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Americans' Fears of Being Laid Off at Record Low. McCarthy, Justin Survey Apr 28, 2017 490
Hotel sector sentiment positive despite staff cuts. Nov 7, 2016 282
United Kingdom : UK oil and gas industry facing more cuts. Jun 7, 2016 286
Further oil and gas job cuts on horizon. Jun 6, 2016 374
One in six oil and gas workers facing the axe; OIL & GAS. May 19, 2016 506
U.S. Workers Regain Faith in Finding Good Job if Laid Off. Survey May 9, 2016 1022
MORE OIL MISERY IS IN THE PIPELINE; TESTING TIMES TACKLING ISIS AND MASSIVE CRISIS IN OFFSHORE INDUSTRY Union boss warns about wider impact of North Sea woes as survey predicts further job cuts. Nov 26, 2015 704
U.S. Workers Still Haven't Shaken the Job Worries of 2009; Worry about being laid off has increased most for the low-income. Saad, Lydia Survey Sep 2, 2013 926
Government Technology & Services Coalition Releases Survey on Impacts of Cuts on Mission-Critical Markets. Jun 27, 2013 518
Firms wield jobs axe. Apr 22, 2013 283
New TX Nursing Home Survey: Medicaid and Medicare Cuts Threaten Direct Care Staff Layoffs, Deferred Tech Investment, Possible Facility Closures. Mar 11, 2013 936
CBI Survey: UK Finance Industry to Cut 43,000 Jobs. Industry overview Jan 21, 2013 124
POLL TAX 2 FURY; Council bill hike for workers as Tories cut PS500m from pot. Dec 24, 2012 262
Which layoffs--and which laid-off workers--are in the Mass Layoff Statistics? Handwerker, Elizabeth Weber; Mason, Lowell G. Oct 1, 2012 6350
New Report: Cities Continue to Cut Jobs and Infrastructure in Face of Recession's Impacts. Sep 13, 2012 879
Benefit Reductions Remain Top Worry for American Workers; Worry about being laid off still elevated, compared with pre-recession. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Aug 22, 2012 729
European Banks Forecast Staff Cuts, Consolidation and Tighter Credit Markets in FICO-Efma Survey. Jul 17, 2012 1288
More job cuts in the pipeline. Jul 17, 2012 308
Still No Discernable Patterns in Employment Prospects for Fourth Quarter 2011, BNA Survey of Employers Finds. Sep 13, 2011 780
In U.S., Worries About Job Cutbacks Return to Record Highs; Three in 10 workers worry they could lose their job, double the level seen in 2008. Saad, Lydia Survey Aug 31, 2011 794
Hays survey reveals public sector job cuts will damage frontline service delivery. May 27, 2011 625
Hays survey reveals public sector job cuts will damage frontline service delivery. May 27, 2011 625
Hays survey reveals public sector job cuts will damage frontline service delivery. May 26, 2011 625
Colleges already 'cutting jobs and courses'. Apr 9, 2011 179
Colleges already 'cutting jobs and courses'. Apr 8, 2011 179
The relationship between pending layoffs and the psychological well-being of the workers. Coleman, Carla; Laiju, Meherun Report Apr 1, 2011 253
Charities expecting to make staff cuts. Mar 31, 2011 116
Survey: Medicare Cuts to Cause 82% of Cancer Clinics to Cut Staff and Reduce or Stop Seeing Medicare Patients. Dec 1, 2010 450
STAND & FIGHT TORY JOB CUTS; Call as 240,000 at risk. Sep 13, 2010 382
STAND & FIGHT TORY JOB CUTS; Call as 240,000 face axe. Sep 13, 2010 383
Survey: more than half of organizations cut services. Hrywna, Mark Sep 1, 2010 585
MFGWatch Survey Results: Supply Chain Risks Significant for North American Manufacturers; Small Manufacturers Increase Employment; Large Manufacturers Shed Jobs in Recent Quarter; Reshoring to North America Accelerates. Jul 26, 2010 837
Career guidance 'should be compulsory part of redundancies'. Jun 26, 2010 145
Workforces operating at 50 percent efficiency; improvement found in management tactics, not layoffs, says Celerant Consulting Workforce Impactability Survey. May 4, 2010 400
One in Five Americans Fear Job Loss in Next 12 Months; If laid off, 44% could go barely a month before experiencing significant financial hardship. Jacobe, Dennis Survey Apr 23, 2010 584
Shops fear jobs cuts; SURVEY. Apr 12, 2010 80
One in 10 council jobs facing axe. Mar 1, 2010 341
Job cuts the big issue for companies in 2009. Jan 5, 2010 244
One in ten people laid off in the GCC this year. Dec 8, 2009 152
Worldwide, Prospect of Job Loss Connected to Low Well-Being; Relation between perceived layoffs and well-being most pronounced in Americas. Pelham, Brett; Rios, Jesus; Torres, Gerver Survey Nov 17, 2009 944
Police jobs to be axed. Oct 22, 2009 141
Layoffs negatively affect productivity, remaining employees. Oct 1, 2009 156
Salary survey 2009: claim professionals forge ahead despite staff cuts, slashed benefits. Bramlet, Christina Cover story Oct 1, 2009 2892
Monster Meter Poll Reveals 34 Percent of U.S. Workers Surveyed Have Only One Week or Less of Savings to Cover Expenses if Laid Off from Work. Aug 25, 2009 682
APME Editors Survey on Impact of Layoffs Ends Monday. Strupp, Joe Brief article Aug 14, 2009 127
Pay freeze & wages cut for Irish workers; MEASURES. Jul 30, 2009 111
Incisive Legal Intelligence Survey: Law Firms to Expand Business Development Efforts Despite Recession-Driven Cost Cutting. Jul 22, 2009 444
Employee Layoff Fears Hinder Economic Recovery. Jul 8, 2009 782
Nonprofits Employ Tougher Measures as Downturn Deepens: Bridgespan Survey Shows 41 Percent Turning to Layoffs, 33 Percent Reserve Draw-Downs, but Also Hope. Jun 29, 2009 379
Mass layoffs for construction companies. Jun 10, 2009 603
Small businesses are getting smaller; Survey says quarter forced to lay off staff. Jun 2, 2009 493
The threat from within: data security, information theft and tech fraud can hardly even be considered new kinds of crime anymore. But in a troubled economy, the biggest threat may be the one inside your own organization. Patel, Manoj Jun 1, 2009 1001
Welsh workers willing to cut pay to safeguard their colleagues' jobs. Apr 20, 2009 601
Inc. Tanc survey: better days seen sooner not later. Waldon, George Survey Mar 23, 2009 1046
Aetna Research Shows Consumer Confusion Over Health Insurance Options After Being Laid Off. Mar 9, 2009 1033
Layoffs' Second-Hand Effects on Those Still Working; Employees at companies laying off workers are much more worried. Newport, Frank Survey Mar 9, 2009 1006
Dos and don'ts regarding laying-off employees during recession. Mar 4, 2009 288
Survey: 9 out of 10 companies put cost-cutting in place. Mar 1, 2009 120
Shops slash jobs - and more cuts are on the way. Feb 25, 2009 430
Majority of Workers Not Worried About Being Laid Off; Still, 41% have close friends or relatives who have lost jobs. Newport, Frank Survey Feb 10, 2009 999
Services sector cutting staff at an 'unprecedented rate' Competition forcing firms to cut prices and reduce staff. Feb 5, 2009 694
Most firms to cut staff, asking for volunteers. Feb 4, 2009 160
Further job cuts due; in association with Feb 2, 2009 141
New warning on further job cuts. Feb 2, 2009 186
ABA Journal survey: nation's lawyers expect layoffs in '09. Feb 1, 2009 232
The economic clouds continue to gather as 'recession snowballs' Chambers report that a fifth of members expect to cut jobs. Jan 13, 2009 639
round UP: Service job cuts. Jan 7, 2009 81
Minimizing the impact of layoffs on front-line managers: ensuring that layoffs are conducted fairly can help reduce negative feelings among managers who must give notice to workers. Grunberg, Leon; Moore, Sarah; Greenberg, Edward Report Jan 1, 2009 2121
Leadership IQ Study: Don't Expect Layoff Survivors to be Grateful. Dec 16, 2008 621
Redundancies can put IT networks at risk. Dec 6, 2008 247
Bay Area Business Confidence Plunges to Lowest Level Ever Recorded by Survey. Nov 20, 2008 960
As Nation is Flooded by Layoffs -- A Tsunami of Severance Packages Hits Career Protection[R]. Nov 19, 2008 418
Work for 9 in 10 axed Rover staff; EMPLOYMENT CREDIT CRUNCH CRISIS The worst recession in 25 years. Nov 13, 2008 137
Retirement? No. Job cuts? On the way; RETIREMENT ENTERPRISE. Survey Oct 21, 2008 430
JOBS AXE WARNING AS CRISIS HITS HOME; Many firms expecting to shed some staff. Oct 16, 2008 262
More companies look at job cuts. Oct 13, 2008 268
Jobs axe likely to fall at more than half of UK companies; ECONOMY. Jul 28, 2008 741
Annual Layoffs Forecast: 2008 Executive Survey Finds Severe Job Cuts to be Made This Year. Jan 28, 2008 351
Medicare cuts may cause layoffs. Sullivan, Leanne Brief article Nov 1, 2007 179
Rate rise fears prompt warning over job cuts. May 8, 2007 447
A transaction cost analysis of restructuring alternatives. Kulkarni, Subodh P.; Fiet, James O. Jan 1, 2007 7690
Survey finds practices poised to make cuts. Nov 1, 2006 249
A review of the recent empirical literature on displaced workers. Fallick, Bruce C. Oct 1, 1996 6918
Downsizing or dumbsizing? Oct 1, 1996 86
Job changing after displacement: a contribution to the advance notice debate. Fox, Douglas A. Jul 1, 1993 5484
Controllers look for lower hiring levels. Brief Article Aug 1, 1992 139

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