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Two-thirds of graduates to emigrate. Jul 27, 2016 145
Bulgaria Will Need to Import Workforce due to Emigration, Ageing Population, Study Says. Jun 6, 2016 266
Economy Remains Top Priority for Next President. Newport, Frank Survey Jun 1, 2016 830
Poll reveals support for tighter controls on immigration. Apr 18, 2016 166
Economy, Government Top U.S. Problem List. Auter, Zac Survey Apr 14, 2016 767
Americans: Best and Worst Things About a Trump Presidency. Newport, Frank Survey Jan 20, 2016 1272
Out-migration in rural Pakistan: does household poverty status matter? ul Haq, Rizwan; Jahangeer, Ajmal; Ahmad, Azkar Report Dec 22, 2015 7745
Migration Policies, Attitudes in Sync Worldwide. Esipova, Neli; Ray, Julie Survey Dec 18, 2015 1029
Nearly Half of Syrians Would Leave Syria if They Could. Nekvasil, Nader; Younis, Mohamed Survey Nov 30, 2015 750
Americans Again Opposed to Taking In Refugees. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Nov 23, 2015 946
Economic Outlook Shapes Views of Immigration. Esipova, Neli; Pugliese, Anita; Ray, Julie Survey Oct 26, 2015 1026
Europeans Most Negative Toward Immigration. Esipova, Neli; Pugliese, Anita; Ray, Julie Survey Oct 16, 2015 1267
Government, Economy, Immigration Seen as Top U.S. Problems. Riffkin, Rebecca Survey Sep 17, 2015 953
Immigration Reform, Emerging Technology Top of Mind for US Investors, According to 2015 Global Venture Capital Confidence Survey. Sep 15, 2015 1823
Most Greeks See Immigration as a Bad Thing for Their Country. Ray, Julie; Esipova, Neli Survey Sep 14, 2015 483
One in Five Voters Say Immigration Stance Critical to Vote. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Sep 9, 2015 1104
Immigration is main issue for Britons. Aug 22, 2015 242
In U.S., 6 in 10 Dissatisfied With Immigration Levels. Dugan, Andrew Jan 29, 2015 849
Potential Net Migration Shows Aging Countries Attract Young. Ray, Julie Jan 28, 2015 1240
U.S. Hispanics Back Obama Immigration Actions. Jones, Jeffrey M. Dec 10, 2014 844
Implementing Federal Health Reform in the States: who is included and excluded and what are their characteristics? Fried, Brett; Pintor, Jessie Kemmick; Graven, Peter; Blewett, Lynn A. Dec 1, 2014 9022
Americans Say Government, Economy Most Important Problems. Riffkin, Rebecca Survey Nov 12, 2014 603
Facts and fiction of UK immigration. Nov 10, 2014 129
Immigration talk inaccurate; Views of the North. Oct 31, 2014 133
In U.S., More Hispanics Name Immigration as Top Problem; Ranks second to economy in general among Hispanics. Dugan, Andrew Sep 19, 2014 912
Concerns rise with tide of children; Poll: Most see serious immigration problem. Sherman, Christopher; Agiesta, Jennifer Survey Jul 30, 2014 1011
One in Six Say Immigration Most Important U.S. Problem; Immigration concerns surged in July, while economic mentions ebbed. Saad, Lydia Jul 16, 2014 1105
In U.S., Border Security, Immigrant Status Equally Important; Americans gave border security higher priority in past. Feb 17, 2014 937
State of the Union: The Public Weighs In on 10 Key Issues; Where Americans stand on immigration, energy, minimum wage, and other issues. Jan 31, 2014 2609
Half of Britons Say Immigration Bad for Economy. Jan 7, 2014 530
France voted best place to emigrate. Dec 1, 2013 176
New Migrants Struggle to Afford the Basics; Many migrants' financial situations improve with time. Esipova, Neli; Ray, Julie; Pugliese, Anita Sep 18, 2013 865
Worldwide, Migrants' Wellbeing Depends on Migration Path; Some migrants' lives better, some worse than if they had stayed home. Esipova, Neli; Pugliese, Anita; Ray, Julie Survey Sep 13, 2013 812
Majority of Britons believe immigration is hurting country. Sep 2, 2013 184
Exodus continues. Brief article Aug 1, 2013 150
Americans More Pro-Immigration Than in Past; Record-low 35% want flow decreased; support for increasing it now 23%. Saad, Lydia Survey Jul 11, 2013 896
1 IN 4 FAMILIES HIT BY EMIGRATION; Coalition 'failing to tackle problem'. May 10, 2013 474
Why Immigration Polls Are Not to Be Trusted. Apr 22, 2013 454
Few in U.S. See Guns, Immigration as Nation's Top Problems; The economy and jobs continue to be named as most important U.S. problems. Newport, Frank Survey Apr 15, 2013 1233
NSBA Releases New Survey on Immigration and Workforce. Apr 4, 2013 504
Desire to Leave FSU Ranges Widely Across Countries; Half of those who want to migrate are searching for a better living standard. Esipova, Neli; Pugliese, Anita Survey Apr 4, 2013 736
Gulf countries losing charm for Keralites. Oct 14, 2012 550
14% of Bulgarians Ready to Emigrate Permanently. Oct 4, 2012 424
Obama's new immigration policy could pay off in key swing states: Poll. Jun 24, 2012 188
Americans More Positive About Immigration; Sixty-six percent say it is a good thing for U.S., highest since 2006. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jun 16, 2012 896
150 Million Adults Worldwide Would Migrate to the U.S. Potential migrants most likely to be Chinese, Nigerian, and Indian. Clifton, Jon Survey Apr 20, 2012 661
Economy Is Paramount Issue to U.S. Voters; Social issues, immigration are less important. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Feb 29, 2012 910
Nearly 50 Million Worldwide Planning to Migrate Soon; Those working at capacity, professionals most likely prepping to leave. Esipova, Neli; Ray, Julie Survey Feb 24, 2012 827
Americans' Immigration Concerns Linger; Nearly two-thirds are dissatisfied with the current level of immigration. Morales, Lymari Survey Jan 17, 2012 982
UNI BRAIN DRAIN; 70% of graduates plan to emigrate. Dec 28, 2011 362
More native Montanans in east than west. Sylvester, James T. Dec 22, 2011 500
One in Five First-Generation Migrants Want to Keep Moving; Nearly two-thirds who want to migrate would like to go somewhere other than their home country. Ray, Julie; Esipova, Neli Survey Jul 19, 2011 524
International Connections Fan Desire to Migrate; Those who benefit from remittances more likely to want to move. Esipova, Neli; Ray, Julie Survey Jul 12, 2011 517
World's Potential Migrants Are Often Young, Educated, Well-Off; But most likely to be underemployed. Ray, Julie; Esipova, Neli Survey Jul 5, 2011 725
Immigration, generation and self-rated health in Canada: on the role of health literacy. Omariba, D. Walter Rasugu; Ng, Edward Report Jul 1, 2011 5005
Autonomy, locus of control, and entrepreneurial orientation of Lebanese expatriates worldwide. Zgheib, Philippe W.; Kowatly, Abdulrahim K. Jun 22, 2011 7795
Americans' Views on Immigration Holding Steady; Plurality continues to prefer decreased immigration levels. Jones, Jeffrey M. Jun 22, 2011 775
International Migration Desires Show Signs of Cooling; U.S. still top desired destination. Esipova, Neli; Ray, Julie Jun 21, 2011 765
One in Four in North Africa Desired to Migrate Before Unrest; Potential migrants in Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria particularly drawn to France. Esipova, Neli; Ray, Julie Survey Apr 29, 2011 800
Census Bureau News - 2008 Immigration/Emigration Supplement Data. Apr 20, 2011 227
Immigration poll 'disturbing'. Mar 3, 2011 312
Immigration poll 'disturbing'. Mar 2, 2011 312
Immigration poll 'disturbing'. Mar 1, 2011 312
Examining changes in reported work conditions in Quebec, Ontario and Saskatchewan between 1994 and 2003-05. Smith, Peter; Morassaei, Sara; Mustard, Cameron Survey Mar 1, 2011 5278
Impact of fertility on socioeconomic framework of India. Pandey, Sudha; Pandey, Shriman Report Mar 1, 2011 4913
Poll reveals attitudes to immigration; 60second briefing. Feb 28, 2011 110
Immigration poll 'disturbing'. Feb 28, 2011 312
Immigration poll ''disturbing''. Feb 27, 2011 267
Britons' 'greater fear' of immigration. Feb 5, 2011 292
One in four Brits 'most concerned' about immigration. Feb 4, 2011 231
Britons' 'greater fear' of immigration. Feb 4, 2011 292
Poll support for cut in immigration. Jan 15, 2011 164
The prevalence of English monolingualism and its association with generational status among Hmong Americans, 2005-2009. Xiong, Yang Sao; Xiong, Nao Report Jan 1, 2011 6335
One in Three Britons Would Like to Leave the UK; Those dissatisfied with their local communities are most likely to desire to migrate. Ray, Julie Survey Dec 14, 2010 785
Four Million U.S. Hispanics Would Migrate Permanently; Slim majority would relocate to Latin America. Rios, Jesus; Ray, Julie Survey Nov 9, 2010 1023
Developed Nations Attract Young vs. Educated Migrants; Developed Asia would see significant brain drain. Esipova, Neli; Pugliese, Anita; Srinivasan, Rajesh; Ray, Julie Survey Nov 9, 2010 1333
Attitudes and opinions regarding the Romanian migration. Riza, Radu-Cristian Oct 1, 2010 1872
Emigration...or state job preferred by young Cypriots. Sep 25, 2010 345
Attitudes to immigration and population growth in Australia 1954 to 2010: an overview. Betts, Katharine Survey Sep 1, 2010 11559
Danes see Islam as obstacle to society, says survey. Aug 18, 2010 361
70 Million in CIS Would Migrate Temporarily for Work, Study; Half as many desire to migrate permanently. Esipova, Neli; Ray, Julie Survey Aug 4, 2010 777
Roughly 6.2 Million Mexicans Express Desire to Move to U.S. Nearly three times as many Chinese and Indians say the same. Survey Jun 7, 2010 568
"Jobs" Drops to No. 2 on Americans' List of Top Problems; Economy ranks No. 1, while mentions of immigration are up sharply. Saad, Lydia Survey May 12, 2010 496
Republicans Prioritize Immigration; Dems, Financial Reform; Americans split more evenly; give energy legislation lowest priority overall. Newport, Frank Survey Apr 30, 2010 662
Young, Less Educated Yearn to Migrate to the U.S. Canada more attractive to older, more educated adults. Esipova, Neli; Ray, Julie; Srinivasan, Rajesh Survey Apr 30, 2010 1006
In Arab Countries, Emigration Appeals More to the Employed; U.S. is top destination for young Arabs with entrepreneurial aspirations. Rheault, Magali Survey Feb 23, 2010 644
Calls for cuts in immigration. Feb 20, 2010 154
What Makes 700 Million Adults Want to Migrate; Social networks draw potential migrants regardless of level of human development. Gravelle, Timothy B.; Srinivasan, Rajesh; Esipova, Neli; Ray, Julie Survey Feb 18, 2010 1151
Exploring the intersection of philanthropy, research, and scholarship in a third world context. Koirala-Azad, Shabnam Report Dec 22, 2009 6022
Potential Net Migration Could Change Nations; Developed countries would swell, leaving developing countries relatively empty. Esipova, Neli; Srinivasan, Rajesh; Ray, Julie Survey Nov 6, 2009 611
700 Million Worldwide Desire to Migrate Permanently; U.S. tops desired destination countries. Esipova, Neli; Ray, Julie Survey Nov 2, 2009 935
Over half of Lebanese graduates further careers through emigration. Oct 31, 2009 715
Nationalist Camp: Disobey Expulsion Orders. Brief article Jul 30, 2009 85
One in Five College-Educated Chinese Wants to Emigrate; Top destination choices are U.S., South Korea, France. Survey Jul 27, 2009 636
Most Britons want immigration cut by 80 percent: YouGov poll. May 20, 2009 315
French doctors working in Great Britain: a study of their characteristics and motivations for migration. Duverne, Anabelle; Carnet, Didier; d'Athis, Philippe; Quantin, Catherine Survey Apr 1, 2009 5776
Mexico reports emigration drop. Nov 25, 2008 303
Mexico reports emigration drop. Nov 24, 2008 303
Mexico reports emigration drop. Nov 23, 2008 303
Mexico reports emigration drop. Nov 22, 2008 303
Mexico reports emigration drop. Nov 21, 2008 303
Is All the Talent Leaving Latin America? Perhaps, but the highly educated wish to stay. Torres, Gerver; Pelham, Brett Survey Sep 26, 2008 825
A Country's Richest Citizens Report Greatest Desire to Migrate; Pattern holds in rich and poor countries. Survey Jul 30, 2008 884
Fewer Americans Favor Cutting Back Immigration; Public as likely to favor status quo as to favor decreased immigration. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jul 10, 2008 1065
Ambition and Emigration Among Latin Americans; Those who are driven to succeed more likely to want to emigrate. Rios, Jesus; Crabtree, Steve Survey Feb 4, 2008 843
Latin Americans' Motives for Migration; Poverty, unemployment fail to provide complete picture. Rios, Jesus; Crabtree, Steve Survey Jan 23, 2008 604
One in Four Latin Americans Wishes to Emigrate; United States named as preferred destination by 33%. Rios, Jesus; Crabtree, Steve Survey Jan 21, 2008 688
POLITICS: Boost for Cameron on immigration; POLL. Nov 12, 2007 140
Great Britain Divided on the Impact of Immigration. Oct 4, 2007 499
Law and order plus immigration the biggest issues - county survey. Aug 30, 2007 235
Americans Troubled by Little Beyond Iraq; Only Iraq registers as a significant "most important problem". Saad, Lydia Survey Jan 25, 2007 979
Lack of Optimism Suggests Togo's Emigration Woes May Continue. Survey Jan 25, 2007 479
More Britons want to move abroad. Aug 3, 2006 377
TheWorldTonight: Who fancies the idea of living down under? BBC survey reports that more Britons than ever dream of emigrating. Aug 3, 2006 184
Brits against amnesty. Jul 6, 2006 166
IN BRIEF: No amnesty. Jul 4, 2006 105
The American dream. Brief Article Sep 1, 2005 165
State: U.S. issued 23,075 visas in FY 2004. Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 169

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