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60% of Taiwanese believe US would send troops if China attacks. Sep 29, 2020 663
Brits told to 'remember Forgotten Army who fought for Britain in WWII' ahead of VJ Day; A shocking survey has revealed that almost half of Britons have no idea what VJ Day which marks the official end of the Second World War on August 15, 1945. By, Rachael Bletchly Aug 15, 2020 469
Somali army remains 'incapable' of dislodging Al-Shabaab, US says. Jun 25, 2020 539
More Back U.S. Military Action vs. North Korea Than in 2003. Saad, Lydia Survey Sep 15, 2017 654
US Support for Syria Strikes Rates Low in Historical Context. Newport, Frank Survey Apr 10, 2017 466
Over 3,000 Non-Military Sites Hit in Saudi Arabia's Air Campaign Against Yemen. Sep 17, 2016 206
Americans Evenly Split on Sending Troops to Fight Islamic State. Saad, Lydia Survey Nov 24, 2015 593
Fewer in U.S. View Iraq, Afghanistan Wars as Mistakes. Dugan, Andrew Survey Jun 12, 2015 782
New poll finds Egyptians generally unsupportive of military action in Yemen. Apr 20, 2015 291
Germans hostile to more military missions, poll finds. Jan 31, 2014 217
Over 65% of Israelis support unilateral military action against Iran. Oct 4, 2013 180
WE DON'T WANT SYRIAN WAR. Sep 19, 2013 202
Opec oil output falls on Libya impasse. Sep 9, 2013 412
Pakistanis Criticize U.S. Action That Killed Osama Bin Laden; Many believe Pakistan will be less safe from terrorism. Ray, Julie; Srinivasan, Rajesh Survey May 18, 2011 878
Nearly Half of Pakistanis Critical of Anti-Terrorism Efforts; Military offensives against militants did little to raise confidence. Ray, Julie Survey May 3, 2011 319
Most Brits believe military action in Libya too risky. Mar 22, 2011 158
67 per cent support military operation in terrorist-infested Pak tribal region: Opinion poll. Dec 17, 2010 427
Saudi public backs Iran sanctions but split on military action. Pollock, David Jan 22, 2010 787
Most American Jews back military strike on Iran. Oct 12, 2009 228
Most American Jews back military strike on Iran. Oct 5, 2009 228
Public Wants Congress to Approve Military Action, Bombings; As was case in 1973, Americans want president to get congressional approval. Newport, Frank Survey Jul 7, 2008 765
Americans' Biggest Concern About Iraq: Lives and Safety of Those Fighting There; Americans also concerned about path to withdrawal. Newport, Frank Survey Jan 4, 2007 837
TFU participant survey underway, fleetwide survey to follow. Aug 1, 2005 548

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