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'Teachers have given food or clothes to their pupils'. CATHERINE WYLIE Press Association Sep 8, 2022 461
Teachers offer help; MINUTE BRIEFING. Sep 5, 2022 153
Questionnaires based evaluation of teaching and learning methods among MBBS, BDS and Nursing students. Muhammad Aamir Rafique, Muhammad Adnan Akram, Farrukh Aqil, Maria Khan, Zuhha Nawaz, Arooj Fatima an Aug 31, 2022 2485
'I was stunned, shocked, horrified, in denial. I couldn't speak and didn't want to talk to anyone' TEACHER SPREADS AWARENESS OF BLOOD CANCER. Kristy Dawson Reporter Aug 28, 2022 1795
Application of Psychological Contract Theory in Mental Health and Professional Development of University Teachers. Zhang, Huixiao Aug 25, 2022 6713
Teachers need to work hard on students. Aug 8, 2022 405
1 in 5 A-Level pupils missed more than 20 days of school due to Covid disruption; Teachers expressed fears about the impact on disadvantaged teenagers, with a poll showing 72% of staff thought the attainment gap would widen after the return of traditional exams. By, Lizzy Buchan Aug 4, 2022 791
95% Of African Teachers Affirm Tech In Teaching Environment - Report. Aug 3, 2022 652
The Teaching of Sports Physical Education Skills under Exercise Physiology Based on Support Vector Machine. Jiang, Zhen Jul 30, 2022 7199
The UK's dream jobs and what they pay -from teacher to football manager; Survey says it's not just about the money. By, Phil Norris Jul 27, 2022 596
Pulse Asia survey says 50% of Filipinos think public school teachers are underpaid. Jul 20, 2022 248
English Translation Ability for Cultivation Mode Based on Multimodal Auxiliary Scaffolding Teaching Method. Meng, Jie Jul 19, 2022 6813
Three quarters of children arrive at primary school hungry, say teachers; Teachers fear the cost-of-living crisis will only exacerbate the situation. By, Steven Smith Jul 6, 2022 707
Contextualization of Training Input in Multi-Level Replication and Scaling-up Approach in EFL Teacher-Training /Contextualizacion de modulos de capacitacion como estrategia para la repeticion multinivel y el escalamiento en la formacion de docentes de ingles. Acosta, Hazel; Cajas, Diego; Minchala, Elizabeth Jul 1, 2022 7708
The Factors Contributing to Language Teachers' Effectiveness in an EFL Learning Context: A Questionnaire Validation Study /Factores que contribuyen a la eficacia de los docentes de idiomas en un contexto de aprendizaje del ingles como lengua extranjera: estudio de validacion de un cuestionario. Nayernia, Akram; Nosrati, Rana; Mohebbi, Hassan Jul 1, 2022 7702
Teacher Mental Health and Leaves of Absences: A Pilot Study Examining Gender and Care. Ferguson, Kristen; James, Yvonne; Bourgeault, Ivy Jun 22, 2022 10612
THIS IS US: Latent Profile Analysis of Canadian Teachers' Burnout during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Babb, Jeff; Sokal, Laura; Trudel, Lesley Eblie Jun 22, 2022 9730
Immersive Learning Method of Ideological and Political Education under Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Yu, Yan Jun 15, 2022 5381
Survey reveals differing views on need for teachers' incentives, majority in support of reintroducing corporal punishment. Survey Jun 13, 2022 311
Warning for Year Six children preparing to start secondary school this year; Teachers say they are not ready socially, emotionally or adacemically. By, Neil Shaw Jun 13, 2022 522
Warning for Year Six children preparing to start secondary school this year; Teachers say they are not ready socially, emotionally or adacemically. By, Neil Shaw Jun 13, 2022 522
Investigating teachers' perspectives towards using Neuro-linguistic programming in teaching English as a foreign language in Sudan university of Science and Technology and Nile valley university. Adam, Osman Abdelrhman Ishag Report Jun 1, 2022 1701
Construction and Research of Constructive English Teaching Model Applying Multimodal Neural Network Algorithm. Zhang, Nan; Wang, Hao May 26, 2022 7724
Teaching and Integrating Women's Studies into the Classroom: Perspectives of Elementary Teachers. Lucey, Thomas May 8, 2022 4546
School improvement and teachers' collaborative professional development for inclusive education: A Swedish case. Lelinge, Balli; Alwall, Jonas May 6, 2022 9112
Development of an Inquiry Stance? Perceptions of Preservice Teachers and Teacher Educators Toward Preservice Teacher Inquiry in Dutch Primary Teacher Education. van Katwijk, Lidewij; Jansen, Ellen; van Veen, Klaas Report May 1, 2022 10244
Implementation of in-person classes needs 'more support', teachers say. Apr 24, 2022 398
Some teachers spend 'more than P3K' to prepare for face-to-face classes --- survey. Apr 23, 2022 417
Higher teacher participation seen in face-to-face classes despite 'extremely low' number of students. Apr 22, 2022 396
Ample funding, more comprehensive plan for safe school reopening needed as PH resumes face-to-face learning --- survey. Apr 21, 2022 494
Metro Manila teachers lament 'weak' internet service in schools --- survey. Apr 18, 2022 399
Teachers to debate limit on 'rising' class sizes. Apr 17, 2022 170
Teachers to debate class sizes. Apr 17, 2022 251
Three quarters of teachers say class sizes have gone up, impacting behaviour and learning; Most say class sizes have a negative impact on pupils' progress and behaviour, according to a new survey. By, Mikey Smith Apr 17, 2022 296
Poor pupils so exhausted they struggle to concentrate in class, teachers warn; Teachers reported children were tired in class or turning up hungry and in dirty or badly fitting uniforms as the Government faced urgent calls to ease pressures on struggling families. By, Lizzy Buchan Apr 13, 2022 552
Life lessons go beyond the classroom; THOUGHT of the day. Apr 5, 2022 465
Socioaffective factors related to engagement in regular classes of academically gifted adolescent students in Taiwan. Wang, Wen-Ling Report Apr 1, 2022 4422
Long-Term Prevalence and Risk Factors of Musculoskeletal Disorders among the Schoolteachers in Hail, Saudi Arabia: A Cross-Sectional Study. Althomali, Omar W. Report Mar 18, 2022 5084
'We are losing good teachers'. Madhu Krishnamurthy Mar 10, 2022 530
'We are losing good teachers' Shortages: Teachers 'burned out, not making enough money'. Madhu Krishnamurthy Mar 10, 2022 530
Exploring the predictive role of teacher immediacy and stroke behaviors in English as a foreign language university students' academic burnout. Derakhshan, Ali; Eslami, Zohreh R.; Curle, Samantha; Zhaleh, Kiyana Mar 1, 2022 9676
Teachers are having to buy books to adequately stock their classrooms, report finds; The Centre for Literacy in Primary Education discovered four in 10 teachers were having to purchase literature for children. By, Catherine Lough, PA Education Correspondent & Jamie Barwick Feb 28, 2022 612
'Scary' report on Borno teachers: only 31% competent; 3,815 untrainable. Feb 18, 2022 604
Teachers in 'eye of the storm' in pandemic. Feb 15, 2022 195
Nine in 10 teachers say their job has negatively impacted their mental health; Many said they had experienced higher levels of stress. By, Catherine Lough (PA) & Steven Smith Feb 14, 2022 455
Nine in 10 teachers say their job has negatively impacted their mental health; Many said they had experienced higher levels of stress. By, Catherine Lough (PA) & Steven Smith Feb 14, 2022 455
Nine in 10 teachers say their job has negatively impacted their mental health; Many said they had experienced higher levels of stress. By, Catherine Lough (PA) & Steven Smith Feb 14, 2022 455
Nine in 10 teachers say their job has negatively impacted their mental health; Many said they had experienced higher levels of stress. By, Catherine Lough (PA) & Steven Smith Feb 14, 2022 455
Shortage of teachers hits schools. Jan 13, 2022 1559
55% of Metro Manila teachers have flu-like symptoms, group says. Jan 11, 2022 449
Effort-reward imbalance and job burnout in preschool teachers: A moderated mediation model. Guo, Liping; Huang, Mingming; Wang, Yaqin; Shi, Song; Yang, Manhua; Shuai, Jing Report Jan 1, 2022 5624
A Task-based Teacher Development Program in a Rural Public School in Colombia/Un Programa de Desarrollo Profesional Docente Basado en Tareas en una Escuela Rural Publica de Colombia. Coronado-Rodriguez, Claudia Camila; Aguilar-Pena, Luisa Fernanda; Jaime-Osorio, Maria Fernanda Report Jan 1, 2022 7378
Examination of inclusive educational experiences of refugee students in secondary and high schools in Turkey. Kazu, Hilal; Deniz, Emrullah Report Jan 1, 2022 9656
Teaching Reform of College Basketball Multimedia Video Image from the Perspective of Basketball Culture. Zheng, Bo; Qu, Guangcai Dec 31, 2021 12341
Situation in Special Education: Interaction between Teachers and Children Who Have Intellectual Disability and Who Display Challenging Behaviours. Guikas, Ioanna; Morin, Diane Dec 22, 2021 8410
The Role of Instructors in Students' Attitude towards Online Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case of Tahfiz Students. Buniamin, Sharifah; Akil, Norasmaizan Yusoff; Hamid, Muhammad Hafizan Abd; Rahim, Mohamad Marzuqi Ab Dec 15, 2021 5745
Teaching Challenges and Strategies of Malaysian Educators in Online Teaching during COVID-19 Pandemic. Masrom, Umi Kalsom; Idris, Mardiana; Jusoh, Zailani Survey Dec 15, 2021 3960
Teachers, stakeholders recognized for making DepEd the 'most trusted' nat'l gov't agency. Dec 3, 2021 476
Identification of Preferred Learning Style of Medical and Dental Students Using VARK Questionnaire. Fahim, Ayesha; Rehman, Saba; Fayyaz, Fariha; Javed, Mariyah; Alam, Muhammad Anwaar; Rana, Sadia; Jaf Report Oct 18, 2021 4203
Teachers tell of pandemic concerns. ABBIE WIGHTWICK Education editor Oct 8, 2021 596
The huge numbers of school leaders in Wales considering leaving their jobs; A survey of 78,000 education professionals across Wales reveals the impact of the pandemic on wellbeing and workload for teachers, headteachers and learning support staff. By, Abbie Wightwick Oct 7, 2021 861
Phonics and play-literacy: Parental expectations of an early childhood literacy program. Campbell, Stacey Report Oct 1, 2021 8987
Better Together: Mathematics and Science Pre-Service Teachers' Sensemaking about STEM. Lawson, Michael A.; Herrick, Imogen R.; Rosenberg, Joshua M. Report Oct 1, 2021 8337
The Importance of FFA and SAE Activities: A Comparison of Texas Principals' and Teachers' Perceptions. Doss, Will; Rayfield, John Oct 1, 2021 6425
Survey of Nunavut Post-Secondary Students: Determinants of School Completion, Post-Secondary Education, and Education Success. Sallaffie, Moriah; Cherba, Maria; Akearok, Gwen K. Healey; Penney, Jessica Survey Sep 22, 2021 7009
Assessing the Role of Exposure to Learning Styles Theory on K-12 Teachers: A Survey-Based Analysis. English, Alan Sep 22, 2021 7678
How Can We Better Support Teaching Multimodal Composition? A National Survey of Institutional Professional Development Efforts. Chen, Chen Sep 22, 2021 7559
Ghana teachers embrace digital learning. Sep 22, 2021 1208
Learning to Plan During the Clinical Experience: How Visions of Teaching Influence Novices' Opportunities to Practice. Windschitl, Mark; Lohwasser, Karin; Tasker, Tammy Report Sep 1, 2021 10395
Psychological empowerment increases retention intention among Chinese kindergarten teachers: A moderated mediation model. Ma, Lina; Zhou, Fusheng Report Sep 1, 2021 4740
School mask, vaccine mandates supported in US: AP-NORC poll. COLLIN BINKLEY and HANNAH FINGERHUT Associated Press Aug 24, 2021 945
District admin seeks citizen's cooperation in conducting corona vaccination surveys. Aug 7, 2021 170
District admin seeks citizen's cooperation in conducting corona vaccination surveys. Aug 7, 2021 170
Antecedents and consequences of college students' satisfaction with online learning. Um, Nam-Hyun; Jang, Ahnlee Report Aug 1, 2021 4795
One in five teachers in richer areas face grades pressure from pushy parents; A new survey found 17% of teachers at state schools in affluent areas had been approached by parents about their child's grades, rising to one in four (23%) at private schools. By, Lizzy Buchan Jul 29, 2021 776
Teachers fears Covid could overrun congested schools. Jul 27, 2021 467
Teachers fear Covid could overrun congested schools. Jul 27, 2021 467
Heads may be forced to lose teachers in cash crisis. Jul 22, 2021 268
Heads warning of teacher cuts amid cash crisis; NEARLY HALF OF CITY SCHOOLS OVER BUDGET IN THE LAST ACADEMIC YEAR. JONATHAN WALKER Political Editor Jul 17, 2021 404
Does Gender Matter? Job Stress, Work-Life Balance, Health and Job Satisfaction among University Teachers in India. Solanki, Sandip; Mandaviya, Meeta Report Jul 1, 2021 5530
Home-School Cooperation in Rural Kindergartens: A Survey Study with Chinese Kindergarten Teachers. Zhang, Nini; Yu, Dongqing; Guo, Karen Jul 1, 2021 7239
Perceptions of Strength Training in Dance. Farmer, Claire; Brouner, James Jul 1, 2021 5742
Partnership to Support the Social and Emotional Learning of Teachers: A New Teacher Learning Community. Flushman, Tanya; Guise, Megan; Hegg, Sarah Jun 22, 2021 10873
Financial Literacy Education in Ontario: An Exploratory Study of Elementary Teachers' Perceptions, Attitudes, and Practices. Henderson, Gail E.; Beach, Pamela; Coombs, Andrew Jun 22, 2021 8741
The Impact of COVID-19 on Student Perceptions of Education and Engagement. Castro, Esther; George, Jessie Jun 1, 2021 4244
Schools closed until teachers, students get there jabs. May 31, 2021 156
Scotland's replacement Highers system: There will be hell to pay if teachers' fears are borne out - Scotsman comment; In words that clearly spoke for large numbers of Scotland's teachers and pupils, one head described the 'alternative certification model' - the replacement for this year's cancelled exams - as a "nightmare of stress for both staff and pupils". Scotsman comment May 29, 2021 433
Four fifths of teachers think Scottish exam replacements are unfair and blame SQA for 'disaster'; Teachers have described the new assessment process brought in after exams were scrapped as a result of Covid lockdowns as a "nightmare of stress" for senior pupils and colleagues, as a new survey found just 20 per cent think the tests being sat by children are "fair and reasonable". Gina Davidson May 28, 2021 927
Regional superintendents address Illinois' teacher shortage. RAYMON TRONCOSO Capitol News Illinois May 19, 2021 1695
Halfway into the school year under distance learning, issues on access, quality, safety still persist. May 11, 2021 676
What influences teachers' self-efficacy in East Asia? Evidence from the 2018 Teaching and Learning International Survey. An, Yi; Li, Li; Wei, Xiaoman Report May 1, 2021 6094
The pulse of public school teachers. Editorial May 1, 2021 754
Teacher Educator Technology Integration Preparation Practices Around TPACK in the United States. Voithofer, Rick; Nelson, Michael J. Report May 1, 2021 11006
A Survey of Blind Orientation and Mobility Specialists about the Accommodations and Teaching Strategies They Use When Providing Orientation and Mobility Services. Griffin-Shirley, Nora; Bozeman, Laura; Nguyen, The; Othuon, Vitalis; Page, Anita; Hahm, Juhyun; Hahm May 1, 2021 5698
An Investigation into Preservice English Teacher Educators' Online Teaching Experiences. Kosar, Gulten Survey May 1, 2021 7170
Distance learning taking toll on teachers' physical, mental health -- poll. Apr 29, 2021 760
DepEd urged to help teachers, staff who tested positive from COVID-19. Apr 22, 2021 491
Detached from reality? Group asks DepEd to 'survey' its COVID-19 situation. Apr 21, 2021 589
DepEd urged to do 'more relevant profiling' by checking on teachers' situation amid the pandemic. Apr 20, 2021 523
Briones: Identifying teachers' affiliations 'standard requirement'. Apr 19, 2021 279
'Over third of teachers won't be in education in five years'. Apr 8, 2021 406
Majority of teachers in England do not back extending the school day to help kids catch up; The nation's Education Secretary has confirmed that a change to the summer holidays and longer school days are being considered. By, Nisha Mal Apr 7, 2021 490
Almost 80% of teachers say pandemic affected mental health. Apr 3, 2021 166
Teachers' mental health hit by Covid-19. Apr 3, 2021 182
Teachers' mental health hit by Covid-19. Apr 3, 2021 182
Preservice Teachers' Acceptance of Virtual Reality to Plan Science Instruction. Eutsler, Lauren; Long, Christopher S. Report Apr 1, 2021 9082
New report examines attitudes toward education in pandemic. GRACE BARBIC Capitol News Illinois Mar 26, 2021 890
New report examines attitudes toward education as pandemic continues Poll shows virtual learning impacts teachers, students alike. GRACE BARBIC Capitol News Illinois Mar 26, 2021 890
New report examines attitudes towards education as pandemic continues. GRACE BARBIC Capitol News Illinois Mar 25, 2021 846
Pandemic Pedagogy: What We Learned from the Sudden Transition to Online Teaching and How It Can Help Us Prepare to Teach Writing in an Uncertain Future. Sheppard, Jennifer Survey Mar 22, 2021 8951
Mansehra teachers refuse to carry out household survey. Mar 10, 2021 386
School districts struggle with teacher, substitute shortages Shortage. RAYMON TRONCOSO Capitol News Illinois Mar 3, 2021 934
School districts struggle with teacher, substitute shortages Teacher: More are needed. RAYMON TRONCOSO Capitol News Illinois Mar 3, 2021 934
Foreign language education in rural schools: Struggles and initiatives among generalist teachers teaching English in Mexico. Izquierdo, Jesus; Zuniga, Silvia Patricia Aquino; Martinez, Veronica Garcia Mar 1, 2021 8687
Students, teachers are 'strongest supporters' of face-to-face learning, DepEd says. Feb 18, 2021 279
Teachers refuse to conduct National Prosperity Survey. Feb 14, 2021 269
Preschool teachers' social support and intention to stay: A moderated mediation model. Guo, Liping; Gai, Guoying; Huang, Mingming; Wang, Anquan; Yang, Liheng; Ling, Xiaojun Report Feb 1, 2021 6770
Teachers should get jab ahead of others, says poll. JONATHAN WALKER Political editor Feb 1, 2021 747
Region is backing call for teachers to get jab sooner. Jan 30, 2021 391
Safety, equitable access to education under distance learning still worry students, parents, teachers. Jan 30, 2021 477
VAXX T XX TO SCHOOL; CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: BRITS WANT TEACHERS TO GET JAB Poll backs our campaign Classroom safety fears. PIPPA CRERAR Political Editor Jan 29, 2021 424
VAXX TO SCHOOL; CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: BRITS WANT TEACHERS TO GET JAB Poll backs our campaign Classroom safety fears. PIPPA CRERAR Political Editor Jan 29, 2021 423
Public back teachers getting half-term Covid jabs to re-open schools again; A poll found that 46% of people said school and nursery staff should come before healthy 60 to 69-year-olds, ahead of 42% for emergency service workers, in a bid to get children back in lessons. By, Pippa Crerar & Jeremy Armstrong & Pippa Crerar & Jeremy Armstrong Jan 29, 2021 1287
Group cites 'multiple signs' of failure in distance education. Jan 28, 2021 670
Teachers union protests cumbersome additional duties. Jan 25, 2021 492
There's insufficient help for poorer families struggling with home learning, survey suggests; Just 5 per cent of teachers in state schools said that all their pupils had access to a device to aid home learning. By, Eleanor Busby & Kirsty Bosley Jan 21, 2021 569
Empty rhetoric claim over safeguarding of teachers in pandemic. Jan 4, 2021 252
What Do Surveys of Program Completers Tell Us About Teacher Preparation Quality? Bastian, Kevin C.; Sun, Min; Lynn, Heather Report Jan 1, 2021 11608
How Methods Instructors and Program Administrators Promote Teacher Education Program Coherence. Cavanna, Jillian M.; Elreda, Lauren Molloy; Youngs, Peter; Pippin, James Report Jan 1, 2021 11440
Understanding Preservice Teacher Dispositions: Implications for Social Justice and Educational Policy. Saultz, Andrew; Lyons, Abigail I.; Aronson, Brittany; Sander, Scott A.; Malin, Joel R. Jan 1, 2021 10596
Measurement Invariance of the Sensitive Assessment for Gender Equality (SAGE) Index Across Degree: Findings from two Teacher Education Programmes in Spain. Miralles-Cardona, Cristina; Chiner, Esther; Cardona-Molto, Maria Cristina Jan 1, 2021 8873
A study of the effects of work-family conflict, family-work conflict, and work-life balance on Saudi female teachers' performance in the public education sector with job satisfaction as a moderator. Al-Alawi, Adel Ismail; Al-Saffar, Eman; Alomohammedsaleh, Zahraa; Alotaibi, Hessa; Al-Alawi, Ebtesam Report Jan 1, 2021 6475
Factors that Motivate High School Agriculture Teachers to Teach. Ismail, Normala; Miller, Greg Jan 1, 2021 6368
Checking-in to Create Instructor-Student Immediacy in Honors. Kadlecek, Cadi; Bott-Knutson, Rebecca; Holmquist, Hanna Jan 1, 2021 1046
Identification of Preferred Learning Style of Medical and Dental Students Using VARK Questionnaire. Fahim, Ayesha; Rehman, Saba; Fayyaz, Fariha; Javed, Mariyah; Alam, Muhammad Anwaar; Rana, Sadia; Jaf Report Jan 1, 2021 4205
The Prevalence of Hypertension and Associated Risk Factors among Secondary School Teachers in Bahir Dar City Administration, Northwest Ethiopia. Damtie, Destaw; Bereket, Ayehu; Bitew, Denekew; Kerisew, Bizuayehu Survey Jan 1, 2021 8065
A survey of Korean elementary schoolteachers on their communication with students and parents from migrant backgrounds and the need for quality language services. Lee, Jieun Jan 1, 2021 7802
What Kind of Person Should an Education System Raise? A Survey of Teachers' Views in Turkey. Soner Dogan Dec 31, 2020 6209
Scottish teachers say social distancing 'often impossible' in classrooms; Scotland's teachers have raised widespread concerns over Covid-19 safety in classrooms, with fears over a lack of social distancing, ventilation and even accurate recording of cases. Scott Macnab Dec 16, 2020 583
Almost 30% of 'hagwon' teachers lost jobs amid pandemic: survey. Dec 9, 2020 376
30% of cram school instructors lose jobs amid pandemic. Dec 7, 2020 290
Cross-country comparison of EFL teacher preparedness to include dyslexic learners: Validation of a questionnaire. Nijakowska, Joanna; Tsagari, Dina; Spanoudis, George Dec 1, 2020 9786
Medical Students' Perception about Online Teaching Methods during COVID-19 Pandemic. Kui, Andreea; Negucioiu, Marius; Berar, Antonela; Fluerasu, Mirela; Iacob, Simona; Manziuc, Manuela; Nov 30, 2020 3763
Workload drives teachers to brink of quitting. Nov 26, 2020 178
Teachers warn of digital divide making it impossible to teach most deprived kids; The Teach First charity said schools with children from the wealthiest families were 29% more likely to use donations to pay for digital devices compared with schools with the poorest pupils, where the figure was just 10%. By, Ben Glaze Nov 23, 2020 585
82% public school teachers happy with quality of training course, finds survey. Nov 15, 2020 191
NATS VISITS AATS. Nov 1, 2020 2334
Perceptions of Assistive Technology by Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments in Jordan. Zboon, Eman, Al- Report Nov 1, 2020 6398
Teachers say lockdown has widened the 'word-gap'. Oct 23, 2020 202
Lookism: beauty still trumps brains in too many workplaces - Professor Christopher Warhurst and Professor Dennis Nickson; Universities position themselves as places where brains matter. It seems strange then that students at a US university would rate attractive academics to be better teachers. Christopher Warhurst and Dennis Nickson Oct 22, 2020 1131
Teachers' group launches Oct. 5 school opening hotline. Sep 24, 2020 323
Do You Really Want to Do This? Teacher Candidate Perspectives on Imperfect Placements. Olmstead, Kathleen; Ashton, Jennifer Randhare; Wilkens, Christian Peter Sep 22, 2020 9161
Dispositional Positive Emotions and Employee Engagement in University Teachers: Mediating Role of Appreciative Inquiry. Ameer, Iqra; Zubair, Aisha Report Sep 22, 2020 6095
Food for thought; surge in kids coming to class hungry More than a quarter of teachers see rise in numbers. VIVIENNE AITKEN Sep 16, 2020 369
Teachers concerned at failure to cut class sizes; ? Union calls for more staff to allow effective social distancing. DAVID MCPHEE Sep 12, 2020 437
Implications for bachelor of nursing programs when using student experience survey findings as an indicator of course quality. Smith, Morgan R.; Henderson, Saras; Grealish, Laurie Report Sep 1, 2020 4004
Public School Instruction About Evolution Improving, Says New Report. Sep 1, 2020 220
Students 'falling months behind'. Sep 1, 2020 485
Students 'falling months behind'. Sep 1, 2020 474
Students 'falling months behind'. Sep 1, 2020 485
Students 'falling months behind'. Sep 1, 2020 474
Students 'falling months behind'. Sep 1, 2020 474
Students 'falling months behind'. Sep 1, 2020 474
Students 'falling months behind'. Sep 1, 2020 485
Students 'falling months behind'. Sep 1, 2020 474
Students 'falling months behind'. Sep 1, 2020 474
Students 'falling months behind'. Sep 1, 2020 474
Students 'falling months behind'. Sep 1, 2020 474
What Constitutes an "Opportunity to Learn" in Teacher Preparation? Cohen, Julie; Berlin, Rebekah Clinical report Sep 1, 2020 10719
Management Students' Perceptions of Online Teaching Quality. Zhang, Jing; Bakeman, Melissa; Flaherty, Patrick T.; Johnson, Ann; Schreihans, Cynthia; Addae, Helen Sep 1, 2020 11800
Teachers praised for return to class. JAMIE HALL Aug 31, 2020 546
The Implementation of the Lesson Study Strategy in Teaching Mathematics: Teachers' Perspectives. Alamri, Naem M. Report Aug 31, 2020 6538
An Observation of a Resident-as-Teacher Combined with Tutor Guided Hysteroscopy Teaching Program for Standardized Residency Training (SRT) in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Yang, Ye; Li, Li Yan; Sang, Lin Wei; Yang, Bin Yong; Zhu, Ping Ya; Dai, Lei; Bao, Wei; Liu, Wei; Wu, Aug 31, 2020 7694
Two-timers tables; Teachers top love cheat class. EXCLUSIVE BY STIAN ALEXANDER Aug 30, 2020 393
Teachers 'are UK's number one love cheats' as half admit fling with colleague; EXCLUSIVE: Some 54 per cent in a poll said they had enjoyed extracurricular activity with a fellow teacher or school worker. Two-thirds of cheats even bragged they would do it again. By, Stian Alexander Aug 29, 2020 419
QUESTIONS & NO ANSWERS; CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: TEACHER STRESS AS NEW YEAR BEGINS; 71% of Ulster educational professionals feel unprepared; Union says survey shows anxiety levels of staff here. SHAUNA CORR Aug 25, 2020 1047
School leavers 'dream of becoming influencers, app developers and drone pilots'; Research by Samsung's Alternative Careers Guide suggests teens are no longer interested in traditional jobs like being an accountant, teacher or lawyer. By, Martyn Landi, PA & Sarah Hughes Aug 20, 2020 564
Two-thirds of teachers support mandatory masks for older pupils; The final results of a survey by the Educational Institute of Scotland about the return to schools of children were released today. Conor Matchett Aug 10, 2020 1040
School's back.. but if lessons aren't being learned, walking out could be the only option we have left; TEACHERS POLLED ON USE OF FACE MASKS EIS boss Safety strikes not ruled out. John Ferguson / Political Editor Aug 9, 2020 626
Schools: Survey finds just 18% of teachers feel safe to return. Aug 8, 2020 174
One in five teachers think Scottish schools are safe to reopen, says union; Interim results from a survey by Scotland's largest teaching union indicate a lack of confidence in schools returning. Conor Matchett Aug 7, 2020 546
WHAT MEMBERS WANT: Evaluation of The AFMLTA Communications and Professional Learning Member Survey, 2018. Scrimgeour, Andrew; Morgan, Anne-Marie Aug 1, 2020 4687
ACT says schools, teachers 'not ready' for Aug. 24. Jul 25, 2020 588
Survey: Teachers fearful over safety of reopening. DANIEL BOAL Jul 3, 2020 284
Digital Competence: A Study from the Perspective of Pre-service Teachers in Turkey. Cebi, Ayca; Reisoglu, Ilknur Jul 1, 2020 7188
Transforming Pedagogical Practices Through Collaborative Work/Transformar las practicas pedagogicas mediante el trabajo colaborativo. Insuasty, Edgar Alirio; Osorio, Maria Fernanda Jaime Jul 1, 2020 6110
Collaborative teaching in mainstream schools: Research with general education and support teachers. Ghedin, Elisabetta; Aquario, Debora Report Jul 1, 2020 9765
The Relationship between Conflict Management Styles and Communication Competence: A Study of University Teachers. Iqbal, Javeria; Parveen, Zahida Jul 1, 2020 4512
86.7% of university teachers dissatisfied with current higher education policies. Jun 28, 2020 449
Using an Online Instructor Survey as Part of a Comprehensive Assessment: An Example in Oral Communication. Sapia, Molly; Heller, Gina; Dawson, Dana; Carmack, Nicholas Report Jun 22, 2020 7353
Teaching and Learning in the Age of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Results of a Recent Survey on Remote Instruction. Bartalesi-Graf, Daniela; Zamboni, Camilla Survey Jun 22, 2020 8330
Neutrosophic Iadov for measuring of user satisfaction in a virtual learning environment at UNIANDES Puyo. Zatan, Luis Gustavo Guallpa; Chicaiza, Hermes Jehu Paillacho; Marino, Jorge Yaguar; Carrion, Manuel Jun 15, 2020 5131
'I wouldn't sit next to a black man on a bus' -the distressing racism among young children in schools; Worrying incidents of racism among young children at primary schools in Wales have been reported by teachers. By, Abbie Wightwick Jun 4, 2020 705
Two Steps to Restoring School Safety. Eden, Max Jun 1, 2020 1597
Through the looking glass of student perception: How foreign language students see teacher trait emotional intelligence and why it matters. Moskowitz, Sharona; Dewaele, Jean-Marc Jun 1, 2020 6130
Most teachers anxious over returning - survey. May 25, 2020 193
Group says DepEd's 'no physical reporting' option for teachers is 'untrue, unrealistic'. May 23, 2020 656
Psychological capital and occupational commitment of Chinese urban preschool teachers mediated by work-related quality of life. Cheng, Li; Gan, Yongtao May 1, 2020 5377
A National Examination of the Predictors of Volunteer Utilization in School-Based Agricultural Education. Sherman, Ashley; Sorensen, Tyson J. Apr 1, 2020 10076
Games Literacy for Teacher Education: Towards the Implementation of Game-based Learning. Chen, Si; Zhang, Sujing; Qi, Grace Yue; Yang, Junfeng Apr 1, 2020 9912
Learning From Teachers: A Needs Assessment of Faculty in Postsecondary Correctional Education. Weaver, Anne; Rousseau, Danielle; Napior, Amanda J.G. Report Apr 1, 2020 12852
Unpacking K-12 Teachers' Understandings of Academic Language. Neugebauer, Sabina Rak; Heineke, Amy J. Mar 22, 2020 10764
Mowasalat, QU to develop driving instructor module for people with autism. Mar 2, 2020 541
Innovative driving instructor programme being designed for persons with ASD. Mar 2, 2020 760
The Role of Content Knowledge in Mathematics Teacher Preparation: A Study of Traditional and Alternative Teacher Preparation in Texas. Schmidt, William H.; Burroughs, Nathan A.; Houang, Richard T.; Cogan, Leland S. Mar 1, 2020 10773
The Enhancement of Verbal Immediacy in Online University Classes: A Student-Generated Taxonomy. Bello, Richard S.; Brandau, Frances E.; Horne, Dena Mar 1, 2020 7859
Why people who marry teachers end up being happier than others; A study taken by an education publisher turned up some surprising results. By, Nisha Mal Feb 18, 2020 175
Impact of increased workload on teachers to be tested in survey; Union: Last poll carried out in 2018 delivered 'shocking' results. TOM PETERKIN POLITICAL EDITOR Jan 25, 2020 398
Scots teachers face 'longest hours in the world' says union chief. Jan 24, 2020 497
Doctor, teacher and Youtuber top dream jobs of Thai children. Jan 7, 2020 837
A Contribution-Oriented Self-Directed Mobile Learning Ecology Approach to Improving EFL Students' Vocabulary Retention and Second Language Motivation. Wang, Zhuo; Hwang, Gwo-Jen; Yin, Zhaoyi; Ma, Yongjun Jan 1, 2020 7823
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Authentic Materials and Tasks as Mediators to Develop EFL Students' Intercultural Competence /Materiales autenticos y tareas como mediadores para desarrollar competencias interculturales en estudiantes de ingles. Bernal Pinzón, Alix Norely Report Jan 1, 2020 7698
Enhancing Reading Comprehension through an Intensive Reading Approach /Mejora de la comprension lectora mediante un metodo de lectura intensiva. Insuasty Cárdenas, Andrés Report Jan 1, 2020 5528
Team Teaching During Field Experiences in Teacher Education: Investigating Student Teachers' Experiences With Parallel and Sequential Teaching. Simons, Mathea; Baeten, Marlies; Vanhees, Claudio Jan 1, 2020 10702
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Language Teachers' Digital Mindsets: Links between Everyday Use and Professional Use of Technology. Cementina, Sofia Dec 22, 2019 9710
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Third of teachers facing violence in classroom. Dec 19, 2019 250
Teachers face rising tide of class violence; Survey: Shock findings show almost 30% thought of quitting. JON HEBDITCH Dec 18, 2019 552
90pc Chinese parents approve of teachers punishing students. Dec 13, 2019 273
Teachers in Latvia work 35 hours a week on average, less than average in EU - study. Dec 4, 2019 258
Teachers' perspectives of children's social behaviours in preschool: Does gender matter? Smith, Jessica; McLaughlin, Tara; Aspden, Karyn Dec 1, 2019 6401
Teachers see decline in conduct since cuts; ? Pupils with additional needs being failed, say staff. CHRIS MACLENNAN Nov 26, 2019 384
Schools 'unfit for purpose' Teachers hit out over Tory funding cuts. EXCLUSIVE BY MARK ELLIS Education Correspondent Nov 25, 2019 205
We see kids who haven't eaten... some for days; Teachers reveal shocking child poverty. MARK ELLIS Education Correspondent Nov 23, 2019 199
Kindergarten teachers' work stress and work-related well-being: A moderated mediation model. Li, You; Zhang, Ren-Cheng Nov 1, 2019 5002
What teachers know (and don't know) about learning. Nov 1, 2019 294
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The naughtiest and nicest children's names as chosen by teachers and parents; A survey revealed which kids' names are most associated with bad behaviour - and it's bad news if you've got a Mia or a Jack. nechronicle Oct 24, 2019 520
Teacher workload cut by five hours a week over past three years. Oct 11, 2019 1002
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Translation, Validation and Factor Structure of the Handling Bullying Questionnaire in Pakistan. Shahzadi, Namra; Akram, Bushra; Dawood, Saima; Ahmad, Fayyaz Report Sep 22, 2019 4157
Teachers pay for uniforms. Sep 6, 2019 135
Teachers pay for uniforms. Sep 6, 2019 135
Nowhere to go but up. Heller, Rafael Sep 1, 2019 611
Relationships Between Use of Social Networking Sites and Study Habits and Interpersonal Relationships among Vietnamese University Students. Giang, Bui Kieu Report Sep 1, 2019 4503
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Development and initial validation of a questionnaire to improve preparation of pre-service teachers for contemporary inclusive teaching. Walker, Nolene; Laing, Sharon Sep 1, 2019 6303
Classroom Management Software Market Analysis By Trends Segment Revenue Forecast Top Players/ClassDojo, GoGuardian Teacher, Socrative. Aug 21, 2019 1221
Research Suggests ways to Address the Present Teacher Shortage in Sweden. Aug 20, 2019 639
Are Students Prepared for New School Year? Aug 1, 2019 218
Teachers' plea for help over sex education; Confidence low in relationship classes. Jul 13, 2019 514
Teachers' plea for help over sex education; Confidence low in relationship classes. Jul 13, 2019 520
Cypriot teachers assess students more often than OECD average. Jul 9, 2019 651
Students feel professors shall prevent them from surfing net in class. Jul 7, 2019 484
Ontario Teachers' Perceptions of the Controversial Update to Sexual Health and Human Development. Bialystok, Lauren Report Jul 1, 2019 11966
Employment of English Language Teachers in an EFL Context: Perspectives From School Administrators/Contratacion de docentes de ingles en un contexto de ingles como lengua extranjera: perspectivas de administradores escolares. Tatar, Sibel Jul 1, 2019 8733
Cultural adaptation and reliability of the questionnaire of sex education in schools/Adaptacao cultural e confiabilidade do questionario de educacao sexual em meio escolar. Passaro, Anice de Campos; Regra, Mariana Cristina; Serrao, Carla; Marques, Amelia Pasqual Jul 1, 2019 4573
Constructing an Instrument with Behavioral Scales to Assess Teaching Quality in Blended Learning Modalities. Matosas-Lopez, Luis; Aguado-Franco, Juan Carlos; Gomez-Galan, Jose Jul 1, 2019 10228
Examining Agricultural Mechanics Projects and Their Use as Supervised Agricultural Experiences. Doss, William; Rayfield, John; Murphy, Tim; Frost, Keith J. Jul 1, 2019 8208
Validating and Modelling Teachers' Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Integrative Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education. Chai, Ching Sing; Jong, Morris Siu-Yung; Yin, Hong-biao; Chen, Mengyuan; Zhou, Wenye Jul 1, 2019 7965
From 'Training Wheels for Teaching' to 'Cooking in Your Mother-in-Law's Kitchen': Highlights and Challenges of Co-Teaching among Math, Science, and Special Education Teacher Candidates and Mentors in an Urban Teacher Residency Program. Ricci, Leila Ansari; Persiani, Kimberly; Williams, A. Dee Report Jul 1, 2019 7389
CLASSROOM PRACTICES THAT SUPPORT THE DEVELOPMENT OF PURPOSE. Quinn, Brandy P.; Heckes, Sydney L.; Shea, Mary Lauren Jul 1, 2019 10382
Principles of Self-Regulation in EFL mediated by Dialogic Tutoring Sessions /Principios de autorregulacion en la ensenanza del ingles como lengua extranjera mediados por sesiones de tutoria dialogica. Rojas, Zorro Report Jul 1, 2019 8534
Studio piano teaching in Australia: An exploration of the teaching materials and practices used by teachers for older beginner piano students. Burrows, Joanne; Brown, Judith Survey Jul 1, 2019 3292
The Artistry of Innovation: Increasing Teachers' Artistic Quotient for Innovative Efficacy. Harker Martin, Brittany Report Jun 22, 2019 8402
80% of Israeli teachers Say They're Underpaid. Jun 21, 2019 594
'Horrifying' daily abuse in schools. Jun 19, 2019 378
Survey reveals teachers suffer 'shocking abuse'. Jun 14, 2019 931
Revealed: Shocking abuse against Wales' teachers; Shocking increase in abuse of teachers by pupils and parents. Jun 14, 2019 993
Pay and housing keep expat teachers away. Jun 12, 2019 180
Use of the Iadov method to measure the implementation of a program for sexual abuse prevention in Ecuador. Guerron, Sara Ximena; Montenegro, Yadira Narciza Almeida Survey Jun 1, 2019 2794
Assessment of the Implementation of Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Kenya. Ogolla, Mercelline A.; Ondia, Miriam Report Jun 1, 2019 5273
Teachers' Research Beliefs, Research Attitude, Research Motivation, and Research Utilization: A Structural Model. Cinches, Florecilla C.; Estroga, Ignatius Joseph N.; Polancos, Dominic Report Jun 1, 2019 5582
Teachers suffering mentally. May 22, 2019 133
Over 70% of Taiwanese teachers abused their students over past 6 months: survey. May 3, 2019 649
Diversity in Coherence: Strengths and Opportunities of Three Programs. Canrinus, Esther T.; Klette, Kirsti; Hammerness, Karen Report May 1, 2019 11056
What Social and Emotional Learning Advocates Can Learn from Common Core. McShane, Michael Q. Reprint May 1, 2019 5013
Half of schools short of staff; Low pay blamed by unions. Apr 23, 2019 303
Teachers' emails pressure. Apr 21, 2019 105
1 in 4 teachers attacked by pupils at least once a week. Apr 21, 2019 304
Teachers face regular abuse from pupils. Apr 20, 2019 206
Pupils' verbal and physical abuse on rise, say teachers. Apr 20, 2019 446
Violence 'part of the job' for UK's teachers. Apr 20, 2019 149
Education a nasty place to work, say bullied teachers. Apr 18, 2019 401
Teachers quit profession over bullying. Apr 18, 2019 403
2 in 3 heads cut teachers to save cash. Apr 18, 2019 107
Teachers 'expect to quit within five years'. Apr 17, 2019 571
Pupils' mental health 'at crisis point', say teachers. Apr 17, 2019 402

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