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Relationship of Classroom Management Strategies with Academic Performance of Students at College Level. Dec 13, 2017 3482
Relationship between Intrinsic Motivation and Students' Academic Achievement: A Secondary Level Evidence. Dec 13, 2017 3586
Lack of teachers is a [...]; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Twitter: @birminghammail Facebook: Post: Birmingham Mail, Floor 6, Fort Dunlop, Fort Parkway, B24 9FF. Letter to the editor Nov 30, 2017 226
Conducting National Surveys "profetic" On The Practices Of Teachers In The Use Of Digital, For The Ministry Of Education. Nov 22, 2017 106
United Kingdom : Employer engagement and work experience are critical to achieving top grades at secondary school, say teachers. Nov 9, 2017 581
Teacher Educators for Children With Behavior Disorders (TECBD) Conference on Severe Behavior Disorders of Children and Youth. Oakes, Wendy Peia; Mathur, Sarup R.; Clark, Heather Griller; Common, Eric Alan Nov 1, 2017 1585
2017 Teacher Ability Development Evaluation Parent Satisfaction Survey Paper Questionnaire Statistics Processing Service. Oct 23, 2017 130
Are teachers undervalued nowadays? Oct 6, 2017 228
VIRTUAL TOOLKIT: JANE SHIELDS surveys digital resources for teachers and their classrooms. Shields, Jane Oct 1, 2017 1979
High school stem teachers' perceptions of the work environment. Pedersen, Daphne E.; West, Robert R. Sep 22, 2017 8168
Qudwa Global Survey Reveals Emotional Soft Skills Are More Important Success Factors Than Hard Skills for Teachers of the Future. Sep 13, 2017 428
Stress could lead to a mass teacher exodus. Sep 8, 2017 293
Does new teacher induction really improve retention? Ronfeldt, Matthew; McQueen, Kiel Report Sep 1, 2017 13257
Association of American Educators Members Enthusiastically Congratulate National Teacher of the Year Sydney Chaffee. Aug 8, 2017 592
'Social media gives pupils a warped view of body image'. Aug 3, 2017 529
New Report from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Reveals Increasing Educator Confidence, Optimism around Digital Resources in the Classroom. Jul 20, 2017 881
Parents polled over term end teacher gifts; IN BRIEF. Jul 5, 2017 209
Why learn Japanese? An examination of teachers' perceptions and students' reasons. Howard, Jocelyn; Ogino, Masayoshi; Payne, Rachel; Dunn, Karyn Report Jul 1, 2017 8418
High school EFL teachers' identity and their emotions towards language requirements: La identidad de profesores de secundaria de ingles como lengua extranjera y sus emociones acerca de los requisitos de lengua. Torres-Rocha, Julio Cesar Jul 1, 2017 8417
Improving language learning strategies and performance of pre-service language teachers through a CALLA-TBLT model: mejoramiento de las estrategias de aprendizaje y desempeno en ingles de profesores en formacion en idiomas a traves del modelo academico-cognitivo y basado en tareas para el aprendizaje de lenguas. Chamorro, Maria Eugenia Guapacha; Paz, Luis Humberto Benavidez Jul 1, 2017 8616
Too stressed to teach? Teaching quality, student engagement, and IEP outcomes. Wong, Venus W.; Ruble, Lisa A.; Yu, Yue; McGrew, John H. Jul 1, 2017 8341
Teachers: Sats failing. Jun 25, 2017 145
Hunger issue for teenagers in classroom, say teachers. Jun 24, 2017 311
Determining the effectiveness of audio-recording method in the treatment of reading disability. Akar, Cuneyt Jun 22, 2017 5511
Online mentoring for Hispanic female pre-service teachers: perceptions of use and performance changes. Ainsa, Patricia; Olivarez, Arturo Jun 22, 2017 3598
Combining reading quizzes and error analysis to motivate students to grow. Wang, Jiawen; Selby, Karen L. Jun 22, 2017 6632
Getting started for preparing pre-service early childhood teachers in terms of sustainable food consumption: The current situation at a public university in Turkey. Alacam, Nur; Sahin, Elvan Report Jun 22, 2017 5245
Publisher Targets Reluctant Financial Literacy Teachers. May 3, 2017 488
Scotland -- Nearly half of the respondents to an online survey on teacher well-being rated their mental health as "poor" or "very poor," with 15 percent saying they take medication due to their professional struggles. May 1, 2017 120
New Research Reveals Teachers Value Independent Reading Time, but Only 36% Can Set Aside Time Daily. Apr 26, 2017 1061
Students on the future of the first amendment. Table Apr 1, 2017 123
Vision, mission, and technology implementation: going one-to-one in a Catholic School/Vision, mision e implementacion de la tecnologia: cara a cara en una escuela catolica. Cho, Vincent Report Mar 1, 2017 7964
First aid management in emergency care of dental injuries --knowledge among teachers in Rijeka, Croatia. Bakarcic, Danko; Hrvatin, Sandra; Maroevic, Mia; Jokic, Natasa Ivancic Report Mar 1, 2017 4251
Professional development and teaching career: discussions about novice teachers/ Desenvolvimento profissional e carreira docente: dialogos sobre professores iniciantes/ Desarrollo profesional y carrera docente: dialogos sobre profesores principiantes. Ferreira, Lucia Gracia Jan 1, 2017 6899
Teachers' experiences with literacy instruction for dual-media students who use print and braille. Herzberg, Tina S.; Rosenblum, L. Penny; Robbins, Mary E. Report Jan 1, 2017 5401
Academic and Social Adjustment of High School Refugee Youth in Newfoundland. Li, Xuemei; Grineva, Marina Dec 22, 2016 9546
Influence of Teachers' Beliefs and Attitude towards Action Research. Taruc, Phoebe W. Report Dec 1, 2016 9043
Survey of Environmental Attitudes: Implications to Sustainable Waste Management. Magdale, Christian D.; Zoleta, Judy Marie R. Report Dec 1, 2016 4075
Tablet technology and cloud storage as evidence of pedagogic development in pre-service teacher education. Highfield, Kate; De Gioia, Katey; Lane, Rod Dec 1, 2016 5425
Application of cloud computing and big data platform in the teachers training of college physical education optimization. Wanliang, Hu; Ganchen, Tao; Yuanping, Chen; Shaoyong, Wan; Dan, Liu Dec 1, 2016 4605
Study on the application of computer network in aerobics teaching in normal colleges. Xu, Zhihua Dec 1, 2016 2114
Teachers lead charge against LGBTQ bullying. Lacey, Ryan Dec 1, 2016 459
Students' perceived autonomy support and psychological needs satisfaction in physical education and exercise intrinsic motivation. Liu, Jing Dong; Chung, Pak-Kwong Report Nov 24, 2016 5848
New Survey Finds 75 Percent of Teachers Use Technology Daily With Students; Will Increase Use Throughout the 2016-2017 School Year. Nov 17, 2016 901
New Survey of Teachers & Principals from Scholastic Explores Barriers to Equity in Education and the Resources Needed to Support Students. Nov 16, 2016 1416
Empirical study on factors of student satisfaction in higher education. Guo, Kai Nov 15, 2016 3943
Teachers suffering stress from workload. Nov 14, 2016 385
'Pupils are struggling with their speech'. Nov 14, 2016 461
Schoolkids stumped by sentences. Nov 14, 2016 544
Views of teachers sought to help influence policy. Nov 3, 2016 574
United Kingdom : New national survey to get the views of teachers and support staff in Wales launched. Survey Nov 2, 2016 328
The experience is in the journey: An appreciative case-study investigating early career teachers' employment in rural schools. Hazel, Sarah; McCallum, Faye Case study Nov 1, 2016 6786
Transitioning from university to teaching in schools located in rural and remote settings. Haynes, John; Miller, Judith Report Nov 1, 2016 5771
Deloitte Survey: From Bus Ride to Bedtime, Education Technology Engages Students After the Bell Rings. Oct 4, 2016 1442
Did you hear? Brief article Oct 1, 2016 169
Improving the engagement of teachers and employees: strategies to engage and retain district personnel. Oct 1, 2016 1276
Teachers say racist comments by pupils on increase. Sep 21, 2016 517
'Rising tide of racism in our schools' Shocking increase of racist language in our schools, say teachers. Sep 21, 2016 1141
Survey shows pupils at odds with teachers. Survey Sep 16, 2016 610
School staff don't take our views seriously, SAYYEAR 8 study pupils. Sep 16, 2016 595
2016 Quaglia Institute School Voice Report is First to Present Data from Survey of Teachers, Students and Parents. Sep 15, 2016 1185
Poll: Teenagers Happy with Teachers, Disappointed with Schools. Sep 1, 2016 672
Research on the innovative approach for teaching Russian based on the computer network platform. Jia, Wang Sep 1, 2016 4909
Learn better by doing study--third-year results. Moye, Johnny; Dugger, William E., Jr.; Starkweather, Kendall N. Report Sep 1, 2016 6505
United Kingdom : The 2016 EdNext Poll including 10-year trends in public opinion. Aug 24, 2016 796
Select Teachers Launches State of the ESL Industry Survey. Aug 12, 2016 263
Personalizing professional learning: strategies for fostering a climate of professional development. Aug 1, 2016 1225
Baeme Preschool Teacher Cases Tentative Two Other Flexible Construction Geological Survey Services. Jul 26, 2016 129
Teachers give national tests low marks. Jul 22, 2016 335
'Schools testing a negative for pupils'. Jul 22, 2016 458
Taking the pulse of the teaching profession: giving teachers a stronger voice could reverse troubling job satisfaction trends. Goral, Tim Interview Jul 1, 2016 1379
Teachers report sharp growth in game-based learning. Sterling, Scott Jul 1, 2016 421
Surveying the field: primary school teachers' perceptions of the literacy capabilities of recently graduated primary school teachers. Exley, Beryl; Honan, Eileen; Kervin, Lisa; Simpson, Alyson; Wells, Muriel; Muspratt, Sandy Jun 1, 2016 2676
Students' Perspective on Teacher Performance and Teacher Effectiveness. Ortiz, Rosella O.; Abrera, Ramon G., Jr. Report Jun 1, 2016 6249
New Teachers Survey 2015-2016 - Classroom Experiences, Expectations and Needs - Research and Markets. May 31, 2016 568
New Teachers Survey 2015-2016 - Classroom Experiences, Expectations and Needs - Research and Markets. May 31, 2016 604
China,United States : World Bank Study Shows Shanghais #1 Global Ranking in Reading, Math, & Science Rests on Strong Education System with Great Teachers. May 18, 2016 837
Professional learning: What CTE teachers want. Green, Catherine; Moore, Cherise G. May 1, 2016 1930
Teacher autonomy unchanged by standards. Statistical data May 1, 2016 346
Teaching in the professional Exact Sciences Masters' Degree program: conceptions and knowledge of teachers in training/Ensino em mestrado profissional de Ciencias Exatas: concepcoes e saberes de professores em formacao/ Ensenanza en maestria profesional de Ciencias Exactas: concepciones y saberes de profesores en formacion. Schuck, Rogerio Jose; Martins, Silvana Neumann; Marchi, Miriam Ines; Grassi, Marlise Heemann May 1, 2016 4113
United Kingdom : Teachers express deep concerns about language learning. Apr 19, 2016 789
Teachers hampyeong golf and relocation services, construction geological survey. Apr 3, 2016 121
Embracing the common core. Apr 1, 2016 317
Adaptation and validation of the self efficacy sense questionnaire in a sample of Chilean teachers/Adaptacion y validacion del cuestionario sentimiento de autoeficacia en una muestra de profesores chilenos. Apablaza, Carmen Gloria Covarrubias; Lira, Michelle Celinda Mendoza Apr 1, 2016 5365
Vast majority of teachers oppose Government plans. Mar 29, 2016 208
Union seeks fair deal for supply teachers. Mar 28, 2016 167
Stressed-out teachers turn to drugs and alcohol, claim. Mar 26, 2016 451
TEACHERS IN STRESS CRISIS; Work pushes 47% to see doc; More turn to drink and drugs. Mar 26, 2016 320
New Survey Shows That Teachers Want to Help Break the Recruitment Crisis Cycle. Mar 24, 2016 1185
HEAD TEACHERS HIT OUT AT PRESSURE OF SCHOOL CUTS; Pupils' mental health suffer in cuts. Mar 23, 2016 344
Three in Four U.S. Teachers Say Open Educational Resources Are Used More Often Than Textbooks. Mar 8, 2016 857
U.S. Science teachers disregard unproven global-warming theory. Mar 7, 2016 321
Most UAE teachers 'unhappy' with salary. Mar 4, 2016 826
8 out of 10 teachers want to move job. Mar 2, 2016 896
8 out of 10 teachers working in UAE want to move job. Mar 2, 2016 899
What student cues prompt online instructors to offer caring interventions? Sitzman, Kathleen L. Mar 1, 2016 5175
Reimagining tenure reform from a teacher's perspective: teachers support changes in tenure, as long as they're changes that strengthen the profession and improve opportunities for students. Hoffman, Phylis Mar 1, 2016 1279
India: 80,000 teachers stay away from school daily. Feb 12, 2016 552
Third of teachers bring in food to feed hungry kids; some pupils so short of nourishment, they fall asleep at their desks, survey reveals. Jan 16, 2016 493
Work with wireless: delivering wireless access that meets the needs of your students and teachers calls for savvy vendor selection. Jan 1, 2016 788
What's hot, and what's losing steam in ed tech in 2016: our expert panelists weigh in on education technology to give us their verdict on which approaches to tech-enabled learning will have a major impact, which ones are stagnating and which ones might be better forgotten entirely. Thompson, Greg Jan 1, 2016 4488
Survey Highlights Teacher Demand for Bigger Role in Ed Tech Decision-making. Dec 15, 2015 966
Female genital mutilation/cutting: knowledge, practice and experiences of secondary schoolteachers in North Central Nigeria. Adeniran, A.S.; Fawole, A.A.; Balogun, O.R.; Ijaiya, M.A.; Adesina, K.T.; Adeniran, I.P. Report Dec 1, 2015 4588
The professional leadership and action research training model: supporting early childhood leadership. Stamopoulos, Elizabeth Dec 1, 2015 6772
The common form of test used for both formative, summative evaluation and otherScience Teachers' Teaching Competencies and Their Training Experience in Classroom Pedagogical Approaches. Azuelo, Andrea G.; Sariana, Lalaine G.; Manual, Alven Dec 1, 2015 3957
Lifestyle and Financial Management of Public School Teachers. Zarate, Pamfila B. Dec 1, 2015 3075
Relationship between Teaching Style and Students' Performance. Paulican, Apolinar T.; Paulican, Lorna T. Dec 1, 2015 4295
Survey: Over 41 percent of teachers exposed to violence by students, parents. Nov 23, 2015 530
Social, financial troubles, political pressure overshadows Teacher's Day. Nov 23, 2015 1116
Our government has little or no respect for us - CLAIMWALEs' teachers in new poll. Nov 9, 2015 745
Survey of Driving Instructors Reveals Surprising Teen Driver Mistakes. Oct 20, 2015 1077
Classroom Technology Use to Increase Amongst K-8 Students. Oct 16, 2015 940
Portrait des pratiques evaluatives declarees par des enseignants d'education physique et a la sante au primaire. Monfette, Olivia; Grenier, Johanne Essay Oct 1, 2015 7803
Make teaching more professional: are Americans signaling that they want changes that would boost the professionalism of teaching? Report Oct 1, 2015 2173
Virtual toolkit: Jane Shields surveys digital resources for teachers and their classrooms. Shields, Jane Oct 1, 2015 1536
Teachers' perceptions of developmentally appropriate practices in teaching reading and writing for first grade students in Kuwait. Al-Dhafiri, Mohammad Report Sep 22, 2015 5666
Bayer Pledges 1 Million Hands-On Science Learning Experiences For Children By 2020 To Help Inspire Next Generation Of Innovators. Sep 10, 2015 1840
Teaching and learning methodology in medical education: an analysis-in GSL Medical College, Rajahmundry, A. P. Devi, D. Vasundhara; Deedi, M. Kiran Sep 7, 2015 3594
Bone mineral density and diet of teachers of College of Home Economics at Lahore. Aug 31, 2015 3022
Technical and professional services to support teacher evaluation surveys. Aug 29, 2015 188
Wonka a must-read for young children, say teachers in poll. Jul 25, 2015 177
Virtual toolkit: Jane Shields surveys digital resources for teachers and their classrooms. Shields, Jane Jul 1, 2015 2204
Organizational analysis of school inclusion classes in France/ Analisis organizativo de las clases de inclusion escolar en Francia/ Analise organizativa das aulas de inclusao escolar na Franca. Cara-Diaz, Maria; Sola-Martinez, Tomas; Aznar-Diaz, Inmaculada; Fernandez-Martin, Francisco Survey Jul 1, 2015 6368
Lafkenche environmental knowledge in schools along the coast of Araucania (Chile)/Saberes ambientales lafkenche en escuelas de la costa de La Araucania (Chile)/Saberes ambientais lafkenche em zonas umidas costeiras de La Araucania (Chile). Rojas-Maturana, Marcela; Pena-Cortes, Fernando Jul 1, 2015 7913
Impact of Private tuition centers on Government educational institutions in District hyderabad. Jun 30, 2015 3494
Social network sites with learning purposes: exploring new spaces for literacy and learning in the primary classroom. Thibaut, Patricia Jun 1, 2015 8150
State Teachers of the Year Say Their School Funding Priorities are Anti-Poverty Initiatives, Early Learning and Reducing Barriers to Learning, According to New Survey Released Today. May 20, 2015 1097
Parents and Teachers are in Harmony About Students Learning Music, New National Study Shows. May 19, 2015 1326
'Unqualified school staff jeopardising education'. Apr 4, 2015 483
'Six in 10 teachers working alongside unqualified staff' Unqualified staff being 'exploited by schools'. Apr 4, 2015 627
Which methodology works better? English language teachers' awareness of the innovative language learning methodologies. Kurt, Mustafa Mar 22, 2015 6261
Supply teacher system 'failing Welsh pupils' Union calls for action after damning survey results. Mar 13, 2015 533
National Teacher Survey Demonstrates Support for Reform Efforts. Feb 5, 2015 923
Virtual toolkit: Jane Shields surveys digital resources for teachers and their classrooms. Shields, Jane Jan 1, 2015 2432
The prevalence of musculoskeletal pain and its associated factors among female Saudi school teachers. Dec 31, 2014 4897
Student-Teachers' Perspectives on Assessment Practices at Teacher-Training Institutes in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Dec 31, 2014 6745
Investigation of the rate of grade seven's natural sciences book adaption to Glifford's creativity elements on the teacher's view of Kurdistan state. Kariminasab, Naser; Garibi, Hasan Dec 15, 2014 4245
No common opinion on the common core: also * teacher grades, *school choices, * and other findings from the 2014 ednext poll. Henderson, Michael B.; Peterson, Paul E.; West, Martin R. Dec 9, 2014 5489
Parents concerned over quick access to children's teachers; But national WG study shows high level of satisfaction with most N.Wales schooling. Dec 6, 2014 410
Investigating factors related to job commitment of instructors of literacy movement in Baneh Township. Amini, Sharif; Kani, Osman Molavi; Alipour, Nader; Ahmadi, Mohsen Report Nov 1, 2014 4188
'Reading tests left our pupils in tears' Survey by NUT warns that teachers are still unconvinced by school regime. Oct 30, 2014 473
Teachers Favor Common Core Standards, Not the Testing. Lyons, Linda Survey Oct 29, 2014 1304
U.S. Teachers Offer Split Decision on Common Core. Saad, Lydia Survey Oct 28, 2014 1242
Teachers' pensions survey. Oct 20, 2014 149
Teachers voice fears over 'too challenging' numeracy and literacy tests; Testing pupils as young as seven on their proficiency in basic literacy and numeracy has been the subject of fierce debate in Wales. In light of a new survey which added fuel to an already raging fire, Education Wales asked the nation's union leaders for feedback from the sector's frontlines. Oct 9, 2014 1865
Survey Finds 94% of Teachers Would Consider Returning to Work Post Retirement. Oct 8, 2014 707
Survey Provides First-Hand Look at How One Year Has Affected Teachers' Views on the Common Core State Standards. Oct 3, 2014 1598
Lost in translation? teacher training and outcomes in high school economics classes. Valletta, Robert G.; Hoff, K. Jody; Lopus, Jane S. Oct 1, 2014 9897
Publishing and academic writing: experiences of authors who have published in PROFILE/Publicacion y escritura academica: experiencias de autores que han publicado en PROFILE. Cardenas, Melba L. Oct 1, 2014 4934
An investigation on the relation of organizational structure and climate with career path management. Danesh, Masoud Daliri; Afif, Ali Hemati; Nourbakhsh, Parivash Report Oct 1, 2014 3625
Journalists, Teachers Drink Most Coffee a[euro]" Survey. Sep 15, 2014 207
Learning A-Z's Reading Solution Voted a Top Resource for Teachers and Students in Independent Survey. Sep 9, 2014 649
Dedicated education unit: nurse perspectives on their clinical teaching role. Nishioka, Vicki M.; Coe, Michael T.; Hanita, Makoto; Moscato, Susan R. Sep 1, 2014 5661
Dedicated education unit: student perspectives. Nishioka, Vicki M.; Coe, Michael T.; Hanita, Makoto; Moscato, Susan R. Sep 1, 2014 5593
Motivation and job satisfaction of catholic school teachers/Motivation et satisfaction professionnelle des enseignants des ecoles catholiques/Motivacion y satisfaccion laboral del profesorado de escuelas catolicas. Convey, John J. Report Sep 1, 2014 8130
Student behavior management: school leader's role in the eyes of the teachers and students. Nooruddin, Shirin; Baig, Sharifullah Report Sep 1, 2014 8264
Kaplan University Launches Online Tool to Chart Professional Path in Education. Aug 19, 2014 552
e-Learning 'encourages student-teacher interaction'. Aug 6, 2014 418
Research Shows 34% of UK Adults are Not Saving for the Future. Aug 5, 2014 672
Social Validity Scale Token System + Red Bracelet. Brief article Aug 1, 2014 271
The relationship between emotional intelligence and job burnout. Kia, Alireza; Heidari, Aazam Report Jul 23, 2014 3468
Snap survey indicates teacher opinions on summer break split. Jul 11, 2014 238
Similarity of mothers' and preschool teachers' evaluations of socialization goals in a cross-cultural perspective. Doge, Paula; Keller, Heidi Report Jul 1, 2014 8807
A relationship marketing approach to education as a service: an application to the University of Valencia/Un enfoque de marketing de relaciones a la educacion como un servicio: aplicacion a la Universidad de Valencia/Uma visao de marketing de relacoes a educacao como um servico: aplicacao a Universidade de Valencia/Une approche de marketing de relations a l'education comme un service : application a l'universite de valence. Schlesinger, Maria Walesska; Taulet, Amparo Cervera; Bonillo, Maria Angeles Iniesta; Fernandez, Raqu Jul 1, 2014 9109
Self efficacy and some demographic variables as predictors of occupational stress among primary school teachers in Delta State of Nigeria. Akpochafo, G.O. Jun 22, 2014 3443
A typology of tasks for mobile-assisted language learning: recommendations from a small-scale needs analysis. Park, Moonyoung; Slater, Tammy Jun 22, 2014 9637
Towards a student-oriented approach to evaluate an EMP textbook. Sadeghi, Bahador; Baharvand, Zohreh Report Jun 20, 2014 4440
Nearly half of all Turkish teachers have never taken a vacation. Jun 19, 2014 341
Enhancing practice teachers' knowledge and skills using collaborative action learning sets. Haydock, Deborah; Evers, Jean Report Jun 1, 2014 4730
An emergency response to literacy: NAPLAN on MySchool. O'Mara, Joanne Jun 1, 2014 3862
Assessing the effectiveness of a school based oral health promotion amongst school teachers with regard to management of tooth avulsion. Kumar, Rajesh; Thomas, Abi M. Report May 5, 2014 2427
The contribution of gender, socio-economic status and socio-cultural influence to turkish students' task value beliefs in science. Kahraman, Nurcan; Sungur-Vural, Semra May 1, 2014 6328
A study of science teachers' homework practices. Tas, Yasemin; Vural, Semra Sungur; Oztekin, Ceren Report May 1, 2014 8649
Schools are using CCTV 'to spy on the teachers' - claim. Apr 21, 2014 508
Parents Lean in Favor of Common Core, but Many Unaware; Most support uniform standards, computerized tests, and teacher evaluation. Ogisi, Mitchell; Saad, Lydia Apr 11, 2014 1412
States in West and Midwest Lead Nation in Teacher Respect; Nevada, Louisiana residents see less respect for their educators. Kafka, Stephanie; Jeromchek, Jordan; Sorenson, Susan Apr 10, 2014 985
Pupil assault on teacher prompts union poll move. Apr 3, 2014 567
LGBT Report Reveals Teachers Suffering Discrimination. Mar 27, 2014 500
Encouraging students to persist when working on challenging tasks: some insights from teachers. Clarke, Doug; Roche, Anne; Cheeseman, Jill; Sullivan, Peter Report Mar 22, 2014 3965
SPECIAL NEEDS GET NEGLECTED; Survey reveals teachers' worries. Feb 28, 2014 227
20,000 Teachers Provide Powerful Insights on Teaching in an Era of Change in New Primary Sources Survey. Feb 25, 2014 1589
Teachers report rise in bad behaviour. Feb 14, 2014 574
More pupils behaving badly - teachers' poll. Feb 14, 2014 184
Teachers warn of porn threat. Feb 11, 2014 107
Students, Teachers and Parents Will Help Select World's Top 20 Education Poll. Feb 3, 2014 296
School-wide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS) in the classroom: assessing perceived challenges to consistent implementation in connecticut schools. Fallon, Lindsay M.; McCarthy, Scott R.; M. Hagermoser Sanetti Feb 1, 2014 6133
Harris Poll Finds Perceived Respect for Teachers Has Declined. Jan 23, 2014 1546
Survey of Children in Malaysia Reveals that Being an Actor/Actress is the New Career of Choice. Jan 6, 2014 1127
Master counselors as teachers: clinical practices of counselor educators. Ray, Dee C.; Jayne, Kimberly M.; Miller, Raissa M. Report Jan 1, 2014 6991
Teacher and health service staff values regarding sexuality education in an urban school district in Indiana. Herbert, Patrick C.; Henry, Dayna; Sherwood-Laughlin, Catherine M.; Angermeier, Lisa K. Jan 1, 2014 5399
Using Anchoring Vignettes to Calibrate Teachers' Self-Assessment of Teaching. Yuan, Kun; Engberg, John; Kaufman, Julia; Hamilton, Laura; Hill, Heather; Umland, Kristin; McCaffrey Report Jan 1, 2014 506
Primary Sources. Update: Teachers' Views on Common Core State Standards. Report Jan 1, 2014 541
Study on the Attitude of University Teachers and Students towards Global Issues Pertaining to Human Rights: Exploring Global Perspective through Local Disposition. Dec 31, 2013 5392
New schedule: Bad grade. Dec 24, 2013 697
An investigation of the impact of racially diverse teachers on the reading skills of fourth-grade students in a one race school. Burt, Jo Linn; Ortlieb, Evan T.; Cheek, Earl H., Jr. Dec 22, 2013 6362
The effects behavior problems in preschool children have on their school adjustment. Yoleri, Sibel Dec 22, 2013 4758
Career development and professional attrition of novice ESL teachers of adults. Valeo, Antonella; Faez, Farahnaz Dec 22, 2013 8271
Ministry sought to profile students, teachers through questionnaires. Dec 2, 2013 480
Teaching graduate career classes: a national survey of career instructors. Osborn, Debra S.; Dames, Levette S. Dec 1, 2013 6372
Cyber bullying 'everyday life' for half of young people. Brief article Dec 1, 2013 220
Knowledge, attitude and practice regarding oral health among the rural government primary school teachers of Mangalore, India. Amith, H.V.; D'Cruz, Audrey Madonna; Shirahatti, Ravi V. Author abstract Dec 1, 2013 4622
Science teachers' and senior secondary schools students' perceptions of earth and environmental science topics. Dawson, Vaille; Carson, Katherine Dec 1, 2013 8916
Using large-scale assessment scores to determine student grades. Miller, Tess Nov 1, 2013 11720
The relationship between social influence and job performance of the physical education teachers in Isfahan. Shayganfard, Parvin; Mostahfezian, Mina; Rahimi, Ghasem Report Nov 1, 2013 1505
Investigation of relationship between school-based management and creativity of principals and teachers in public schools for boys at Mahmoud Abad city. Zare, Morteza; Zadeh, Reza Hossien Survey Nov 1, 2013 4206
BRITAIN'S HUNGRY CHILDREN; Desperate schoolkids forced to steal leftovers; 1,700 teachers reveal crisis in our shock poll; AS THE TORIES ANNOUNCE MORE SAVAGE CUTS WE REVEAL THE SCANDAL OF FAMILIES TOO POOR TO FEED THEIR YOUNGSTERS; EXCLUSIVE. Oct 1, 2013 139
The value of teacher's skills in the teaching of the management/ O valor das competencias docentes no ensino da Administracao/El valor de las habilidades de los profesores en la ensenanza de la administracion . Kuhl, Marcos Roberto; Macaneiro, Marlete Beatriz; da Cunha, Joao Carlos; da Cunha, Sieglinde Kindl Author abstract Oct 1, 2013 10499
The relationship between collegiate band members' preferences of teacher interpersonal behavior and perceived self-efficacy. Royston, Natalie Steele Sep 1, 2013 7111
A longitudinal examination of the relationship between teacher burnout and depression. Shin, Hyojung; Noh, Hyunkyung; Jang, Yoojin; Park, Yang Min; Lee, Sang Min Clinical report Sep 1, 2013 6320
Investigation of relationship between school-based management and creativity of principals and teachers in public schools for boys at Khoy City. Emamverdi, Sajjad; Gahramani, Jafar Report Sep 1, 2013 4171
Media influence on the pedagogical look at stuttering: initial reflections/Influencia da midia sobre o olhar pedagogico da gagueira: reflexoes iniciais. Celeste, Leticia Correa; Russo, Lourene Cristina; de Souza Fonseca, Luciene Mendes Sep 1, 2013 5271
Call for teachers' pay to be linked k to performance in the classroom; MAJORITY WANT SCHOOLS TO BE ALLOWED TO SET SALARIES. Jul 25, 2013 606
Survey Says Adults Should Encourage Science Students to be Curious, Best Science Teachers are Hands On. Jul 16, 2013 710
Keep calm and carry on? An investigation of teacher burnout in a post-disaster context. Kuntz, Joana R.C.; Naswall, Katharina; Bockett, Amanda Author abstract Jul 1, 2013 7942
Are the arts important in schooling? Clear messages from the voices of pre-service generalist teachers in Australia. Garvis, Susanne; Lemon, Narelle Report Jul 1, 2013 3289
Teacher perspectives on inclusive education in rural Alberta, Canada. McGhie-Richmond, Donna; Irvine, Angela; Loreman, Tim; Cizman, Juna Lea; Lupart, Judy Report Jul 1, 2013 11541
Assessing the Parental Involvement in Schooling of Children in Public/Private Schools, and its Impact on their Achievement at Elementary Level. Hashmi, Aroona; Akhter, Mumtaz Report Jun 30, 2013 3787
Using Student Surveys to Monitor Teacher Effectiveness: Q&A with Dr. Ronald Ferguson. REL Mid-Atlantic Teacher Effectiveness Webinar Series. Jun 27, 2013 217
Teaching 'on the verge of crisis' as 52% of staff think of quitting profession; NASUWT POLL SAYS 74%OF TEACHERS SUFFER FROM EXCESSIVE WORKLOAD. Jun 26, 2013 767
Surveys of teacher education graduates and their principals: the value of the data for program improvement. Beare, Paul; Torgerson, Colleen; Marshall, Jim; Tracz, Susan; Chiero, Robin Jun 22, 2013 7789
The prevalence of obesity among female teachers of child-bearing age in Ghana. Pobee, Ruth Adisetu; Owusu, W.B.; Plahar, W.A. Report Jun 1, 2013 5557
Teachers, Engineers and Scientists Among Most Likely to Gain Weight on the Job, CareerBuilder Survey Finds. May 30, 2013 1112
Teachers express concern over pupil road safety. May 7, 2013 118
Increasing Students' Perceptions of Being Valued through the Study of Multicultural Literature and Analysis of Diversity Related Issues in a Regular Level Sophomore English Class. Goughnour, Martha Jean Report May 1, 2013 754
Unqualified staff being used as teachers - poll. Apr 4, 2013 584
The MetLife Survey of the American Teacher: Listening to Teachers in Rural Schools. Report Apr 3, 2013 233
Professional Problems Experienced by Information Technology Teachers and Suggested Solutions: Longitudinal Survey. Keser, Hafize; Cetinkaya, Levent Report Apr 1, 2013 477
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