C. May 1, 2020 2789
FocusEconomics expects global recession over 40% in next 12 months due to COVID-19. Shaimaa Al-Aees Mar 17, 2020 584
TD Bank survey finds finance professionals split on 2020 economic recession. Jan 22, 2020 166
EDUCATIONAL DEBT AND PHYSICIAN EMPLOYMENT. Scheckel, Caleb J.; Richards, Jesse; Newman, Jessica R.; Fangman, Ben; Poole, Kenneth G., Jr. Jul 1, 2019 3977
Home Shoppers Remain Optimistic but Believe a Recession is on the Horizon. May 14, 2019 595
US Recession By 2021, Tariffs Will Injure GDP. Feb 25, 2019 460
RECESSION READINESS 2018 VS. 2007: Did we learn anything? Kazemi, Nima; Arntzen, Bruce C. Report Jan 1, 2019 2850
US recession fears 'premature': QNB. Jun 17, 2018 669
Great Recession, great recovery? Trends from the Current Population Survey. Cunningham, Evan Apr 1, 2018 10698
Underemployment among Hispanics: the case of involuntary part-time work. Young, Justin R.; Mattingly, Marybeth J. Dec 1, 2016 5644
How did the great recession affect payday loans? Agarwal, Sumit; Gross, Tal; Mazumder, Bhashkar Abstract Jun 22, 2016 5748
Behavioural reactions of consumers to economic recession. Valaskova, Katarina; Kliestik, Tomas Report Sep 1, 2015 10161
U.S. Workers' Job-Loss Fears Back to Pre-Recession Levels. Riffkin, Rebecca Apr 23, 2015 880
Corning out of the dark: vineyard and winery suppliers report clients in the best shape since pre-recession. Lavin, Kate Nov 1, 2014 1813
Many public pension plans still recovering from economic downturn. Brief article Oct 1, 2014 175
Americans Remain Divided on Preference for Gov't Activity; Thirty-five percent prefer a less active role, 32% a more active one. Jones, Jeffrey M. Sep 29, 2014 916
Business and Industry Sector Images Continue to Improve; Images of 24 business sectors are most positive since 2003. Newport, Frank Sep 3, 2014 1189
UK construction companies' strategies in the face of business cycles. Ruddock, Les; Kheir, Amir; Ruddock, Steven Sep 1, 2014 8546
U.S. Job Creation Continues to Rise in April; Nongovernment job creation reaches record high. Riffkin, Rebecca May 7, 2014 969
The rise in women's share of nonfarm employment during the 2007-2009 recession: a historical perspective. Wood, Catherine A. Apr 1, 2014 7309
Job promotion in midcareer: gender, recession, and "crowding". Addison, John T.; Ozturk, Orgul Demet; Wang, Si Jan 1, 2014 10977
Expected income growth and the great recession. French, Eric; Kelley, Taylor; Qi, An Mar 22, 2013 7109
Euro zone seen back in recession, Asia resilient. Sep 5, 2012 752
Euro zone heads for recession, China and US struggle. Aug 23, 2012 807
New EU recession looms. Aug 23, 2012 709
More food shoppers look to save. Brief article Aug 6, 2012 285
UK Recession Drags on as June Service Sector Growth Slumps to Eight-Month Low. Jul 4, 2012 465
Refocusing risk management. O'Rourke, Morgan Brief article Jun 1, 2012 207
Comparing labor market performance: some stylized facts and key findings. Brada, Josef C.; Signorelli, Marcello Report Jun 1, 2012 6923
'This certainly does not sound like an economy in recession'. May 4, 2012 208
Economy 'not showing signs of recession'. May 4, 2012 456
Services sector growth dispels recession fears. Apr 5, 2012 672
Economy may be declared in recession; UKBULLETINS. Feb 13, 2012 102
Economy returns to recession. Feb 13, 2012 185
UK recession risk eases as service sector grows. Feb 3, 2012 604
Recession brings drop in parish incomes, growth in needs. Filteau, Jerry Jan 6, 2012 769
Recession effects on the forests and forest products industries of the South. Hodges, D.G.; Hartsell, A.J.; Brandeis, C.; Brandeis, T.J.; Bentley, J.W. Nov 1, 2011 5014
Impact of great recession and housing collapse on the forest products industry in the western United States. Keegan, C.E.; Sorenson, C.B.; Morgan, T.A.; Hayes, S.W.; Daniels, J.M. Nov 1, 2011 5017
Impact assessment of the 2008 to 2010 economic downturn period on Appalachian hardwood sawmill operations. Lin, Wenshu; Wang, Jingxin; DeVallance, David; Summerfield, David Nov 1, 2011 5689
Americans' Access to Basic Necessities at Recession Level; More Americans struggling to access healthcare, food, and shelter. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Oct 13, 2011 795
Unemployment insurance and job search in the Great Recession. Rothstein, Jesse Sep 22, 2011 27197
LM reader survey reveals realistic concern over double-dip: nearly 80 percent of responding shippers think a double-dip recession is coming, but less than 40 percent plan to make supply chain adjustments if it does. Berman, Jeff Sep 1, 2011 682
New recession fear looms as factory activity stalls. Sep 1, 2011 742
Survey reveals concern over possible double-dip recession: supply chain group readership survey reveals that logistics and materials handling professionals are looking cautiously toward peak season. Berman, Jeff Sep 1, 2011 548
Japan seen heading into recession: survey. Apr 5, 2011 421
NLC survey provides insight on city workforce development activities. McConnell, Katie Survey Feb 7, 2011 468
Habif, Arogeti & Wynne LLP. Jan 1, 2011 347
Britons' Wellbeing Stable Through Economic Crisis; Life ratings, health measures prove resilient during recession. Crabtree, Steve Survey Nov 24, 2010 681
Small-biz worried about double-dip recession. Sep 15, 2010 241
Rends suggest double dip recession, survey. Sep 13, 2010 273
Loyalty factor rises in recession. Aug 12, 2010 320
Warmer feeling from cold wind of recession; Good morale 'means greater loyalty'. Aug 11, 2010 379
Q & A ... asks readers their views on: the fightback from recession. Pullin, John Jun 16, 2010 990
Poll finds green shoots. Jun 1, 2010 342
Further findings: Ireland. Brief article Jun 1, 2010 123
Recession lessons. Brief article May 1, 2010 171
Stress of tough economic times adds to physical discomfort. Brief article Feb 15, 2010 288
Q&A ... asks readers their views on: their own job prospects. Pullin, John Feb 10, 2010 1040
Most Britons failing to save more despite recession -- survey. Jan 2, 2010 228
Multispecialty group practices feel the recession's pinch. Goldman, Erik Dec 1, 2009 546
Multispecialty groups feel recession's pinch. Goldman, Erik Dec 1, 2009 543
Enough, already: so when does the giving recovery begin? Rooney, Patrick Dec 1, 2009 1797
Supply Chain 2010: building on the lessons learned. Murphy, Sean A. Dec 1, 2009 3872
Specialties are feeling the recession's pinch. Goldman, Erik Survey Nov 15, 2009 548
US recession over, unemployment seen at 10 pct. Oct 13, 2009 715
Q&A ... asks PE readers their views on: the recession. Sep 23, 2009 953
Global recession creates opportunities, says new study. Heffes, Ellen M. Sep 1, 2009 531
Can the term spread predict output growth and recessions? A survey of the literature. Wheelock, David C.; Wohar, Mark E. Sep 1, 2009 10930
Business Link help pays off for firms; Companies beating recession. Aug 27, 2009 435
Euro zone economy jumps back to growth after worst recession on record. Aug 22, 2009 803
Recession has benefits, says poll. Aug 18, 2009 177
UAE's professionals remain cautious with spending, latest and YouGov study reveals. Jul 20, 2009 1319
Survey raises US outlook as recession fades. Jul 10, 2009 628
Polishing up that crystal ball for better cash flow forecasts. Survey Jul 1, 2009 393
Using incentives to keep workers healthy: employers are offering a range of incentives to encourage employees to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors, such as losing weight and quitting smoking. Capps, Katherine H.; Kubicki, Jeri G. Survey Jul 1, 2009 1242
Recession may create ghost town; SURVEY CLAIMS 60% OF SHOPS NOW STAND EMPTY. Jun 24, 2009 429
Bangers and mash is Brits' most popular comfort food amid recession. Jun 22, 2009 282
'Wo r s t of recession behind us'. Jun 10, 2009 193
Nielsen: Media to Blame for Not Informing Us About Impending Recession? Jun 3, 2009 449
Manufacturers see signs the recession in Wales is beginning to stabilise; Sectors less pessimistic. Jun 2, 2009 567
The average manager reported sleeping 19 percent less than the recommended eight hours a night. Brief article May 22, 2009 92
Recession Altering Plans for Half of Summer Travelers; Higher percentage of Americans than in past summers not planning to travel at all. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey May 22, 2009 740
EU output contracts 2x projections. Survey May 15, 2009 335
Recession hits charity donations. May 12, 2009 185
Recession hits charity donations. May 11, 2009 185
Recession hits charity funds. May 11, 2009 99
Economic downturn seen as a driver in rising fraud; Figures predict long haul away from recession. May 11, 2009 374
Recession signs of being less severe in Yorkshire. May 11, 2009 188
Recession hits charity donations. May 10, 2009 185
Economic anxiety: first aid for the recession's casualties: loss of job? Loss of home? Psychiatrists can help ease patients' financial distress. Palmer, Christopher; Rediger, Jeffrey; Kauffman, Carol Survey May 1, 2009 4031
City hotels see bookings drop as recession bites; Survey reveals tourists and business people are staying away. Apr 30, 2009 449
Engineers have little love for Darling Budget: PE poll casts doubts on scrappage scheme and green measures and backs banking curbs. Brief article Apr 29, 2009 293
North firms have adapted to the age of recession. Survey Apr 15, 2009 895
WISH YOU WERE HERE ON A HOME HOLIDAY? Recession may help boost local tourism. Apr 9, 2009 505
'Recession slowing but aid needed'. Apr 7, 2009 345
Eastbridge: voluntary firms making cuts. Brief article Apr 6, 2009 153
Survey shows sales dropping; RECESSION: Further proof of economic downturn. Apr 3, 2009 297
Despite Recession, No Uptick in Americans' Religiosity; Self-reported importance of religion and church attendance have remained steady. Newport, Frank Survey Mar 23, 2009 594
"Suffering" Increases as Nation Feels Pain of Recession; Increase from 3.3% in February 2008 to 4.7% in February 2009. Arora, Raksha; Harter, James Survey Mar 12, 2009 897
Hanging on; Businesses get some tips on surviving the recession. Mar 10, 2009 680
Midlands hardest hit by recession; In association with Mar 2, 2009 478
Cutbacks on staff perks; SURVEY: Tough times for workers in recession. Feb 23, 2009 247
Restaurant Dining Mostly Holding Up Despite Recession; Gallup finds little change in Americans' frequency of dining out. Saad, Lydia Survey Dec 30, 2008 592
Banks start to squeeze; RECESSION: Firms hit by worse terms for finance. Dec 16, 2008 306
Rate cuts fail to have impact on recession in service sector; In association with Dec 4, 2008 424
All the indicators point to the recession 'snowballing' Service sector most worried by continuing downturn. Dec 4, 2008 457
84% say we're in recession but it's a customer's world. Nov 12, 2008 467
Over 90% of local firms see Japan economy in recession phase: poll. Oct 20, 2008 375
We're in recession now, say Chambers, but we can mitigate the damage; ECONOMY. Oct 7, 2008 501
DOWN, DOWN, DOWN; We're in recession, says report - and things are going to get worse. Oct 7, 2008 399
'UK is already in recession, and worse is to come'. Oct 7, 2008 731
Worst figures for 17 years all but confirms manufacturing recession; Output, orders and jobs plunging at record rate. Oct 2, 2008 552
When the Going Gets Tough; Companies around the globe are struggling with the challenges of marketing during tough economic times. What strategies work best -- and why? McEwen, William J. Survey Jul 10, 2008 1494
CAN RACING RIDE OUT THE RECESSION? With consumer confidence at an all-time low, challenging times lie ahead Betting bosses in resilient mood INSIGHT 3-PAGE SPECIAL. Jun 12, 2008 894
Cuts in market budgets put firms at risk in recession. Apr 9, 2008 281
Forecasters boost odds of recession in U.S. over next year: survey. Sep 15, 2007 398
International real estate execs say global economy in recession. Brief Article Dec 5, 2001 280
Economic Puzzle. Illustration Dec 1, 2001 115
Corporate controllers expect minor upturn this year. Brief Article Apr 1, 1992 162

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