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Brummies among UK's worst snorers. Oct 17, 2020 263
Pinoys are inactive, obese, lack sleep, survey shows. Sep 30, 2020 868
Healthy sleep is vital for school success. By: Brandpoint Sep 28, 2020 479
The Relationship Between Pain Level and Sleep Quality, Quality of Life and Psychological Status in Patients with Chronic Neck Pain. Secer, Erhan; Tanik, Faruk; Korucu, Tuce Sirin; Gursan, Ilknur Naz; Ucurum, Sevtap Gunay Sep 1, 2020 4578
Gender-Specific Longitudinal Association of Sleep Duration with Blood Pressure among Children: Evidence from CHNS 2004-2015. Huang, Lili; Lyu, Jiajun; Long, Zichong; Xia, Yuanqing; Chen, Yiting; Ye, Xiuxia; Li, Shenghui Jul 31, 2020 7829
Leeds sleep evaluation questionnaire in Jordanian university students: A psychometric investigation using comparative confirmatory factor analysis. Hameed, Unaise A.; Jarrah, Muhammed D. Al-; Manzar, Dilshad; Nair, Chithira; Albougami, Abdulrhman; Jul 1, 2020 4413
People are getting more time in bed during lockdown. Jun 16, 2020 209
Association between Lifestyle and Academic Performance among Medical Students, Majmaah, Saudi Arabia. Ghaffar, Usama Bin; Sami, Waqas; Aldawsari, Abdulrahman Abbas; Mohammedalazmi, Mamdouh; Okasi, Hatem May 18, 2020 4890
The Relationship between Insecure Attachment to Depression: Mediating Role of Sleep and Cognitive Reappraisal. Liu, Yige; Li, Hongfan; Xu, Xiayue; Li, Yukun; Wang, Zhutao; Zhu, Huan; Zhang, Xia; Jiang, Shan; Li, Apr 30, 2020 5616
TV Binges, Video Games, Books and Sports Taking Toll on Sleep. Nov 10, 2019 403
American Kids Are Not Getting Enough Sleep, Study Finds. Jan Cortes Nov 4, 2019 365
Staff in PJs 'may help residents with dementia' Poll: Nightwear to mimic bedtime at care homes. ALISON KERSHAW Oct 28, 2019 312
Almost Half of Americans Have Been Sleepy Behind the Wheel. Oct 28, 2019 373
District 220 survey show students getting more sleep, other benefits from later. Sep 14, 2019 460
Uyku ve Yasam Tarzi Anketinin Gecerlik ve Guvenirligi/Validity and Reliability of the Sleep and Lifestyle Questionnaire. Bay, Tuba; Ergun, Ayse Sep 1, 2019 4246
Blue Light Therapy Glasses in Parkinson's Disease: Patients' Experience. Smilowska, Katarzyna; van Wamelen, Daniel J.; Schoutens, Antonius M.C.; Meinders, Marjan J.; Bloem, Survey Jul 31, 2019 2914
Most Adult-Use Cannabis Customers Use for Pain, Sleep Relief; Retail customers report decreases in prescriptions, over-the-counter meds due to effectiveness of cannabis. Jul 3, 2019 210
Athlete Sleep Behavior Questionnaire - Turkish Version: Study of Validity and Reliability/Sporcu Uyku Davranis Anketi - Turkce Versiyonu: Guvenilirlik ve Gecerlilik Calismasi. Darendeli, Abdulkerim; Diker, Gurkan; Cinar, Ziynet Jun 1, 2019 4159
Sunday, March 10 marks start of Daylight Saving Time. Mar 8, 2019 382
Typical adult sleeping less than 6 hours. Mar 3, 2019 141
Functional Concerns and Treatment Priorities Among Veterans Receiving VHA Primary Care Behavioral Health Services. King, Paul R.; Beehler, Gregory P.; Buchholz, Laura J.; Johnson, Emily M.; Wray, Laura O. Survey Mar 1, 2019 2956
High physical activity is associated with post-traumatic stress disorder among individuals aged 15 years and older in South Africa. Peltzer, Karl; Pengpid, Supa Survey Jan 1, 2019 4584
Men Want Natural Solutions for Frequent Nighttime Urination. Oct 1, 2018 597
Night Shift Work and Weight Gain Among Female Filipino Nurses. Apellido, Raymundo Sep 22, 2018 9606
Alarm at pupils falling asleep. Jul 22, 2018 111
Eating junk food in night leads to poor sleep. Jun 2, 2018 302
Universite Ogrencilerinin Beslenme Durumu ve Uyku Kalitesinin Degerlendirilmesi/Assessment of Nutritional Status and Sleep Quality of University Students. Uysal, Hilal; Ayvaz, Meryem Yildiz; Orucoglu, Hanim Busra; Say, Elif Report Jun 1, 2018 7828
Advancing Australia's agenda for young children's health and wellbeing: Empirical insights into educator knowledge, confidence and intentions in promoting children's Learning, Eating, Active Play and Sleep (LEAPS). Cleland, Phoebe; Byrne, Rebecca; Vidgen, Helen; Irvine, Susan; Gallegos, Danielle; Farrell, Ann Survey Jun 1, 2018 6577
Social and Housing Conditions and Perceived Morbidity of Victims of Internal Forced Displacement Living in Public Housing in Turbo, Antioquia/Condiciones socio-habitacionales y morbilidad percibida de desplazados internos residentes en Viviendas de Interes Social en Turbo, Antioquia/Condicoes sociais, habitacionais e morbidade percebida das vitimas de deslocamento forcado que residem em moradias de interesse social em Turbo, Antioquia. Castano-Pineda, Yeferson; Atehortua-Mira, Sonia Maria; Lopez-Arango, Yolanda May 1, 2018 9203
Poor Sleep in Menopause Tied to Vasomotor Symptoms, Depression; Poor sleep in preceding stage of menopause does not predict poor sleep in later stages. Mar 7, 2018 213
Prevalence and Risk Factors Associated with Injurious Falls among Community-Dwelling Older Adults in Indonesia. Pengpid, Supa; Peltzer, Karl Report Jan 1, 2018 6910
Daytime Sleepiness in Patients Diagnosed with Sarcoidosis Compared with the General Population. Hinz, Andreas; Geue, Kristina; Zenger, Markus; Wirtz, Hubert; Bosse-Henck, Andrea Jan 1, 2018 4905
Association between the Munich Chronotype Questionnaire and Wrist Actigraphy. Santisteban, Jose Arturo; Brown, Thomas G.; Gruber, Reut Jan 1, 2018 4202
The Effect of Patient Characteristics and Sleep Quality on Visual Field Performance Reliability. Swaminathan, Swarup S.; Greenberg, Matthew B.; Vanner, Elizabeth A.; Cavuoto, Kara M.; Wellik, Sarah Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 2646
Poor Sleep Quality Is the Risk Factor for Central Serous Chorioretinopathy. Ji, Yuying; Li, Miaoling; Zhang, Xiongze; Peng, Yuting; Wen, Feng Jan 1, 2018 4202
Hand Grip Strength and Its Sociodemographic and Health Correlates among Older Adult Men and Women (50 Years and Older) in Indonesia. Pengpid, Supa; Peltzer, Karl Report Jan 1, 2018 6298
Using Sleep Medications? Jan 1, 2018 147
Associations between sedentary behaviors, sleep patterns, and BMI in young dancers attending a summer intensive dance training program. Stracciolini, Andrea; Stein, Cynthia J.; Kinney, Susan; McCrystal, Tara; Pepin, Michael J.; Meehan, Report Jul 1, 2017 4935
Time to Take Time Off and Turn Your Health Back On: A Guide to Staying Healthy and Stress-free While on Vacation. Eckert, Julia E.; Klumpp, Elizabeth A. Jun 22, 2017 2546
Report from a Survey of Parents Regarding the Use of Cannabidiol (Medicinal cannabis) in Mexican Children with Refractory Epilepsy. Aguirre-Velazquez, Carlos G. Survey Jan 1, 2017 2811
Nearly 40% Of Japanese Get Less Than 6 Hours Of Sleep. Nov 16, 2016 434
It'll be all fright on the night; HALLOWEEN: TWO DAYS TO GO; 82% hit by bad dreams says survey. Oct 29, 2016 536
16% of patients can't sleep. Jun 15, 2016 206
Most children aren't getting enough sleep. May 30, 2016 127
One in three suffer from lack of sleep. Mar 18, 2016 103
Take 5. Brief article Mar 18, 2016 317
Poll Tax will force people to sleep rough, ministers warned Thatcher; Revealed 30yrs on... decisions that sank Maggie. Feb 19, 2016 696
Effect of Inhalation of Aromatherapy Oil on Patients with Perennial Allergic Rhinitis: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Choi, Seo Yeon; Park, Kyungsook Jan 1, 2016 4932
Were sleep survey results dreamed up? Dec 7, 2015 363
Sleep conference in Newcastle hears how Britons are not getting enough kip; A study shows many of us who are of working age get as little as five hours of shut-eye a night. Conference news Oct 21, 2015 516
Best bedtime rules? Sep 1, 2015 597
If you are thinking 'How can they sleep like that?' then this story is for you; SEX SURVEY HALF OF US UNSATISFIED Brits put too much pressure on themselves to perform in bedroom. Aug 6, 2015 288
Thousands of North East teenagers too stressed to sleep as charity boss claims a generation is being let down; The Children's Society has said more than 17,500 16 and 17 year olds in the North East have been so stressed they've lost sleep. Jun 27, 2015 706
65 pc of UAE residents lack sleep. Mar 19, 2015 856
Why sharing room is good for my kids; A survey claims siblings need their own space to sleep in but Karen Bale believes everyone's happier being closer together. Aug 4, 2014 881
People Who Sleep Naked Are Most Cotent In Relationships - Study. Jul 17, 2014 319
Find, and fix, the cause of your fatigue. Apr 1, 2014 641
Half of UAE residents have trouble sleeping: Study. Mar 22, 2014 483
The comparison of general health in athletic and nonathletic elderly. Nemati, Nematallah; Zakizadeh, Bahador; Tojari, Farshad; Afshardoust, Mahmoud Report Feb 14, 2014 1414
In U.S., 40% Get Less Than Recommended Amount of Sleep; Hours of sleep similar to recent decades, but much lower than in 1942. Survey Dec 19, 2013 1024
Have we let our pupils sleep through Pisa's wake-up call? Edited by Gareth Evans 029 2024 3640 SATURDAYEDUCATION The clock is ticking, and in a little under two months, Wales' education system will face its biggest test yet. But what can we expect? Education Correspondent Gareth Evans puts the world's biggest schools survey into perspective. Oct 12, 2013 938
Sleep as a component of the performance triad: the importance of sleep in a military population. Lentino, Cynthia V.; Purvis, Dianna L.; Murphy, Kaitlin J.; Deuster, Patricia A. Report Oct 1, 2013 7303
Floating sensations prior to sleep and out-of-body experiences/ Sensaciones de flotacion antes de dormir y experiencias extracorporales/ Sensations de flotter avant le sommeil et experiences de hors corps/ Schwebegefuhle vor schlafbeginn und ausserkorperliche erfahrungen. De Foe, Alexander; Van Doorn, George; Symmons, Mark Report Sep 22, 2013 4878
Can't fall asleep? Turn off the tech. Trombley, Sacan Brief article Sep 1, 2013 112
Excessive use of internet 'causing sleep problems'. Aug 29, 2013 170
Study: exercise aids in peaceful slumber. Brief article Apr 8, 2013 129
Study on awareness and experience of sleep and sleep-related disorders among undergraduate medical students of Coastal Andhra Pradesh. Pratap, Sai Shankar; Acharya, Anand; Deepak; Rao, Sanjeev Report Apr 1, 2013 2753
Exercise key to good sleep. Mar 5, 2013 643
Exercise, less sitting time, linked to better sleep. Mar 4, 2013 528
More are sleeping away the New Year. Dec 31, 2012 178
Associations between nighttime traffic noise and sleep: the finnish public sector study. Halonen, Jaana I.; Vahtera, Jussi; Stansfeld, Stephen; Yli-Tuomi, Tarja; Salo, Paula; Pentti, Jaana; Report Oct 1, 2012 8172
Inside Air Travel. Jul 9, 2012 345
Mental health status of Ontario injured workers with permanent impairments. O'Hagan, Fergal T.; Ballantyne, Peri J.; Vienneau, Pat Report Jul 1, 2012 5640
Phase II trial on the effects of Silexan in patients with neurasthenia, post-traumatic stress disorder or somatization disorder. Uehleke, B.; Schaper, S; Dienel, A.; Schlaefke, S.; Stange, R. Report Jun 15, 2012 5460
BRITS LOVE TO SLEEP. Jun 13, 2012 111
Good news! Most older adults sleep soundly. Brief article May 1, 2012 113
Short sleep duration among workers--United States, 2010. Luckhaupt, Sara E. Report Apr 27, 2012 4404
Not enough sleep can seriously damage child's health. Apr 25, 2012 569
Trouble having a good night's sleep? Try going to bed at 10 PM. Mar 3, 2012 237
Sleep fears in survey. Nov 14, 2011 133
Drowsy driving - an epidemic? Turner, Robert Sep 22, 2011 1122
Poor sleep affects 1 in 3 Brits. Jan 27, 2011 148
Obese individuals most likely to report inadequate sleep. Jancin, Bruce Survey Nov 15, 2010 351
Half of Bahrain 'lack on sleep'. Oct 9, 2010 497
68% of UAE residents ?do not get enough sleep. Oct 2, 2010 634
Cross-cultural differences in infant and toddler sleep. Mindell, J.A.; Sadeh, A.; Weigand, B.; Goh, D.T.; How, T.H. Survey Sep 1, 2010 704
Sleep testing accreditation. Sep 1, 2010 104
Patient-reported outcomes in rheumatoid arthritis: why are they important and how should they be assessed? / Romatoid artrit'te hasta iliskili sonuc parametreleri: neden onemli ve Nasil Degerlendirmeli? Gossec, Laure Report Sep 1, 2010 2977
Sleep testing accreditation. May 1, 2010 104
SLEEPING ROUGH; Anxious Brits skimp on kip. Apr 21, 2010 297
SLEEPING ROUGH; Anxious Brits skimp on kip. Apr 21, 2010 297
Sleep testing accreditation. Mar 1, 2010 104
Sleep testing accreditation. Jan 1, 2010 104
Get the best rest for life: sleep is a longevity essential. Klatz, Ronald; Goldman, Robert Brief article Dec 1, 2009 236
Sleep testing accreditation. Nov 1, 2009 104
Sleep testing accreditation. Sep 1, 2009 104
A good night's sleep much better than great sex: Study. Aug 23, 2009 338
Half of drinkers "unaware of sleep problems": UK study. Aug 20, 2009 371
The average manager reported sleeping 19 percent less than the recommended eight hours a night. Brief article May 22, 2009 92
20pc Brit couples sleep apart due to partners' annoying bedtime habits. Mar 4, 2009 88
80pc of Brits prefer a good night's sleep to sex! Feb 28, 2009 121
Just pop your baby to sleep; In association with the NHS. Dec 8, 2008 81
Short on quality sleep. Oct 25, 2008 171
Estate agents get no sleep. Jul 1, 2008 176
Mds not sleeping enough. Anderson, Jane Brief article Apr 1, 2008 144
MDs not sleeping enough. Anderson, Jane Brief article Apr 1, 2008 144
Skimping on sleep. Aug 29, 2007 82
Teens: start school day later/never. Bell, John R. Brief article Jun 15, 2007 146
Teens: start school day later/never. Bell, John R. Brief article Jun 15, 2007 146
Too hot or cold to get to sleep. Nov 17, 2006 190
No sex, please, I want to sleep. Nov 13, 2006 158
Students are deprived of sleep, claims survey. Sep 25, 2006 192
Snoring 'is forcing couples to sleep apart'. Sep 5, 2006 271
Losing sleep over school. May 5, 2006 295
Changing our relation to time. Gunn, Bob; Gullickson, Betsy Raskin Column Dec 1, 2004 1198
A longitudinal study of the circadian phase delay/advance of high school students. (Senior Division). King, Eric Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 206
Sleep at camp: a survey. Pravda, Myra May 1, 1997 1488

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